Fill In The Beauty Blank: My Favorite Holiday Collection

Holiday 2009Time for a little Fill in the Beauty Blank chicas!



Chanel Spring Collection 2010

Chanel Spring 2010 11

God, I’m so still in Fall and not even anywhere near Winter and now Spring….the months just roll together when you’re busy blogging the world of beauty.

Today my little eye spies the Chanel Spring Collection 2010.  We already caught a glimpse of this one in a prior post however I have more updated babblings for you below so take the jump and tell me…..

What are you hauling?


Sephora 20% Off Sale Section

sephora coupon

The Muse surely hopes you aren’t shopping the Sephora Sale section yet….I’m actually holding out for two reasons.

Number Uno:  I hope as Christmas gets nearer and nearer or at least on boxing day, Sephora will go ahead and update the sale section even more.  At the moment I see one or two bits popping up that I wants but I’m ever hopeful they’ll add more.

Number Dos:   You’ll have to take the jump to learn how to save yourself 20% off already reduced prices!


WANT IT: Anastasia Hydrating Oil

Can I tell you, my skin is so behaving lately.  I can’t figure out if it’s the new skincare I’m using or if it’s the re-testing I’m doing with the Clarisonic Skin Brush. Whatever it is my skin is almost normal…UNHEARD of in the Winter months, wait come to think of it I don’t think my skin has ever been normal.


Bad news.

I got sick last week. Not badly sick but ill enough to have the sniffles, sore throat, a tiny bit of coughing, etc….I’m still sick today actually even after a ton of antibiotics. Whenever I get sick my skin suffers terribly. It dull, flaky, and just terribly gross. It’s kinda like having a bad hair day only it’s a bad skin week or two weeks or month, until I get better again. For two weeks now I’m sporting patching cheeks, a dry crusty looking nose (oh the grossness of it all), and I’m just dull looking as all heck.

These are the days I need an extra dose of moisture. Actually last year, in this cold weather, my skin would be positively gagging for some extra moisture.

Which is why my little eye is on Anastasia Hydrating Oil.

Anastasia Hydrating Oil

Wants it!


Philosophy Spring Collection 2010

The Muse is always quite tickled when Philosophy launches into Spring as it’s not only a bit of Spring you’ll get but also a bit of romance, a little Valentine’s Day.

Philosophy Spring Collection 2010 8

Philosophy Spring Collection 2010 holds the appeal of both Spring and Valentine’s Day with new glosses, shower gels, and gift sets that are sure to appeal to your senses, I know they do mine.