Bare Escentuals Holiday Collection 2010: Bare Escentuals Beyond Gorgeous Set and Bare Escentuals Body Lingerie

I do so always look forward to BE Holiday although I will say the Holiday Collections, Sets, and Kits have changed considerably since I first started collecting the brand. Things have gotten smaller, prices have gone up, and the collections aren’t nearly as nice as they used to be but it doesn’t stop me from taking time out to explore the offerings and see what appeals.

A few bits and bobs have popped up from the Bare Escentuals Holiday Collection 2010.



Musings of the Day: Do you Temptu?

I’ve been curious about airbrushing for a long time but I’ve always been a bit hesitate to try since it seems like alot of work. There are alot of systems currently out that offer affordable airbrushing such as the Temptu. Not only is the unit affordable but it’s super easy clean up, application, and seems like a great way to get flawless coverage.

Do you Temptu?



Kat Von D Adora How To Look

Kat Von D stepped into a Guru’s shoes for a day and did some How To Videos for her Adora and Saint looks.

Let’s take a look and maybe discuss?



Lorac Holiday Collection 2010: Lorac To Dye For Lip Gloss Collection and Lorac Box Office Sensation

Seems like Holiday 2010 is going to prove damn expensive this year. Last year, it felt like brands skimped a little bit and produced a rehash of gift sets that we all craved but didn’t necessarily need. Blame the recession but ’09’s selection doesn’t seem half as amazing as ’10’s.

Lorac Holiday Collection 2010 proves to be another item I might have to add to my wish list.

Check this out!


Of Geeks: HighLand Fantasy Poster with Fawkes and Codex

Non cosmetic Musings ahead.

Just a public service announcement for the l33t Guild watchers among us, the Fawkes and Codex Highland Poster is available for sale at


Not quite on sale.

It’s actually backordered! But no worries those damn monkees are working hard to restock shortly.

The poster is $19.99 plus shipping with various coupons hanging around for $5 to $10 off of $30 buck purchases so have a little search around Google to save some cash.

I’m still shaking my head that I paid near $30 for a poster but hey, I NEED this framed, hanging over my gaming box.

It’s a must.

Happy Haulin’!

P.S. 100% of the proceeds go to Child’s Play to buy games, books, toys and videos for sick kids in complex pediatric care worldwide. Vork isn’t going to be too happy that the monies aren’t going to a new guild hall….

P.S.S. Go Team Fawkes!