MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara Review

MAC you excel at so many things but why do you continue to fail in the mascara world. The Muse hasn’t yet met a mascara from MAC that she actually liked.

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Your new MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara has one incredible factor about it but it doesn’t make up for the other woes it causes.

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King of Shaves Azor Event: Free King of Shaves Azor Razor

King of Shaves Azor Razor 1

Hey Guys!

King of Shaves is having an event today offering sidewalk shaves (for the guys among us no they will not shave your legs ladies!) and giving away free King of Shaves Azor razors.

It takes place today from 10am to 6pm on 23rd Street and Broadway. You can stop by for a visit with Diane Wood, Master Barber of King of Shaves, who will on hand to give the guys a clean shave. Diane is the barber who appeared on Letterman to remove his writer’s strike beard.

If you have an old blunt razor bring it along with you and Diane will happily give you a brand new Azor, other fun freebies will be available too!

In honor of their contributions to the city, King of Shaves will donate $5,000 to New York City Firemen through the Friends of Firefighters Organization.

The Azor is the latest razor launch from King of Shaves and is making it’s debut in New York City Duane Reade stores this month. The Azor has a unique design that allows the head to bend and flex around contours and curves of the face or in our case it’s ideal for behind our knees and around ankles for a friendlier, smoother shave. The ergonomic handle of the razor is made of only one part (compared to 13 on other brands) leaving zero waste behind providing for greener alternative to your shaving experience.

The Azor is available for purchase online but why not stop by and get one free hehe.


MAC Dazzleglass Creme Review and Swatches

You never really think that a brand can go and take something you really love and make it into something even better. For example have you seen many movie sequels in your life that are actually good? I can only name a few.

Thus the idea of taking a product and re-releasing it with a new formula automatically makes a the Muse skeptical. How can it possibly be as awesome as the first round?

It’s possible. MAC Dazzleglass Creme is proof of that.

MAC Dazzleglass Creme 2

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Drugstore DriveBy: Sept. 27th to Oct. 3rd

Drugstore Driveby

Morning Lovies!

Here’s your guide to sales happening at your local drugstore this week.

Check ’em after the jump.

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Sneak Peek: MAC DSquared Review and Swatches

Hey Darlings!

You up for Musing a little MAC DSquared with me?� How about a little sneak peek at the goods?

MAC DSquared Collection 1

MAC DSquared Collection 2

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