Cosmedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment Review

This Summer I discovered that I like misting myself to death rather than suffer through wearing a facial moisturizer. I’m utterly obsessed with misting toners that offer moisture of any kind. Jane Iredale has my attention as does Jurlique and not most recently Cosmedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment!

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Cosmedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment is an oily free, moisturizing mist for all skin types. Oily skin types can totally appreciate this best as it offers moisture yet doesn’t clog pores or make skin oilier than it already is. Those with dry skin will be thrilled to use it in place of their normal moisturizer in the Summer and dry skin types will appreciated how it allows skin to remain dewy and fresh while allowing it to breath and break away from heavy lotions, potions, and creams.

Mystic Hydrating Treatment pretty much takes the place of normal moisturizer which is a welcome relief as having to apply base, spf, a moisturizer, foundation, and the dozen other creams that come with makeup application is ridiculous. A quick mist of this gives me just the right amount of moisture while leaving my skin soft without making it oily. Although I’m doubtful I can use this as my regular moisturizer in the Winter it comes in mighty handy right now.

Compared to other toners and mists I thought this particular one offers the most moisture, after all it is advertised as just that, a moisturizer. Not a toner, not a mist, but a moisturizer, in a bottle, in liquid form. Coolness!

Of course you can use it to set mineral makeup as well as for me it just leaves my skin beautifully prepped for makeup. Perfect Summer treat for skin! Loves it!

Muse Approved for purchase.

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Oily skin? Skip the moisturizer and head straight for this! You’ll thank me! Dry? Snag some of this to use as your Summer moisturizer!

Seriously, it’s worthy of a try.

What are some mists you love using in the Summer?

Any take the place of your regular moisturizer?

Tell the Muse!

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Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation Review Cover FX Clear Prep Review

My quest for flawless skin recently led me to Cover FX. Has anyone played about with Cover FX at all? Do share your stories in the comment box, curious minds what you think!

Cover FX can only be classified as a tricky little foundation that when applied correctly will give you hours of long wearing flawless skin but when applied incorrectly will have you sobbing on your bathroom floor shouting to the heavens, “Why, Jebus, Why!?

Click ahead for my raves and rants!

Available in a ridiculous amount of shades you’re guaranteed to find at least one shade out of over 30 that suits your tone. On top of an incredible selection of colors Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation also has an SPF 30. SPF 30? You’re kidding? That’s a super serious amount of SPF in a foundation that can be purchased in the US. If you laid out any Asian brand that had that much SPF in it I’d fail to be shocked but anything within the US with that much SPF, whoa, seriously cool. Already I’m impressed.

What it is?

Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation is a maximum coverage cream foundation for covering minor to major problems. Ok, you can’t think this is going to cover tattoos or anything crazy like that because it has maximum in the details but I do think it’s quite pigmented and you can get medium to full coverage (I wouldn’t recommend too full a coverage as the product will look a tad bit over done by caking it on) using it.

It’s oil free and fragrance free which makes it a good choice for oily, acne prone skin types, in fact it’s suggested for such a skin type. The foundation has a certain amount of tack and stick somewhat like the texture of Stila Convertible Color that allows for the product to have an extensive wear throughout the day without it oxidizing, fading, or just disappearing.

Although I was expecting a moisturizing cream, it is in face a very densely packed cream which makes blending a bit of a problem. This is where my rant comes into play….You need to take serious care and consideration when applying. Much like Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation which I just reviewed for you, you’ll need proper prepping and priming to get the cream onto your face and blended to a flawless finish. You may find yourself at first frustrated and disappointed at the results but with proper application you’ll be delighted at how well it looks, feels, and wears. My rant is minor in the fact that I tend to rush things and this needs a little TLC to get it properly applied.

The foundation is best applied with a sponge applicator (slightly damp if you like) and smoothed on in a very thin layer. After application smooth your clean finger tips over it to create an even coverage. One thin layer should give you decent coverage but you can ever so slowly build up for better coverage.

As I mentioned prepping is key. Do not to moisturizer your face too much if you’re skin is dry. Instead use a moisturizing mist, let dry slightly so your skin is dewy and follow up with Cover FX Clear Prep FX Primer or the primer of your choice. I do recommend using Clear Prep FX Primer as it made by the same company who is keeping in mind that this will be used with it’s foundation. This is a particularly good primer as it’s made to mattify the skin and treat acne. If you’re oily I’d skip the mist and just head straight for the primer as it’ll treat both your acne and oily spots. The primer is silicon based so it does have that slightly strange feeling on the face but it absorbs nicely and leaves behind a powdery finish which makes applying the foundation a breeze as the product is left to sit on top of the primer rather than directly on your skin. This is an important point as it allows for a longer wear.

The results…

When prepped, primed, applied, and finally blended correctly you’re left with very nice coverage that evens out the skin tone, hides redness (I think it’ll be a particularly great item for hiding redness), and creates a good, flawless working canvas for makeup.

When applied in correctly…

Expect a mask like, muddy look if you aren’t careful so just go slowly…don’t be like the Muse and rush it or you’ll end up on the bathroom like I mentioned above!

I didn’t set the cream with powder after but just proceed to leave the house with it on. It lasted from around 8 in the morning to about 5 in the evening. Please keep in mind I wasn’t outside in the heat for most of that time so I can’t say how it performs out side but indoors it doesn’t need much of a touch up. It simply stays on.

Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s my HG foundation simply because I prefer a bit more of a moisturizing foundation but those with skin woes or lots to cover this could prove a life saver.

Who might like it?

  • Anyone with oily, acne prone skin!
  • Those who want to hide minor acne scarring, redness, freckles, or minor skin perfection.
  • Those who desire an oil free foundation.
  • Anyone who wants a long wearing foundation that doesn’t fade.

Cover FX is worthy of a look at for sure. I do recommend heading into Sephora for a swatch and a play as ordering online could prove difficult when presented with that many shade options.

Anyone a Cover FX lover?

Change your life?

Do share!


Lush Sugar Scrub and Lush Sugar Babe Review

Can you guess what this is?

Nope, it’s not a sugar cookie actually it’s not a cookie of any kind. Not a Chinese dumpling either. In fact you can’t eat it at all but that doesn’t mean it’s not good for you and your body!

Click ahead to find out what it is!

Those of you who guessed that it’s a Lush Sugar Scrub guessed correctly! Looks kinda edible doesn’t it?

Ok, you need these in your life. You need these if your skin is rough and flaky. You need them if you want a moisturizing exfoliating scrub that’s sooooooo super luxurious. You just need ‘em period.

If you love Buffy you’ll absolutely adore how Lush has taken exfoliation to the next level with their brand new Lush Sugar Scrubs! The scrubs are delicately packed together lumps of joy. I do say delicate since if you handle them incorrectly and with out a little TLC you’ll find yourself with a fist full of sugar, be gentle. Each scrub is packed into a dome, raised cookie shape kinda like a scone! The scrubs are available in two versions for $4.95 each and you can probably get one to two uses if you want to super scrub your rough bits or about four uses if you’re stingy. As for me I’m terribly rough so I use an entire one for my knees and elbows plus Lush does suggest using one per a shower. The basic idea is to break it in two pieces, wet the area you’re working with, wet the scrub in your hand and proceed to rub it anywhere you want smooth, silky skin. The scrub quickly breaks up into grains of sugar and after a little scrubbing they sud up and disappear. They leave behind smooth, silky, moisturized skin. You need to try ‘em yourself as they are truly a little joy in the bath and body world.

The two scrubs available are Sugar Scrub and Sugar Babe. Sugar Scrub is Vegan where as Sugar Babe is not.

Sugar Scrub has a herbal lavender scent and is green in color. Lush says it’s good for scrubbing away dead skin cells, tackling cellulite, and and invigorating sluggish skin.

Sugar Babe is my favorite of the two. At first sniff I didn’t like it as it had a weird sour milk gardenia scent but once it’s wet it smells oddly of Lush Snowcake but with quite a bit more of a floral underlay which is a bit lily-like and a bit of gardenia as well. Lush recommends this for upper arms, thighs, and stomach. It has a center of extra virgin coconut oil which is revealed as you scrub. The actual scent is ylang ylang but for me it smells quite like Snowcake when damp. Loving it!

Lush Sugar Scrubs are available now from

Muse Approved for purchase! I love these. Absolutely an awesome idea and a great product for getting smooth, silky Summer skin.

summer museapproved stamp

Anyone try yet?

Loves ‘em?

Leaves ‘em?

Tell the Muse!


Beauty News: Estee Lauder Launches Facebook Page


If you’ve always wanted to be BFF with Estee Lauder here’s your chance. Estee Lauder has launched it’s own Facebook page so you can join up and befriend them over at Facebook.

The page will have information about the newest launches, top trends, special events, product promotions, photos, videos, and a slew of other great coverage from Estee Lauder.

Check them out by visiting

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Urban Decay Summer Collection 2009: Urban Decay Minx Eye Shadow Reviwew and Swatches

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Minx is one of two shadows exclusively available at Sephora right now for the Urban Decay Summer Collection. I recently brought you a review and swatches of the other shadow release, Ecstasy, which is a lovely purple.

Today I thought I’d muse some about Urban Decay Minx Eye Shadow as it’s my favorite of the two shades!

Click it for the details, swatches, and a babble or two!

I can’t say there isn’t a time I am not excited about a shadow release from Urban Decay. They are a true love and I have practically all the shades, ridiculous I know but I love them so!

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Minx is a love. If you like aquas, sea greens, and teals this should appeal. Minx is beautiful teal with tons of silver sparkle. It has a slightly green cast that makes the shade morph into a little bit more than your average everyday teal.

039 400x300

044 400x300

051 400x300

I think this one is a winner and worthy of a pick up!

Loves it!

Anyone haul it?

Wanting to?

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