Bare Escentuals Canary Diamonds Color Kit

Hi Chicklets.

Quickie good word on the latest color box from Bare Escentuals. Bare Escentuals Canary Diamonds Color Kit is available for a limited time from QVC at the intro price and on easy pay (two payments of $21.84) as of today. This expires today so if you’re wanting it, grab it from QVC using Item Number A88178.

Jump for what you’ll find inside the box and my babblings about it!


Wants It: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer

Dude, I was at Sephora and seen that the Kat Von D line has been completely wiped of the liners and duo shadows. These are now guest starring on the sale rack so be sure to wander around the store for an end cap or a special display with the stealin’ and dealin’ that I scored online recently. Happy Days!

In other news, Kat Von D has a new eye primer in the works that should be available soon from Sephora.

Check it!


Public Service Announcement: The I Need To Catch Up Edition

Just a quickie note, I’m VERY (like weeks, months, but not years) behind on comments.   Bit swamped with life, the universe, and everything.

Keep ‘em coming though and I promise to answer as soon as I can.  I try to get to the newer ones first but than the old ones pile up, sorries.

Love you all!

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MAC Spring Colour Forecast: MAC Blush Ombre Review and Swatches

Hey chicklets!

I just wanted to take a little time out to babble about the new MAC Blush Ombre. These were really a stand out release for me and I thought they rightfully deserved their own post for a bit of a babble, some pictures, and swatches.

Jump to Muse Blush Ombre with me!


Trish McEvoy The Demure Collection: Trish McEvoy Demure Sparkle Eye Base Review and Swatches

Anyone voyaging through lemming land at the moment in hopes they’ll score the new Trish McEvoy Demure Collection? Curious if you’re feeling the love for it.

I went to see the collection a few days ago and thought it was lovely, nothing much stood up and grabbed me at the throat as a must have but I did indulge in the Trish McEvoy Demure Sparkle Eye Base which is a revamp of the normal Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials.

Have a jump for my take!