Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit Review


The big question on everyone’s mind since I mentioned it would be is Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face Kit worth it?

Only Four Steps? Hmmm….will it work?

And the answer:


Yes, Yes, Yes.

You need it.

Like yesterday.

You might know from reading my past posts I’m not too fond of Tinted Moisturizers. They don’t work for me. Although I don’t have a ton to cover I still have been having rather dull skin lately and my foundation is definately my bestest friend when it comes to freshening my skin up. Tinted Moisturizers fail to offer me the coverage I need to give my skin a boost of awake-ness and freshness. I’ve tried a few here and there and none of them do much aside from sink into my skin as any normal facial moisturizer would without offering the benefits of coverage. Granted, they are not supposed to cover EVERYTHING but I was hopeful they’d give my skin a healthy glow as my foundation does.




Laura Mercier obviously gets the award for doing Tinited Moisturizer right because turns out she has a brilliant formula that’s pigmented and moisturizing while offering light coverage which of course is especially nice in the humid and hot weather and of course SPF 20 to keep our skin healthy and happy while in the rays of the harmful sun. The coverage offered is sheer but it’s also pigmented enough to liven up dull skin and offer a nice canvas for makeup.



Now the Laura Mercier Fawless Face Kit is available via Sephora only and is $65 USD but you get quite a bit of bang for your buck as the kit includes a fair number of nice items.

I’ve done the math, I’ve broken it down, and I think $65 USD is a fair, decent, and nice amount for the kit.

The kit comes in two color selections which I think is a bit disappointing. I got the nude which is good for fair to light tones. The second option is sand which is good for light to medium tones. I imagine if I went to a counter they’d stick me with sand but I think it’s an unflattering selection for my skin tone so I went with nude.

Now the disappointment stems from the fact if your skin is a deeper shade than fair, light, or medium you’re out of luck. That stinks le sigh.

The kit includes

A nice size clear makeup bag (great for stashing this entire collection in when traveling)
1 oz Foundation Primer
1 oz Tinted Moisturizer
0.21 oz Undercover Pot Duo (concealer and setting powder)
Secret Camouflage Brush
Camouflage Powder Brush
Powder Puff

As I said I did the math and here’s the break down:

Undercover Pot Duo $34 USD for 0.2 oz size

The size since the pot I got with the Flawless Face Kit appears quite large and full size but I’m unsure of the normal size. This could likely be the full size but I’m unsure. Regardless, the pot contains a healthy amount of both concealer and setting powder.

Tinted Moisturizer 1.5 oz $42

You get a 1 oz size with the kit so the regular size is not much bigger than what you get.

Foundation Primer 1.7 oz $30

This is considerably larger than the 1 oz included with the kit but still since this is so emollient a little goes a long way!

Both brushes are full size brushes and retail for $26 USD and $28 USD

Powder Puff $12 USD

Sponges are sold in four packs at Laura Mercier’s site so that’ll be $3 USD for one.

Grand total: $163 USD or as stated by Sephora $159 USD knock off a few dollars from the total for the oz sizes and it’s still a great deal!


The Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit with all of the above included (not the same size listed) costs $65 USD.

Yup, it’s a steal.

Now the review…

I mentioned a little about the Tinted Moisturizer but I’ll go on to say that the formula is lightweight, offers good hydration and moisture without feeling greasy, and gives my face a very flawless, awake appearance.

Prior to using the Tinted Moisturizer you can prime your face using the foundation primer. I’ve used Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer before after getting a sample with an order I placed. It’s not your typical primer as it’s not silicon based. It’s simply an extra layer of moisture that helps prep your face prior to foundation. If you’re familiar with Laura Geller Speckle the texture and formula of this primer is about the same. As far as making your foundation last longer I really have noticed much different but I do love this as prep before foundation because it makes blending so much easier.



Another first for me is the Laura Mercier Undercover Camouflage Pot. Like Bobbi Brown’s concealer palette this contains both a corrector and a concealer. Either blend the two to create a single flattering shade or brighten and correct with the lightest shade and layer the darker shade for total concealing coverage. This is moisturizing, creamy, pigmented, and wonderful for older eyes as it doesn’t settle into fine lines or crease. The setting powder, again like Bobbi Brown, sets the concealer without aging the eyes or settling into fine lines.






I don’t think I own a concealer brush and I’m quite smitten with the Secret Camouflage brush since it made applying the concealer easier and mess free. I normally don’t bother with brushes to apply concealer but this is a god sent for getting into the corner of my eye and under the lash line to cover every little nook and cranny. I seemed to successfully cover all my woes with very little tugging when I used this. I can see it becoming a holy grail item and I’ll be reaching for it daily.




The Camouflage Powder brush picks up just the right amount of powder to set the concealer. I like that it captures just a tiny bit of powder because I seriously can’t wear a ton of powder under my eyes. The days when I could conceal circles with powder are long gone and powder sinks into my fine lines aging me 10 years. This brush picks up a tiny bit and smooths it into place beautifully.




The sponge and puff are probably not something you’d totally benefit from. I prefer smoothing on foundation and TM with my fingers so the sponge is a waste for me however I did feel like the puff was quite posh. It’s a large puff with a nice loop hand on the back so you can press powder into the face with ease.


All in all I felt like the kit really did give me flawless face coverage. It’s perfect for Summer when you want to wear alot less makeup but it’s also great for those days you’re looking for minimal makeup, or you’re in a rush, or you’re just heading to the gym or store and don’t need a ton of coverage. I was very happy with the size of the products but in particular I was impressed that they included full size brushes.

The kit is well worth your money in my humblest and I’m sticking a Muse Approval on it for purchase since I was very happy to have shelled out $65 USD for it.


Below basically consists of me wearing the entire kit plus some blush and gloss. Yes, this would be the same photo from my recent Maquillage Neo Climax Neo Lip Review.

That’d be the Muse trying to kill two birds with one stone! I firgured I could get away with posting one FOTD for the gloss and use the same one for my Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit Review! Hope you don’t mind too much!

Picture+179 400x300

Picture+186 400x300

Nice one Laura Mercier. The Muse Approves!

Own this kit?

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Lorac Double Feature Concealer Highlighter Duo Review

I’m still rounding up concealers and today I’m bringing you a review of Lorac Double Feature Concealer and Highlighter. This concealer is brand new from Lorac. Tired of all these concealers yet?!






As you can see above the packaging is an interesting pull out design. Unroll and you’ll end up with directions, alternate uses for the product, and detailed photos for use. It’s like a little cardboard newsletter that unrolls with the box.

Well done Lorac on creating a very interesting concealer duo! I should start my review by saying I don’t approve of lipstick style concealers in a tube. I’ve tried a few and all are really bad simply because the formula is so very difficult to blend and ALOT of tugging is involved.


Lorac got a tiny bit inventive with this new concealer. I originally purchased this assuming that it consisted of three parts. I was thinking it was a concealer, a rollerball setting powder, and a highlighter. Turns out I was quite wrong! It’s a concealer, highlighter, and a rollerball applicator. This does not come with a powder, why I was thinking the rollerball was a powder is beyond me




Turns out the rollerball is what makes this such a fine product. The concealer is somewhat your typical stick concealer which I’m not too fond of. The formula is creamy however it doesn’t glide as easily as I’d like it to under my eye but the rollerball ends up making the concealer into something special. If I had to use the concealer on it’s own without the rollerball I’d be highly disappointed as it does involve some tugging to get on and of course tugging to blend.

So how does it work? Simple. Swipe the concealer gently under each eye, proceed to roll over the concealer using the rollerball applicator, continue rolling until your concealer is completely blended in. The rollerball does such a good job of blending the concealer you won’t need to pat or rub with your fingertips. The effect is an airbrushed look that erases fine lines, dark circles, and bags. However, it does deserve to be mentioned that this involves a good deal of tugging. I tried doing this gently but it doesn’t completely blend as well with a lighter touch. It disturbs me that I have to roll so hard to get it blended. Less tugging on the eye are is always good and this involves a considerable amount of tugging.


After you’ve blended your concealer you can take the opposite end of the applicator which houses the highlighter and dot under your eye. This gives a tiny bit of shimmer and light to the eye area. I mistakenly did three dots and I got a rather shiny, disco ball look going on under my eyes so use this sparely and you’ll achieve the desired effect of a hint of brightness and highlighting under the your eye. The highlighter doubles up as a cheek and brow bone highlighter as well. The color of the highlighter is a creamy light yellow gold with a hint of shimmer. This comes with a sponge tip applicator however I do not recommend using the applicator to blend as it’ll add WAY too much of the product and you will end up sporting some seriously shimmer under your eyes. The effect sometimes looks mannequin-like or sports almost a clay-like look which I really don’t like but if I use alot less I get the desired effect of a brighter eye area. I’m not sure if I’d recommend using this under the eye if you’re older I may stick to using this as a highlighter on my brow bone.


The duo is available in three color selections and although the lightest version worked well for me I can’t help but be disappointed at the lack of variety in shades. The colors range from light, medium, to dark but even the darkest selection doesn’t appear to be suited to ever all deeper skin tones.



Aside from that mild ranting I did I love this. Would I buy it if it wasn’t a duo? Absolutely not as the stick concealer isn’t that fabulous however since the rollerball actually aids in making the concealer rather wonderful plus the highlighter gives a rather lovely bright look to the eye area I definately liked it. It’s $24 USD and available from Sephora now if you’re lemming it. I did forget to mention that the wear on this is wonderfully good which is what made me like it even more.

Generally speaking I could probably just purchase a rollerball somewhere on E-bay and use it with a stick concealer however this comes all together and makes concealing your eyes an absolute breeze while offering great coverage and an airbrushed finish.

The Muse likes it with a few minor problems that could use improving! But it’s definately not bad and worth checking out for yourself!

Love it?

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Cargo Blu_Ray Concealer Review

Don’t I always hook you up with the latest and greatest in the cosmetic world? Since my concealer round up began I’ve reviewed quite a few items and today I’m adding to the reviews with a brand new concealer released for Cargo’s Fall Collection.

Today I’m bringing you a review of Cargo’s latest concealer that was released with the Fall Collection. Cargo Blu_Ray Concealer is a concealer and wrinkle eraser in one slick pen. W00t! Something that erases fine lines? The Muse is on the case!



First of all it has my very favorite style applicator a click pen. Click pens are simply the best when it comes to concealers and it’s truly a hassle free way of applying your concealer minus the mess. The interesting part of this is the applicator. Unlike most click pens that sport a brush style applicator this is actually a sponge applicator which fits the contour of the eye nicely and allows ease of use when smoothing the concealer on so less blending is done by your finger tips! Speaking of blending, this blends like a dream. It smooths on amazingly well and goes from a moisturizing blend to a powdery dry down. Although powder I fear when it comes to my under eyes as it tends to age me and crease this however did neither. Just offered soft, buttery coverage.

The formula will cover slight to medium dark circles but I’m unsure how well it’ll fair on extremely dark circles. I’m enjoying the creamy yet powdery texture of this and I definately deem it a fine concealer for the Summer humidity considering how long wearing it is. It’s been under my eyes since 5 this morning and still going strong at nearly 2 pm. Nice. No creasing and no caking under the eyes and it delivers on it’s promise of flawless coverage. Products like Cargo Blu_Ray concealer were created with the idea of high-definition filming in mind. It’s a product that’s meant to appear completely invisible while giving skin a flawless, airbrushed look. It does this perfectly well in my opinion and I can easily see myself reaching for this one daily.





Now the good part….

It contains something called Vilsilox which is a cosmetic alternative to Botox to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

So far I have to say I like the coverage, love the finish, and love the long wear! It’s definately a good one! The Muse likey Cargo Blu_Ray Concealer and recommends checking it out for yourself!

Cargo Blu_Ray Concealer is sold at Sephora and check out more of the Blu_Ray Collection at Cargo Cosmetics website. Check out my Cargo Fall Collection post to read about some of the interesting goodies released!

Tried this?

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MAC Cult of Cherry Review

I’m really behind on my MAC posts lately aren’t I? I’m sorry about that guys! Forgive me? I still have to blog Cool Heat which was an absolute favorite! And of course Starflash!

But today….today is reserved for something extra special.

MAC Cult of Cherry!


I’ve had a few items from Cult of Cherry for a little over two weeks now but I’ve just been to busy to blog ‘em however now was a good time to tug them out of my “to be reviewed” pile and post considering that Cult of the Cherry is live and kicking on the MAC website and should be at your counter already or coming to it shortly!

Leave it to MAC to take on the latest trend of rich, bold reds, purples, and black and add a tiny bit of unique flavoring to it to create a truly interesting collection that’s both bold and mysterious. The collection’s theme is the forbidden fruit of cherries and the decadence of chocolate to combine a cocktail of bold reds, rich browns, and plenty of kick!

Although some of the colors in the collection are definately difficult to work with it’s fun trying. One such item for me was MAC Matte Lipstick in Bing. I’ve been trying to use this in a look for over a week and still haven’t successfully completed a look where I didn’t look like a corpse! But I vow I will get this down! It’s my aim to look super glam sporting this lippie!

MAC Matte Lipstick in Bing

I created my look below using the MAC Tempting Eye Quad, Jam Packed Lipglass, and So Scarlett Lipstick.

Picture+203 400x300

Picture+214 400x300

The MAC Tempting Quad is a bit intimidating at first especially considering that the green is such a neon shade. But turns out it all rather works fantastically well together to create a rather wonderful Fall look!

The colors in the quad are Sharp which is a neon green, Next to Nothing a soft cream, Dark Edge a matte deep chocolate, and Temping a shimmering off brown.

Although I was a bit worried about mixing green up with brown after working with the palette I was impressed with how well the colors just melded together. The palette is really simplicity at it’s best and it’s truly easy to create elegance from four simple shades of shadow.

To begin my look I prepped my entire eye with the color Nothing, concentrating on my highbrow area. I proceeded to use Sharp on my entire lid and slowly blended it into part of my crease. After this I blended Tempting into my crease and topped it with Dark Edge. After blending upwards I added more Tempting for that added bit of shimmer and lined my lower lash line with it. I finished my look by using Dark Edge as a liner shade for my upper lash line.



It was really a simple few steps and I liked what came out of it. I’m wanting to purchase the other two quads from Cult of the Cherry so I’m heading over to my counter soonish to see what else catches my fancy as I didn’t attend the pre-launch party for the collection.

As mentioned I used MAC Lipstick in So Scarlett on my lips which is a wonderful burgundy shade with tiny touches of purple. MAC Lipglass in Jampacked completed my lips. Since Jampacked also contains both touches of burgundy and grape it combines wonderfully well with So Scarlett to create a popping lip look. I was slightly disappointed that you couldn’t see more of the grape in my completed look. It looks like I’m wearing more of a red lippie but still I think it’s rather a beautiful combination.

I have my eye on Cult of Cherry and of course Russian Red. I’m sure tons of people are excited about Russian Red making a reappearance!

MAC Lipglass Jampacked


MAC Lipstick So Scarlett

One other color I got to test out was Creme Cerise this is a taupe which has that off beat creamy brown look to it. I haven’t yet used this but I think it’ll look smashing with any of the quads released!


And finally, my favorite, Illegal Purple Nail Varnish! So goth! Totally appeals to my inner goth in a big way! It’s the deepest purple I’ve come across in a nail color and simply stunning.



All in all I think MAC Cult of Cherry definately has a little something for everyone as most MAC Collections do. I’m really enjoying the boldness of these colors. MAC does bold brilliantly well but this is possibly the darkest collection I’ve seen pop up since I began collecting. It’s definately extra special and trendy for the upcoming Fall Season! Look out for some of these looks on the runway during Fashion Week! I’m sure you’ll see some of these trendy looks pop up!

Have you seen the rather funky, cool video on the MAC website? Check it out!

Love MAC Cult of Cherry?

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Shiseido Maquillage Neo Climax Lip Review

Although it has it’s cult following Maquillage is not my favorite branch of Shiseido cosmetics. Maquillage has some seriously great releases just nothing that every caught my eye so much that I was panting after it!

However, after much debate I decided to indulge in a Shiseido Maquillage Neo Climax Lip after reading quite a few raves for this particular item.



Neo Climax Lip is a combination lipstick and gloss that comes in a rather slick push up style packaging. I love the packaging and the applicator. Twist and the applicator saturates with color, swipe across lips and done! The applicator is a smooth plastic head which I normally don’t fancy but in this case it works very well and fits comfortably to the contour of your lips while delivering color and gloss.


The formula is where the problems begin for me with this one. You may recall my review on L’Oreal Infalliable Lipgloss and one of my main rants with the product was the strange waxy feeling of the gloss Neo Climax Lip happens to sport a similar formula. Although I like both glosses it’s very difficult getting used to having a waxy film on your lips. In all fairness this particular formula allows the gloss to have super long lasting power however dealing with it all day is difficult. It just just feels like I have a mask around my lips which is rather weird.

Aside from my rant about the formula I have to say that the color I picked is so outstanding that I’ll definately be using this again even though the formula isn’t to my liking.

The color is a very light shimmering shade of peachy pink that matched so perfectly with my skin tone and just brightened up my entire face. It gave me both a look of health and innocence that was simply stunning or at least I thought so. I don’t have the number for this color at the moment but I’ll correct this post later today with the correct number. I believe it was PK 356 but don’t quote me on that.


Picture+181 400x300

I’ve been looking for a color like this my entire life it seems. It’s just a combination of peachy, pink, and sports that natural look to your lips.

I simply love it.

I was so deeply impressed with the color I’ve decided to Muse Approve Shiseido Maquillage Neo Climax Lip for purchase. I think I will be indulging in a few more colors and if they are anything like the one I tried I’m sure to be VERY pleased.


The Muse likes this one and is temporarily putting bad formulas aside and entertaining her joy for an amazing color!



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