Target Red Collection by L’Oreal

I honestly can’t wear what the makeup world calls “thee perfect shade” of red lipstick. No way, no how. Can’t be done unless you want me to look like one of those killer clowns from that really bad yet good 80’s flick, Attack of the Killer Clowns. God, that must be where my fear of clowns comes from, that movie was simply terrifying. Does anyone remember it? They’d kill people and proceed to mummify them in cotton candy…, I heart the 80’s!

For many reasons, women far and wide want the perfect shade of red lipstick. If you’re looking for that true red holy grail shade you might find it in the new L’Oreal Target Red Colour Collection that’s being sold exclusively at Target. The collection also features L’Oreal Infallible Lip in the shade Target Red and L’Oreal Target Red Pro Manicure.

If red is your game, check out the Target Red Collection by L’Oreal at your local Target.

Can you wear true reds?

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Bath and Body Works Summer Vanillas Fragrance Mist Review

Bath and Body Works got into the Summer game really fast this year. They started pimpin’ out their new Summer Vanilla scents and offering sample sizes way back in February. That’s what I’m talking about! Who needs Winter when we can have Summer!

Check it!


Reader Review: Chanel Liquid Foundation Review

I recently bought the liquid version of Chanel’s Teint Innocence foundation, in Cameo 20 (I live in the Northwest…I’m pale, yes). It’s a light-weight foundation (oil-free!) that gives a light to medium coverage. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll still be able to see your darker spots (acne scars, dark freckles, what have you), but that’s mostly because you know where they are and are trying to spot them. The average person, upon looking at you, will prolly just think your skin looks dewy and fresh. That’s seriously what this does. It brightens your skin, giving it a fresh glow, and anyone who’s close enough to pick out the little flaws should be punched anyway, right? 😀 I really like the light-weight feel of it, and the fact that I can touch my face without fear of having makeup all over my fingers. I also tend to rest my head against my boyfriend’s shoulder when we’re on the bus, and other liquid foundations have smudged onto his jacket (which, thankfully, rubs clean quite nicely, being Gore-Tex and all).

The foundation has SPF 12 in it, which isn’t a lot, but I use Clinique’s City Block SPF 25 every day anyway, so the SPF situation doesn’t concern me very much. I do sometimes set it with a powder, if I want a matte look, but it’s not necessary and usually I don’t bother.

I apply with my fingertips, which was weird for me the first time around. I’ve since adapted, though, and it’s fine. I just dab dots onto my face and blend gently into my skin. Works beautifully. So, here’s the bottom-line:

Pros: light, non-greasy, formula; gives you a dewy, fresh glow, while smoothing out imperfections and giving you an overall “flawless finish” look. I haven’t experienced break-outs or drying out, and I don’t look like I have foundation caked or packed on. It really just smooths into your skin, making your skin look better than it is. Who doesn’t love that?

Cons: price. At $47 a bottle, it’s a bit steep, but that’s Chanel for you. I personally feel like if I’m going to indulge in anything pricey, it should be foundation, since your skin is so important. The bottle also does not have a pump, and though it’s easy enough to pour out what you need, I can imagine it might get a bit difficult towards the end when there’s very little left in the bottle. But it looks like it’ll last for quite some time, so I’m satisfied.

Overall: I like it. I like it better than any Clinique liquid foundation I’ve tried (which are considerably cheaper), because the color match is perfect and the formula feels better – easier to blend and such a soft, radiant finish. Win!


Reader Review: Urban Decay’s Deluxe Palette

My first impression of this palette was not a stellar one…But as I used it, my view point changed entirely!
This is a great palette for someone just getting into Urban Decay, in my opinion. It was my first palette from the brand, and I was not disappointed.
First of all, colors:
You get a great mix of neutral and vivid colors. There’s a color for everyone. Even if you’re the type of makeup-wearer who leans towards neutrals, one of the vibrant colors can be used as a liner to spice things up. You get two colors in the purple/pink category (Fishnet/Ransom), one green (Graffiti–my favorite green I own), one blue (Peace), one yellow/gold (Honey), one black (Zero), and three neutrals (Shag, Scratch, and Underground).

These colors are BRIGHT! They barely need any building up! My suggestion (that I learned from the Muse herself) is to use a sponge applicator. It picks up the pigmentation much better than any other brush I’ve used. I still think a base is needed, but they are so intense that if you’re in a pinch, they’d last for a while. The shadows are creamy and smooth. They apply like butter! They are definitely no-hassle shadows.

The palette is $38 for nine 1.2 gram shadows, two sponge applicators, and a very mini Urban Decay Primer Potion. I think it is very worth it, as a little of these shadows goes a long way. The packaging is cute and has protected my shadows just fine, and I’ve carried it in my purse before. For the variety that you get, it is money well-spent.

The packaging is like a little two sided. It’s cute and sturdy, with a good sized mirror. The problem rests in it being made of a velvety/felt material. It is a magnet for dust and powder! So keep it in a safe, clean spot if you’d rather have it in pristine condition. Also, the inside stains easily and the powder from the shadows gets on the mirror and on the white cardboard.

This is the perfect palette for anyone interested in trying out something new and fun. The existence of the neutrals makes it practical, but the bright colors jazz it up and add something fresh to any makeup collection.
I’ve been wearing Underground for over a week already, which is something I rarely do! I’m so A.D.D. about changing my look from day to day that I rarely wear the same look twice in a week…but I’ve found this color to go with everything! I’ll be buying the separate shadow when I run out. I’ve also been wearing Scratch as a blush. I’m fair skinned, so it shows up just barely, and it gives a nice ‘barely rosey’ color to my cheeks.


Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer Review and Swatches

Dude, anyone been lurking around the Target Beauty aisles? Guilty! Every time I hit up Target I head over to beauty first, can’t help myself I like to sniff the Soap and Glory and sigh happily while other chicks in the aisles give me weird looks.

Pixi has a new primer out that you may wanna check out. I already played around with it a little bit myself so check it after the jump!