Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Review

Ok, story time.

Is it me or do you find it utterly irritating when eye makeup remover is dubbed as being for eyes and lips?  That’s a total pet peeve of mine.  Seriously, how many people are sporting lippies that are so bulletproof you need to remove that crap with eye makeup remover.  “Hi honey I’m home can you pass the eye make remover so I can remove my lipstick?  k, thanks!  Let’s have dinner!”

Just for the record I’ve never found myself wiping down my lips with a cotton pad saturated in eye makeup remover and I probably never will.  I understand the mentality of it and that on occasion people are sporting some sort of lipstick that perhaps…kinda…sorta…may need to be removed with something stronger than a mere tissue but honestly 1. my lipstick doesn’t even MAKE it to the end of the day so I do not need a liquid remover for it and 2. If it’s still hanging around I simply wipe it off with a tissue.

Anyone with me?

But anyway, ’nuff ranting from me.   That rant was brought to you by my current review actually, Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover (for eyes and grrrrrrrrrr lips).

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Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrubs

Dudes, check it out.

Lush has revamped the B line of lip scrubs and is now offering them via the Lush side of the street. Coolness right?



Beauty Secrets: Hydrating Dry Under Eyes with Badger Evolving Body Care Massage Oil (Review)

If you’ve been hanging out with the Muse a little while, I know some of you have, you probably recall some of my older Badger Balm reviews. I’m a tad obsessed with the Badger Balm line and have tried nearly everything they offer.

Today I did want to take a second out and review and babble a bit about the Badger Evolving Body Care Massage Oil.

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My Beauty Diary Limited Edition Set

Hey chicklets!

After my past few forays into My Beauty Diary I got a flow of e-mailing asking, “But Muse which Beauty Diary Mask is right for me?”

Considering My Beauty Diary makes a slew of different kinds of masks it can be overwhelming deciding which mask is the right mask for you!

Have no fear, the Muse is here!

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Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder Review

So you love HD powder do you?    I think it’s taken the makeup world by storm although I’ve always been a tad skeptical about needing it since I’m not on a model, actress, etc…..honestly this mug o’ mine is not going to be on the big screen anytime soon. I will say I’m a little fan girl when it comes to MAC Prep + Primer Transparent Finishing Powder.

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder is the next generation HD powder to hit the scene. But with so many HD powders saturating the online world what makes Razor Sharp so special?

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