New in Beauty: Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional

Considering Benefit Cosmetics is lacking in the primer department (aside from That Gal) it was only a matter of time before they hit the scene with a primer.

To my knowledge (and to my brain which is overflowing with way too many makeup facts and details) I can’t recall Benefit ever having a primer that targeted pores, can you?

Jump ahead for a little peep at the new Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional, corny name a gratuitous extra along with the jump!


Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Strawberry Taffy Shower Gel Review

This week your kindly Muse spread the cheer and joy about Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Shower Gels!

Happy Days!

But the question is do you NEED these in your life?



Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm Review and Swatches

I rarely leave the house without lip stain in place. Most of my gloss photos always included some sort of stain underneath. Dunno, just one of those daily things I do, stain lips, apply gloss, and go!

I like stains for a variety of reasons but for the most part I like them because they give my gloss that little extra something to make it pop and transform ordinary into extraordinary.

A few seasons ago Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain popped onto the scene. Anyone remember them? Rollerball style applicator? They kinda reminded me of Lorac Cheek and Lip Stain at the time but way cheaper. Of course Revlon had meant for us to take advantage of these strictly as a lip stain but I was all about dabbing some on my cheeks for a bit of blusher. No rules against that right?

I actually still have some of these stains since I liked them so much and did double duty stocking up!

Now I’m telling you all this because Just Bitten has evolved into Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm Review. New packaging, new design, new everything….

Wanna hear about it?



MAC Superglass Review and Swatches

Better later than never kids…

I’m late with my MAC SuperGlass Review, damn shame too because I lurve them. When MAC Dazzleglass hit the scene I wasn’t going to indulge but I did and was pleasantly surprised how much I loved them.

Leave it to MAC to do it big as Dazzleglass wasn’t enough we needed SUPERglass yo!



Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Back in Stock: Urban Decay Alice’s Favorite Things

Oh my dear, dear girls!

I have the news of the Summer for you.

You wanted the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows but it sold out? Or maybe you didn’t have the cash flow to indulge when it released?

Have you been kicking yourself since? Have you considered indulging your fix and hitting up Evil-Bay paying twice the retail for it?


Jump it!