New York Times Slams Beauty Bloggers

Someone had sent me a link to the New York Times article that is basically slamming beauty bloggers far and wide.

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I thought I’d address some of what was being said in this article because I don’t want Musings of a Muse to end up slandered by any of this.

About 99% of the products I review on Musings are items I purchased with my own sweat, blood, and tears. I work a daily 9 to 5 job as a self employed insurance broker where I make money. I proceed to take my money and splurge it on cosmetics! I do not give myself the title of beauty editor, beauty reviewer, or any other important title simply because I don’t think of myself in such a manner. I’m more your average, everyday girl that’s sincerely and seriously addicted to cosmetics in a major, sickening way!

It’s rare I get products for “free” from companies and if I do you’ll only ever get my truest opinion on those items. A majority of you already know that if I don’t like something I’m definately not cutting corners when I give my opinion or review! I imagine some PR companies are scared to touch me because of my brutal slandering of a product when I hate it!

The moral of the story is I’m not here for free swag nor am I here to pimp products I don’t even like. I am, however, here to interact with each one of you and tell you my truest opinion of items I purchase with my own money not products I’ve gotten free from companies.

I am not affiliated with cosmetics companies nor do I endorse them!

The Muse is and always will be simply an everyday girl that loves cosmetics with a passion! Getting to know each of you and talking to you daily about products and life is what Musings of a Muse is about for me. I think of each of you as a close friend and it saddens me many of you are far away (most of you are in different countries) and we can’t sit down like normal folk, have a cup of tea, and chat.

Musings of a Muse started out as a silly form of entertainment for myself and to this day I am always flattered when I look at my traffic and I see how many girl’s (and guys) come to visit me here!

This is my two cents on that article. It hurts and saddens me to think that the Beauty Blogging World is portrayed in such a shady light. The fact that this article is in the New York Times really disappoints me as it’s a newspaper I read daily with great glee (especially the weekend edition).

The truth of the matter is that I’ve talked to many of bloggers across our blogging sphere and each one I’ve chatted to and become friend’s with have always been sincere in their intentions to bring readers good, solid content about items they love to use or hate!

The next time you stop by Musings or any of your favorite Beauty Blogs think of all the hard work the writer does to keep you updated on current beauty finds!

Musings of a Muse will always stay true to it’s origins, A Blog of Musings from a Cosmetic Whore.



Aube Winter Collection 2007

At the rate I’m going I could have reviewed Aube’s Holiday/Winter Collection next season! Sorry about the delay getting this out!


I’ve had this collection for a while and I haven’t yet tried any of it but last night I decided to finally crack it open and take a peek at the colors!

When the collection came onto the scene I wasn’t too tempted but later on I decided that I needed to add some of it to my beauty arsenal!

They released a pressed powder with this that a friend of mine was unable to locate sadly so I missed out on that! Out of all the goodies I only ended up with three items which were the newest Jewerly Shower Eyes and the two loose shimmering powders!

The palette is quite gorgeous although not what I expected. Upon seeing the promo images it appeared the model was sporting a white sparkling baby blue look but upon getting the palette I learned the colors are a tad bit different and it left me slightly puzzling over the best way to get her look but that hasn’t swayed me from loving it!

The main color in the palette is a cream gold sparkle followed by a beige bronze color and a dark chocolate liner color. The Shower part of the palette (and star of the shower in my opinion) is the light blue gold infused cream color! It’s a beautiful shade and it really sparks up the main colors of the palette! I’m not going into detail about application here but if you’re interested in understanding how the palette works do click here to review my main review on Aube’s Jewelry Shower palettes! My sole rant about the palette was the packaging. I was slightly disappointed that the packaging wasn’t the standard shiny metallic style. It seemed they changed the compact to a matte finish instead of the regular shiny metallic compact! I really liked the pretty pink shimmer to the old compacts!

Old Packaging vs New Packaging


The palette sold very well in Japan from what I understand as my mate had a difficult time locating it upon it’s release!

The other two items I got were the loose shimmering powders which come in a nice glass bottle. I really love the presentation on these and the packaging is ultra cute however application is a bit messy! The powders come in a nail polish style bottle but they do not have an attached applicator. I thought this would come with a spatula applicator or a brush of some sort attached to the bottle topper but that’s not the case sadly. In order to apply you have to tip the bottle while stopping it with a finger tip and then lightly dab the powder where you want it! It’s a wonderful silky, sparkly powder that can used on your face, cheeks, or body however application is a tad bit messy with just a fingertip for applying. I guess you can use a really slim brush to fit into the bottle and take a little powder out at a time but I’m still wishing these came with an applicator of their own! The two shades available were gold and pink and both are well worth getting as they are truly beautiful shimmering shades!



Overall, I really like this collection and I’m glad I decided to get some of it! I highly recommend at least nabbing the palette if you have the means of locating it!

Have this collection?
Love it?

Want it?


K-Drama Ramblings

My evil readers recommended I try out Sassy Girl for size! Sadly, I believe it’s no longer available stateside as I couldn’t find it anywhere so I ended up buying a rather shady copy of it from an Asian video store in Queens. I really hate buying versions like this because the subtitles are awful. I normally wait and buy the English Version of K-Dramas but since Sassy Girl is so new an English DVD Set is unavailable. I believe the official release was available from YesAsia upon it’s release in October or November but it’s since sold out and it takes ages to get back in stock! Impatient as I am I wanted it now thus I ended up with this set!

So I got it!






I just finished Coffee Prince and I’m happy to say it was rather awesome! As I was telling a reader in comments Coffee Prince isn’t your standard K-Drama! All the normal ho-hom elements are definately in Coffee Prince. Example: Girl meets Boy. Boy is rich, Girl is Poor. Girl and Boy fall in love. Boy treats Girl kinda harshly. Boy’s family strongly disapproves Girl’s background. Yada yada yada etc..etc…typical Korean Soap! However, even though Coffee Prince follows the same old story plot as every other K-Drama I’ve seen it does have redeeming qualities that sets itself apart from your standard drama! The twist of the main character pretending to be a boy is one thing that makes the drama really different and interesting! Plenty of comic relief from a great supporting cast helps relieve the tension in the story! Quite a few sexy, romantic moments really add a nice touch of sweetness to 17 hours you’re wasting on this! The beginning, the middle and the ending is very fulfilling thus when it’s over you’re actually feeling like you’ve lost some new found friends instead of wanting to bawl your eyes out that you wasted time on a soap that killed off one of the main characters!

Anyway! That’s my little mini wrap up and review of Coffee Prince icon smile

YAY my copy of Coffee Prince’s Soundtrack! Tis awesome you need it!



I’m now looking forward to watching Sassy Girl after all the rave reviews! I just ordered Witch Yoo Hee, SOS, Sweet Relationship, Foxy Lady and Heavenly Forest…so I guess this means my Resolution to NOT buy K-Dramas until I watch what I already have has gone out the window? Sigh. Oh well! I don’t have enough hours in the day to watch all these but it’s sure fun trying to watch at least an hour a night and failing miserably!

What are you watching right now?


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Reader’s Request: Stila Cherry Crush FOTD

I’m not going to do the entire lowdown of what I used on this FOTD as it’s 1. a boring look and 2. it was a reader request I use Stila Cherry Crush on my lips! So I’m posting this FOTD to show what Stila Cherry Crush looks like on!

You can check my review on Cherry Crush by clicking here!






@Cosme @ Your Drugstore!

I can’t read characters but I still visit @Cosme for the pretty pictures! @Cosme is basically the same idea as MUA or Total Beauty. The website is the “it” place for up to date information about new cosmetics, collections, skincare, etc…..

It contains user created reviews for products and from what I can understand of the site it sure does a great job of keeping on the edge of Japanese cosmetic releases and more!

I ran across this gem recently on there site and I thought I’d share because I thought it was rather awesome!

From what I can understand these little machines will be installed in drugstores and basically you wave maybe?! either the product or your cell phone over it and it’ll pop the review up on your phone!

I’m not sure how it works but it’s basically something that helps with getting reviews from @Cosme to you prior to your purchase!

Why this might be exciting to you?

@Cosme contains user reviews which means that you’ll get an honest, straight forward answer about the product you’re purchasing from a girl that’s already tried it and either hated it or loved it!

How awesome would it be to head to Sephora, pick a blush out (or any other product), and get a user review on the item instantly!

I love this idea!

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