Eyeko Touch Up & Glow Highlighter Review

Eyeko’s new Touch Up & Glow Highlighter is now a permanent fixture in the Muse’s makeup bag!





This cute highlighter comes in a tidy and neat click pen applicator for easy application that’s mess free and great for toting around for quickie touch ups on the go! The highlighter is a flattering pink shimmering shade that should suit most all skin tones.


You can use the highlighter in several ways one of which happens to be as a brow bone highlighter. I admit that when I prep my eye I do sometimes forget to concentrate on the brow bone this makes it simple! Swipe a little smidge on your brow bone, blend, and you’re left with a beautiful luminescent shimmer.


You can also use this on cheeks bones, as a light eyeshadow application for a quick eye look, as a liner for your bottom lash line for a bit of sparkle, the possibilities are endless!

I personal like toting around with me for swiping across my cheeks bones to add a bit of lighter and sparkle to my face when my makeup is wearing off, it does a fine job of freshening up my complextion!

Did I mention the price can’t be beat at 5? I’m sticking a Muse Approval on this for purchase. Simplicity rules my makeup world and this makes for a wonderful little addition to my makeup bag for quick touch ups on the god!

You can get yours from the Eyeko UK website (Yes, they ship to the US).

Eyeko UK
Eyeko USA


The Muse is loving Eyeko Touch Up & Glow Highlighter!

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Etude House Fall Collection 2008

Etude House has updated it’s website with the latest color story for Fall 2008. It’s a pretty small collection that also includes a skincare package that appears to be some sort of peel for the skin. I won’t be indulging in the skincare but some of the offerings from the point makeup selection looks very nice. The color story quite reminds me of Smashbox’s Wicked Lovely promotion but sports a more kawaii feel.


Etude House is mostly focused on the brand new mascara releasing with this collection. It looks like one version creates fuller, plumper lashes and the other separates and curls. There version of the Wicked Lovely promo is more of a Foxy versus Innocent look. I like it!


%C2%A6%C2%A6%C2%A6%C2%A6%2B%C2%A6%C2%A6%3D+%2B%C2%A6%C2%A6%C2%A6 %C3%B72

%2B%C2%AC%2B8%2B%C2%A6%C2%A6%3D+%2B%C2%A6%C2%A6%C2%A6 %C3%B72

Other offerings in the collection are plumping glosses and a new face powder.

Although a small selection of goodies it still manages to catch my fancy so expect a review shortly!

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P.S. Etude House has a rather cute blog theme you can download and use as part of your blog’s template! Do check it out! I thought it was rather cute!


Fafi for MAC CCO Haul

Hey guys!

When I originally indulged in the Fafi for MAC Collection I didn’t bother much with the Paint Pots released as I’m not a big fan. After many of you commented telling me what I was missing out on I felt rather bad I didn’t indulge however it was too late as many items had sold out!

Last week I ended up scoring at my local CCO which had all the Fafi for MAC Paint Pots available for $11.75 USD!






So I hauled a few shades for myself.

Check out your local CCO as they are stocking up on tons of last year’s holiday collection, loads of paint pots (including the ones from Fafi), and MSF galore!

What’s the best score you had at your CCO?

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Urban Decay Deluxe Train Cases

Have you see Urban Decay’s New Deluxe Traincases?


I wants one. Now please. Thanks very much.

How awesome are these?

This one has the Muse’s name all over it!
298 101

298 102

298 103

298 104

Ugh these are too sweet for words! I love the dark, gothy edge! I’m really digging the gray one with the skulls!

Each case is $49.99 USD and is equipped with a lock and key. Likey! I can hide my secrets inside along with my makeup!

Check out more about these cases by clicking over to Urban Decay.

Lord, I have one in my cart already eep! I’m trying hard to hit submit!

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Beauty Bytes: Victoria Beckham’s Spiky Crop Cut: Yay or Nay?

I’m super busy this morning trying to get a ton of things cleared off my desk! Yak! I have a slew of comments to get through and will do so shortly, promise!

How are you this dull Tuesday? Looks like a storm is brewing outside my office window and I wish I could just go back to bed!

I’ll leave you with a little mid-morning Beauty Byte from the Muse’s mates at FabSugarUK!


Victoria Beckham is sporting an interesting new spiky cropped hair do and FabSugarUK has the photos to prove it!

Click on over and have a peek!

I love it! It makes her look younger and contours her face quite wonderfully. Looks like she’s copying Katie this time instead of the other way around!

Whatta ya think?

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