Mally Beauty Liquid Light Eye Brightener Review and Swatches

Mally Beauty Liquid Light Eye Brightener 2

Wow, the Muse is kinda striking out lately with Mally.

Many moons ago I came across Mally Beauty Eye Brightener and decided I must have it for myself. Many more moons went by and I never indulged. Not sure why but I put off buying this for a while but recently I hauled a few Mally items from QVC and decided, “meh let me add the eye brightener in my cart…”

The idea behind the product and the product itself is interesting to say the least but sadly it fails to leave up to what I expected.

Read ahead for the review.


Bobbi Brown Holiday 2009: Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio Review and Swatches

So yeah…Mondays are so not my best day.  You’ll have to excuse me as I wanted to review the Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio for you but I confused the shades and included one of the new Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in the mix.  The good news is you’ll get a dual kind of review as I can show you what the new glosses look like plus you can see some of the trio colors.

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio9

It’s Monday these things happen.  Bare with me peeps and promise to still lurve me k?

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Bare Escentuals bareMinerals The Surprise Set

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals The Surprise Set 1

I Tivo’ed all the latest Bare Escentual programs on QVC about a week ago?  I believe it was a week ago.  Anyway, I expected that these would have some serious festive Holiday stuff going on as everyone seems to be decking the halls way early this year.

But no dice.

The show had  few odd pieces that might be considered holiday-like but for the most part it was standard bits and bobs.  Now Nordie’s has a new Bare Escentuals bareMinerals The Surprise Set which definitely can fall right into the Holiday theme of things but….snore….I’mma no likey it.   If this is what BE has in store for this season in regards to gift sets I may be saving a whole heck of alot of money

I’ll bide my time though and wait.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals The Surprise Set is $54 and housed in a gorgeous faux book style packaging. It looks very elegant but the colors included are a bit blah for me.

You’ll get:

  • Bare Minerals Intrigue Blush
  • Bare Minerals Spellbound Eye Color
  • Bare Minerals Surreal Eye Color
  • Bare Minerals Suspense Liner Shadow
  • Bare Minerals Secret Radiance Natural Lip Gloss in Brilliance (Angelfood Cake Flavored)
  • Bare Minerals Tapered Crease Defining Brush, Line Diffuser Brush, and Cheek Brush

For me this one is a miss but many BE fans will probably adore it.

What do you think?

Loves it?

Leaves it?

What are some of your fav sets from BE?

Tell the Muse!

Available now at Nordstrom.


Lush Holiday 2009 Collection

Lush Holiday 2009

Leave it to Lush to ruin my Fall by introducing the Lush Holiday Collection 2009 this early.

Come on..let me enjoy the falling leaves and Halloween before presenting me with an incredible array of bath and body goodies to grace my shower and bath.

As with most years Lush Holiday is huge and filled with many a joyful treat. I can barely wait to get my hands on some of it and I’m very close to placing a UK order shortly (no worries US has Christmas up as well).

Jump ahead for the details!


MAC Style Black Review and Swatches

MAC Style Black 202

MAC Style Black has my heart this week. I’ve been playing around with a few pieces and must get to a counter right quick to haul more. Although I can’t make ANY of the lip items work on this face I’m still absolutely adoring the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows and Grease Paintstick…so gorg!

Jump ahead to hearing my babblings about MAC Style Black and please do share what you hauled!