Beauty Most Unusual: Pink Nipples, There’s An App For That!

unusual beauty

We haven’t Muse’d some unusual beauty in a while…what was our last one? Bacon Lip Balm? Foot peeling?

I can’t recall but let’s top all that with something great from Japan again!



Twilight Beauty 20% Off Coupon Code

Twilight Beauty

Well slap me excited. The Twilight Beauty site is on sale kids. I think I predicted this…but don’t quote me on that.

No but seriously now is such a great time for me to finally haul it Edward style because I really haven’t taken the jump as of yet. All that pre-ordering stuff had me running around in circles of anxiety about whether I really needed Twilight Cosmetics in my life until finally the lemming passed me. But now everything on the site is 20% off so I might as well grab it while the grabbing is good right?



Vincent Longo Holiday Collection 2009

Vincent Longo Holiday 2009 3

So the Holiday is here in what…one day? You are probably on the verge of telling me shut the hay up about Holiday Collections and just get to Spring already but please give me a second to tell you a story.

There’s always a story when the Muse is around.

Vincent Longo is a brand somewhat near and dear to my heart. I was pretty crushed that it was yanked from Sephora but happily had an adventure or three on their website. But the problem is they always had down time on the site and upgrading, under construction, yada, yada….so it kinda fell off my beauty radar.

Randomly I clicked over.

And whoa.

Dude…they actually have a Holiday Collection! The Vincent Longo Holiday Collection total lemming alert.


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Victoria’s Secret Heidi Klum Collection 2009 Sale

heidi klum cosmetics

The Muse does so admit she wasn’t taken with all of the Victoria’s Secret Heidi Klum Collection this year after seeing it in person aside from the Luminous Face Powder but she could be convinced with prices like these!



The Ghost of Christmas Past Collections 2009 Edition

ghost of christmas past collections

“Are you the Spirit, sir, whose coming was foretold to me?” asked Scrooge.

“I am!”

The voice was soft and gentle.  Singularly low, as if instead of being close beside him, it were at a great distance.

“Who, and what are you?” Scrooge demanded.

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.”

And tonight the Ghost of Christmas Past joins us here and takes us through a journey of Holidays Collections that have long since past but are still remembered and enjoyed!

Take the jump through the past!