Bare Escentuals Foiled Eye Tutorial Kit

So today was like the day from bloody hell! I was up at 5AM, got to work by 8:30AM and proceeded to work my butt off until 10:40PM!

Ugh! Very busy day! My office was bustling something fierce so I sincerely needed to stay over and crack down and do some major work after hours! My sister was running shotgun and we worked our way through a gazillion renewal files before heading home to get some much needed sleep!

BUT SLEEP I cannot do! Why you ask!? Because I must update my blog for you fine, gorgeous, beautiful people!

My updates were sadly lacking today due to my busy schedule so prior to laying down to rest I shall lay the ground work for tomorrow’s masterpiece entries and post them tonight so when you wake up in the AM all bright eyed and bushy tailed you’ll have plenty of new exciting “Musey” posts to read!


I knew you would be!


No problem make checks payable to Musings of a Muse! Cash Donations are welcome as well! I’m kidding, I’m kidding!

I was doing my daily browse through Nordie’s and I came across a new Bare Escentuals Tutorial Kit. You may remember I did a review on the Smokey “V” Eye Tutorial Kit not so long ago! You might want to wipe away the cobwebs and re-read the review by clicking here!

The new kit is entitled Foiled Eye Tutorial! Wahoo! Exciting! I already own a Foiled Eyes Kit from BE and I love it!


This particular kit isn’t as big as my original kit which contained two eyeshadows, one liner, and a brush. This set includes a dual ended brush and two shadows hmmm bit smaller then the original kit!

It deserves to be said that the price on BE has gone up a tad bit. The kit is $32USD and for some reason I think I need to rant about that. If you break it down that means you’re paying about $11 or so per an item in the set. Not bad but when you’re faced with two shadows and a brush in your hand I’m thinking to myself, “That’s it? That’s all I get?”. I have no idea why I’m ranting about this as I’ve been known to lay down that much for a single eyeshadow so what the hell am I complaining about? I just expect to get more from BE for less and I guess when I lay out that thirty some odd dollars I want a massive kit of awesomeness like I’m used to getting from them….am I making any sense at all?

My original kit cost me $28 USD and had more goodies then this particular kit however the lemming is strong and the fact that it’s $4 extra and I’m getting less hasn’t lessened the need and I find I want this particular kit (which means I’ll be scouring E-bay like a little demon until I possess it for way below retail cost).

I really like these little kits. I enjoy the fast, easy, tutorials they come with! The packaging is superb. It’s like makeup for dummies in one easy to do box! If you have no skill this is such an awesome way to pick up a few tricks and beautify yourself all in a few simple steps!

Anyway I guess I’m babbling!

I took some pics of the original Foiling Eyes Kit that was released about 3 years ago! As I said before I really loved this kit and this new set really appeals to me because of how much I loved the original release!

Strangely enough I just recently got two emails asking about foiling techniques! So here you go! A simple kit to achieve just what you want plus easy instructions!

These work with simple water! A drop or two and you’re good to go. If you have mixing medium around you can use that too but I find simple water from the faucet works best. I don’t normally like using a mixing agent or water during application simply because I’m a quick artist. I like to get my stuff on fast and go! When using an agent you have to wait for the first color to dry prior to placing your next color and for me that’s a bit too many steps! However, since the effect you get with these is so cool when they are wet I find that I don’t mind so much waiting on the dry down time!

On to the pics!






My camera doesn’t take the best swatch pictures in the world but as you can see from the photos the colors take on a whole new hue and dimension when they are applied wet and they get that “foil” effect to them plus they go from beautiful to gorgeous with a few drops of simple water!

This particular kit is no longer available however the newest kit is up at Nordies should you wish to purchase it! CLICK!

Love it?

Have the old kit?

Want the new kit?

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Juicy Couture Strawberry Fields Cosmetic Organizer

I promise I’m simply not going to order this because it’s entitled Strawberry Fields…can you tell how much of a Lennon fan I am?



I love Juicy Couture. It goes against everything I stand for but I sincerely love the brand! I can’t help myself.

I just plopped this bad boy into my cart simply because the name was so bloody appealing! Uh oh I think I hit submit too!

How cutes is it?

Don’t lie, you know you want one too!


Ettusais Limited Edition Face Compact

It’s that time of the year when many Asian brands introduce new pieces to their base cosmetic line ups!

Ettusais has updated it’s website with it’s new base makeup and their limited edition compacts caught my eye in particular!

I have a special place in my heart for Japanese foundation compacts, especially any releases that Sofina puts out.

These two compacts caught my eyes as they are so gorgeously Spring!



Each compact is 1000 yen plus an additional 3150 yen for a foundation cake. I’m thinking I might get the compacts to put my Raycious powder in!



Estée Lauder Shimmering Powder Pearls


Do you love it?


I sincerely love Guerlain’s Meteorites but at $51 USD they can be a bit pricey! I can get these from Estée Lauder with a brush for $40!

The Muse loves it alot!

I’m sure they aren’t as good as Meteorites (you can try to convince me otherwise) but the price sure is nice and they look interesting enough for a try!

Have ‘em already?

Loving them?

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Ettusais Limited Edition Cinderella Kit


Ettusais has been on my hit list lately every since I purchased some of the new Spring Collection! Click!

I randomly came across the Limited Edition Cinderella Kit while browsing for Ettusais cosmetics at Gooddealer!

In keeping with the Disney theme of Spring (Click here and here for other Disney Collections released!) Ettusais has released a Limited Edition Cinderella Cosmetic Kit. I can’t tell you an exact release date of this but it may be older then a Spring release and I’m leaning more towards a release for the past Holiday Collection probably!

The kit includes an eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and gloss palette, applicators, blush, shimmering powder, a curler, and a cosmetic case!

Cute right?

It appears there are four variations of the kit all the same aside from the shimmering loose powder which comes in your choice of white, purple, pink, or orange!

The kit is only $40 USD so really you can’t go wrong for the price!

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