Urban Decay Book of Shadows III Available for Purchase Online!

It’s here! It’s here!

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III is on sale at www.urbandecay.com

Better grab it before it’s gone! Update: SOLD OUT in mere MINUTES of them posting it!!!!!!!!!

Throw in a Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Professional Size while you’re at it.

Who’s haulin’!?


Twirl By Kate Spade

I’ve a very big fan of some of Kate Spade’s whimiscal purses! I just recently purchased the Beantown Quinn and absolutely adore it, won’t be using it until Winter thought but I still like taking it on little walks around my bedroom….

Kate Spade is such a fun designer when it comes to purses so I’m kinda hopeful that the new Twirl fragrance will be just as fun and fancy free as some of the purse designs I love so dearly.


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MAC Tartan Tale Holiday 2010

Tartan…..such a preppy little print. The only reason I might consider tartan awesome would be if the Doctor could possibly prance around the Tardis in a kilt with a tartan print.

Some people would pay big money to see that but it would def kill the entire British element that comes along with DW wouldn’t it?

Honestly….tartan prints might be better left to David Tennant, MAC.



Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection 2010 Bobbi Brown Winter Collection 2010

I posted some images several days ago of Bobbi Brown Holiday 2010. Now images are sadly from an Asian site so I’m unsure if we’ll be getting this complete collection in the US but lord knows I’m a hoping to see it all here….pray with me?

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Too Faced Holiday 2010 Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette

I always feel like Too Faced lives in the shadow of Urban Decay and doesn’t get nearly enough love that it so richly deserves.

Last year, Too Faced went with a Marie Antoinette theme for Holiday 2009 and released a rather fabulous little, using the term little loosely, palette entitled Glamour Revolution. This year I’m ever so delighted they are keeping along a similar vein with a new palette, Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland.

Too Faced Holiday 2010 could prove exciting if this is anything to go on!