You NEED This: Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo and a Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Purifying Conditioner Review

The Muse has some wild hair. Wavy, curly, long…tis wicked untamed and crazy. To tame it I use a bit of gel, slick it back, slap it in a bun, and place a headband on. It keeps my hair under wraps and under control when I’m working because I can’t stand to have it in my face when I’m at work.

My hair is typically dry and craves a rich conditioner however I also like to keep it free from silicones so I stick to using Lush hair care to keep everything under control. Per my norm routine I clarify my hair once a week with Lush Big as this gets my hair super squeaky clean.

Although I wash my hair every day its still has a fair bit of build up such as oil, product build up (the gel I use), etc…it gets heavy, lackluster, and just difficult to deal with. Lush Big deals with all these problems and gets my hair back under control again however it’s seriously drying, like scary hay hair!

Recently, I got a chance to test out the new Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner. I honestly didn’t expect much but I came out of it thinking I had to tell you all how much you need it!



What’s Your Favorite Makeup Remover Wipes? Biore Makeup Remover Towelettes with Green Tea Review

Hey Chicklets, what’s your favorite makeup remover wipes? I personally kinda have a thing for the MAC ones but they kinda leave my skin sticky after use. Yak! I’ve been using Biore ones for ages and I’m really diggin’ on Neutrogena’s as they smell really nice.

Biore has new one’s out which have green tea…hmmm a cuppa with your makeup remover wipe?




Beauty Abroad: Bihada Ichizoku Makeup Remover Cream Review

Hello loves.

How’s life treating you? I’ve been a bit swamped this week but trying to struggle on through. Kinda looking forward to the weekend so I can get a little relaxin’ in! I think I wanna see Chloe with Amanda Seyfried on Friday, kinda a mature film for her eh?

Anyway on to the makeup! Or in this case cleanser.

If you’re seeking a gentle cleanser you may like Bihada Ichizoku Makeup Remover Cream.



Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation, Victoria’s Secret Island Waters, and Victoria’s Secret Lemon Paradise Body Mist Review

Last week it felt like spring was finally peeking its head out but I should have known how dreadfully unpredictable New York weather is as this week we are back to being greeted with the brisk cold of Winter.

At least I have a little piece of Spring sitting on my vanity with the new Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection featuring scents like Mango Temptation, Island Waters, and Lemon Paradise. With a spray of these I can, at the very least pretend that it’s warm outside my window.

Jump for the review.


Get Involved: Avon Empowerment Avon Against Domestic Violence

in Avon

One in three women worldwide will be a victim of domestic violence at least once in her life, that’s actually a sad reality. Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse is experienced daily by women all over the world and Avon is doing their part by empowering us with the knowledge to help support battered women to live peacefully in their own homes without violence or abuse. Avon Foundation for Women launched it’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence in 2004 and to date has committed more than $16 million dollars for services, education, awareness, and prevention programs against domestic violence.

The Avon Empowerment launched by Reese Witherspoon is available for purchase now at and more information about the Avon Empowerment program can be found at

The Avon Empowerment Collection features jewelry, apparel, and accessories dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence with proceeds from each sale donated to the Avon Empowerment Fund to end violence against women!

Avon Empowerment Ring ($5 with $3.80 donated to the fund)
A silver tone ring that features the signature Empowerment infinity symbol.

Avon Empowerment Bracelet ($3 with $2.24 donated to the fund)
Blue strap bracelet featuring the Empowerment infinity symbol charm.

Avon Empowerment Pendant Necklace ($5 with $4.11 donated to the fund)
Silver tone necklace featuring the Empowerment infinity symbol charm.

Avon Empowerment Domestic Violence Unisex Bracelet ($3 with $1.74 donated to the fund)

Avon Empowerment T-Shirt ($15 with $8.87 donated to the fund)
Pretty periwinkle blue fitted, scoop neck tee featuring the Empowerment infinity symbol in silver.

I hope you’ll consider adding one of the following items to your next Avon order and empowering yourself and others against violence against women.

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