Milani Buzz Worthy Lip Gloss Review

You know how the Muse is always going on and on about Too Faced Mirror Mirror Lip Gloss? Well, for Spring 2009 we have Milani Buzz Worthy Lip Gloss which is actually an off the hook dupe of Too Faced Mirror Mirror plus it’s a fraction of the cost.




Dude…for serious you need some.

The buzz on Milani Buzz Worthy Lip Gloss is all good. Milani Buzz Worth Lip Gloss is currently available in 9 Shades at a cost of $5.49 USD per a tube (sometimes less if you score it on sale!). Enriched with honey but without the tacky, sticking feel these glosses are absolutely awesome. A mirror like finish and highly glossy lips await you for a nice budget friendly price tag.



I highly recommend snagging some of these and I’m Muse Approving ‘em for purchase as the price is right and the quality is definitely there.


I really loved Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss because of it’s incredibly glossy formula so when I tried these out I knew I could offer a wallet friendly option to my readers that wasn’t going to break the bank. The formula offers extraordinary high shine and a mirror-like finish to lips without stickiness or that irritating tacky feeling. It glides on beautifully and has a sheer to medium coverage depending on your color choice. The glosses are quite tasty and sweet plus they smell delicious, that’s always a plus in my book as I prefer a flavored gloss. The formula is paraben-free and contains plenty of good for you ingredients like vitamins A & E.

The applicator took a little getting used to as it’s extra long and distributes a bit too much product but after a bit of practice I was all for it as it works well at getting product onto lips and creating a full lip look with a nice high gloss finish. I tried the shades Bee Rich and Bee Mine both of which had different finishes. Bee Rich had more of a sheer glossy finish even though in the tube it’s a popping red where as Bee Mine had a good amount of pigment to create a nice glossy pink pout.




Picture+008 400x300

Picture+004 400x300



Picture+015 400x300

Picture+014 400x300

I seriously can’t rave enough about the quality on these and think they are well worth picking up. Considering that Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss is $16 USD plus only has six shades available I’d say that Milani Buzz Worthy Lip Gloss is a fabulous find offering more variety and a smaller price tag! Good stuff! The Muse likey. Alot.

Grab ‘em now at CVS or check out Milani for further information.



Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

Anything that promises me the world is easily headed straight to the top of my priority list.


Take for example Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer, promises me the world and then some more.

The Muse is ever, always on the quest for thee best concealer on the market so of course when my eyes recently landed on Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer I was feeling quite hyped.

What’s this? A tattoo concealer? That sounds like some seriously pigmented stuff!

What is it?

A heavy duty, multitasking concealer with a moisturizing, creamy base for covering up bemishes, dark circles, tattoos, and other woes. Supposedly this is super pigmented and wears ultra long. It’s $25 USD so it has to do some of what it promises wouldn’t you agree?

I’m thinking if it can cover up tattoos it shouldn’t have a problem with a few nasty dark circles. Yes, indeed I needs this right away, on the double please, I’ll take a case.

Contrary to whispered rumors that the Kat Von D Collection is a revamped, repackaging version of the Sephora Makeup Collection the Muse can verify that she’s tried a few bits and bobs from the line and quality is brilliant so of course I’m putting my full faith into Miss Von D with this concealer.

It’s on order now and review will be upcoming soon!

Get it now at Sephora!

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Gotta work right?

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Rimmel London’s New Virtual Makeover Tool

Yes, well, I have a ton of things to do today as it’s a super busy time of the year at my offices but I’ve been sucked into the procrastination vortex when I visited Rimmel London’s website this morning and started playing around with the new Rimmel London Virtual Makeover Tool.

I didn’t have a photo sans makeup aside from the one I uploaded last night with my Yes to Tomatoes review so I ended up using that one and although I’m looking mighty ridiculous I couldn’t help but enjoy my visit with Rimmel London Virtual Makeover Tool.

It’s kinda cool! Likey!


The site allows you to upload your photo (or use a model’s photo that’s provided by Rimmel) and use it to try out virtually all the products in the Rimmel London library from glosses, to blushes, and beyond! Granted I looked a bit ridiculous with Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara on (can you say exaggerated lashes?) but I was still loving trying on the glosses and blushes! Coolness!


Need some help procrastinating today?

Check it out at

Tell me whatcha think!

I’m wasting away the better part of 20 minutes with this today!


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Bourjois Paris Website Update

Oooooo I do believe I spy with my little eye something new from Bourjois Paris!


I was excited to see that Bourjois Paris has updated the master portal of it’s website with a new page! Aside from the French portal nothing else has much changed upon clicking through all the country portals but it doesn’t leave me without hope that maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally see some sort of update on the US portal!

Please Bourjois? Pretty please.

I’m not really counting on it with the economy the way it is but it sure would be delightful to hear about some new tid bit or another. Or even a page change from the Bourjois Paris Clubbing selection that’s been up on the US portal for over a year now.

Le sigh!

The French portal has completely updated the look and feel of their site so I’m hopeful these changes will relay back to the other country portals, of course, in particular, the US one!

Here’s to hoping! I long for some small bone from Bourjois Paris US! Your fans are out here, the Muse happens to be one!

Missing Bourjois Paris?

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Ben Nye Red Neutralizer Review

Going into Ben Nye virtually blind folded about the line is truly a stupid idea. Take for example that the Muse recently purchased Ben Nye Red Neutralizer to use as a concealer….


Tis virtually white what the heck was I going to do with it?

Read ahead to find out if it was a trash or a stash.

Ben Nye Red Neutralizer is specially designed to conceal intense redness due to bruising, acne, broken capillaries, etc….so of course it was a rather a silly idea to purchase it for use as an under eye concealer.

I unintentionally purchased this off of E-bay after hearing the wonders of Ben Nye products as a concealer. Little did I know that the concealer was used for treating redness not dark circles. Considering the E-bay description was completely wrong describing the product I ended up with a white base that’s almost gray in color which was definitely not something which would turn out useful as an under eye concealer.




Turns out it actually kinda sorta works.

The E-bay seller said that this particular shade could be used to brighten the eye area and could be used as a base prior to foundation for brightening the face and concealing problem skin. Considering I don’t have a problem with my skin aside from icky puffy, dark circled eyes I wasn’t looking to conceal much but turns out that the product works quite well at brightening up my completion when I use a very tiny dab!

The product is nice and creamy plus has a nice rich pigmentation. It smooths under eyes fairly well to brighten the eye area up. I took note that it kinda sorta works like the white powder that comes with the Bobbi Brown Concealer Palette or the mineral finishing powder in the Laura Mercier Camouflage Pot.

Interestingly enough I thought the product worked as a great prep prior to applying concealer or foundation. Remember though a simply dab will do otherwise you’ll be ghastly white looking if you go overboard. I use a tiny amount under my eyes followed up with my own concealer and it seems to do well at covering up my puffy eyes and my dark circles. A little dab around the sides of my chin and under my upper lip brightens my face up and hides any dull, darker areas on my skin. Follow up with foundation where ever you apply so the finish is more natural.

The product is slightly drying under my eyes so I have to be sure to prep and prime well prior to use as although it has a nice formula that’s soft and silky, it still manages to feel a tad on the drying side.

Although the product is meant to neutralize red I made as much use of it as possible for a few other things and I think I’ll consider purchasing it again should I run out as I’m starting to like it more than my normal skin whitening routine! I only paid $8 USD so of course I’ll be going back to try out a better shade for use under my eyes as I’m positive I’ll be able to find a more suitable color to use.

Have you tried Ben Nye concealers?

Loves it?

Leaves it?

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