Urban Decay Summer 2009: Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Shimmer Lotion Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy is possibly my favorite shadow of all time which is why I’m always excited when they introduce it in different formats. A new shade of it, in glitter liner format, in a lipstick, etc….

To put a twist on my Summer, Urban Decay has introduced my favorite shadow shade into a lotion. Oh. my. god. Loves it!

Jump ahead to hear me squeal about the joys of Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Body Shimmer Lotion.

Urban Decay you cheeky little monkey! You know just how to make a girl squeal like a little girl on Christmas morning. Meet Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Body Shimmer Lotion:

Hello lover!

Ok, let me tell you a secret. The Muse wasn’t paying attention the first time she got the good word of this lotion and for some odd reason she was under the impression it was a tiny bottle, like maybe, I dunno, 2 oz in size or less. I dunno why I was thinking that. Doh!

It’s actually a whopping 7oz! It’s a big bottle! Likey! Enough lotion in here to get you through Summer without probs but the Muse thinks you’d best stock up anyway as hey, you can never have too much shimmer in your life.

First off we need sniff-o-vision around here because I’m sincerely dying for you to take a whiff of this if you haven’t already. It’s tropical, coconut gorgeousness. Think of tanning oil but with a softer edge. Beautiful, glorious scent! They call the scent milk and honey I call it hot Summer night!

Now the formula is a super light, paraben-free, fast absorbing lotion that leaves skin with a delicate veil of golden shimmer. I thought the sparkle was very subtle, very pretty, and perfectly golden. If you’re a huge fan of shimmering lotions but aren’t always thrilled with the overkill of sparkle this is sure to please as it’s very sheer. It’ll look glorious on a tan that’s for sure. Use it on legs, arms, shoulders, wherever you want a golden sparkling sheen of Midnight Cowboy.

All this Muse can say is ride ‘em cowboy!

Loves it!

Total Muse Approval for purchase. You needs it, ’nuff said.


Anyone try yet?

Wanting to?

Tell the Muse!

If you need it, you know you want it, get it at Sephora and Urban Decay right now.

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Drugstore DriveBy May 24th to May 30th


Tis a long weekend ahead for anyone that’s in the US. To start our weekends right have a sneaky peek at the upcoming steals and deals at your local drugstore!

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Beauty News: Soap and Glory Skincare Now At Target


I blogged about Soap & Glory Skincare in January being widely available in Boots, across the pond, in the far UK. I recall ranting a tad bit about how it would take two years and a mule to get it over to our side of the pond. I’m happy to report that it’s now available at Target. I was at Target last Sunday and happened across it. Joy! I picked up a few bits to review for you but if you can’t wait you can snag it for yourself at your local Target as it’s widely available as of now in the US, bless be to the Soap & Glory gods!

Anyone see it at their Target yet?

Wanting to indulge?

Tell the Muse!

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Beauty News From Abroad: Stila Go Buh-Bye


One of my favorite bloggers, BritishBeautyBlogger, has reported that Stila is officially pulling out of the UK. Seems Stila has been pulling the plug on most of the European markets and Asian ones for now. I imagine as they rebuild you may see them pop up again on your shores but for now it seems it’s become more and more exclusive to US shores.

How do you feel about Stila possibly not being available in your country?

Will you miss it?

Tell the Muse!

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Steals and Deals: CVS $5 Coupon

If you’re heading to CVS this weekend you can take this little coupon with you. Click it, Print it, and Save $5 off your $30 purchase.


It’s good until Monday!

Happy Shopping!

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