Mally Beauty Mally’s Baby Blush & Lip Gloss Duo Review and Swatches

Hey chicks!

So I wanna know everything you hauled at the QVC Beauty Bash. OMG they had so much great stuff. I got up at 5 this morning and skimmed through the programs on my Tivo before heading for my morning walk and man, I was gobsmacked. After coming back for my morning shower, I hit up my computer and did some damage.

I got the Mally Beauty Face Primer, the Lorac 4 Piece Eyeshadow Palette with Primer, Laura Geller “Backstage Beauty” 3 Piece Color Collection, and tarte Set of 3 Lipsurgence Lip Stains.


How ’bout you?

They had some crazy great deals but some stuff I missed out so I’m in wait list limbo, ugh hate that.

Do share what you got!

Oh, I also got the chance to try out the new Mally Beauty Mally’s Baby Gift Set!

So cutes!

I think you needs it!

Check it!


Beauty Confessions: It Takes How Many Beauty Products To Get You Ready?

I confess, I’m a product junkie. I don’t need an intervention, I’m not in denial, and I don’t need rehab. I already know I’m a junkie, I’m not denying I’m a junkie, I’m embracing the fact that I’m a junkie, and I do believe I’m a healthy junkie, seriously, beauty can’t be bad for you right?

This morning I was getting ready and I randomly started counting products and I looked at myself in the mirror and proceeded to gasp while I said out loud, “It Takes How Many Products To Get You Ready?”

Beauty confession….it takes ALOT of products to get me ready!



Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Quad Purple Haze Review and Swatches

I had to walk a thousand miles just to find the Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Quad in Purple Haze. Ok, well it wasn’t a thousand miles but it felt like it. Lord, this thing is like the bloody holy grail! I didn’t even think it existed for a while there!

But it does and I found it.



Lush Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Ahhh new Lush. I do so admit that seeing new Lush pop up makes it feel like Christmas on a cold Monday morning. Monday may suck but at least I got Lush to keep me happy.



Korres Rose Wood Blackcurrant Cyclamen Fragrance for Women Review: Korres Eau de Toilette Review

Good morning dears!

How was your weekend? Mine was stupid rushed, felt like I didn’t even have time off. Phew! I did get my fix of Doctor Who on Saturday night, lord knows I cleared my whole schedule to make room for a little geek out on that. The rest of the weekend went by in a blaze and man was it brisk here. I guess Summer is further away than I was imaging!

How about you? Have a good one?

I did get a chance to play around with some of the new Korres Fragrances this weekend. Just what I’ve always wanted a fragrance by Korres.