Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Lip Wax

I dunno what Lip Wax is but I think I need it.

Giorgio Armani Beauty is releasing six shades of lip color entitled Lip Wax. The lip color is advertised as a “blush of color for the lips” which of course made me all hyper to get me some. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

From what I read it sounds intriguing. It’s a weightless formula for lips that has a satin finish and as you can see offers a seriously pigmented pout.

Each pot is $26 USD and can be purchased directly from or visit your local Neiman’s, Nordies, or Bloomies to nab yourself some.

Colors available are:

Nude Beige
Antique Rose
Cardinal Red
Deep Chianti

I have my eye on Sienna and Antique Rose. Maybe a review to follow soon!

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smashbox 24K Golden Effect Top Coat Mascara

Smasbox 24K Golden Effect Top Coat Mascara is the perfect solution if golden lashes are what you seek this Season!

This mascara top coat gives lashes a bit of shimmering sparkle and shimmer! It quite reminds me of Bare Escentuals Luminous Lashes which I’ve reviewed in a previous post. I’m hopeful this version from Smashbox will successfully create a beautiful shimmer to my eyes as the Bare Escentuals version takes a bit of work and simplicity rules!

Looks rather promising! At the moment it’s only available at QVC so use item number A82594 to nab yourself one at $19 USD.

I imagine we’ll see it from Smashbox soon or maybe for the Holiday Collection?

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Urban Decay 30% Friends and Family Discount

Uh oh! Wallet unfriendly post ahead!

Urban Decay’s Friends and Family Discount is on ladies (and guys)! Get 30% off your total order @ Urban Decay!

Now might be a great time to grab some of the new lippes! $22 USD goes down to $15.40 USD per a lipstick! Sweet deal!

If you haven’t already read my review do check it out! Click!

And of course visit Urban Decay and enter coupon code FFL30 to get your 30% discount!

Most important, stop back here and tell the Muse all about your yummie purchases!

Happy Shopping!



Tarte Limited Edition Berry Couture All Natural Stain Set Review

You’ll notice many smoky eyes this season and plenty of vampy lips that sport goth purple and popping red shades.

Tarte did do mysterious eyes this season with it’s new Eye Couture Day to Night Palette. And they definately took on the beautiful smoky eye that’s favored around the Fall with it’s new Indelible Wink shade. Check out more of the Tarte Fall Collection entitled “Health Couture” by clicking here.

Tarte Eye Couture Day to Night Palette

Tarte Indeliable Wink

But Tarte took a step back, looked at Fall, and decided simplicity rules the Season. Be it Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall blushing pink cheeks and just bitten lips are obviously always in style.

Looking Fresh and Healthy wearing Tarte’s Limited Edition Berry Couture Set

Which is why I couldn’t resist indulging my need for blushing cheeks and just lovely pink lips by getting my hands on the new Tarte Limited Edition Berry Couture Collection. This collection includes a Berrylicious Cheek Stain and a dual ended lipstain gloss duo. If you’re anal about parabens you’ll be happy to know the set is paraben free and contains good for you ingredients.

I was surprised to see that the Cheek Stains have improved over time. It’s been a while since I tried one and I recall they used to be domed with a clear plastic cover and much more prone to leak (even though they are solids) when you first unscrewed the lid. The formula has obviously improved with age and they are now completely flat topped and not as melty and messy as they once were. I like this new design and formula alot. The flat top of the product keeps the lid from squishing into the product thus creating that messy leak that you’d get from previous versions. Well done Tarte on improving this!

Yay New design prevent leaks and squishy cheek stain!

If you like a natural, very simple look this is the kit for you. A quick swipe of stain across both cheek bones and blend with your finger tips! Done, beautiful! Follow up with a swipe of stain for your lips and a little gloss on top.

Simple and beautiful for the Fall well into the Winter, through the Spring, and right on into Summer.

Fresh and Beautiful is always in style no matter what the Season!

Might the Muse suggest applying Tarte Cheek Stain and following up with a quick swipe of my personal favorite bronzer! The combination of blushing cheeks and beautiful bronze gives a healthy, fresh look.

You can pick up Tarte’s Berry Couture at both Tarte’s site and Sephora.

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Olay Regenerist Eye Make-Up Remover Review

in Olay

I recently ran across Olay Regenerist Eye Make-Up Remover. I loved the price and the idea behind the remover so much that I decided I had to try it for myself.

At $8 USD and some cents for a huge bottle that not only promised to remove my eye makeup but also sported anti-wrinkle treatment that would smooth, hydrate, and regenerate skin around my eyes I was prepared to have the perfect eye makeup remover on the planet.

Seriously, how many eye makeup removers have peptides in the formula? This was some serious eye makeup remover here.

I wanted to love this. I really wanted to love this. But I remembered things that sounds too good to be true normally are.

Turns out this is really not as great as I had hoped for. To begin with it stings terribly. To add insult to the injury of my burning eyes it also doesn’t do that great a job of removing anything.

The formula is a creamy remover that you rub around your eyes or if you want you can pump a few squirts in a cotton pad. It did an ok job tackling my eye shadow but I definately had to do some major tugging to get all the shadow off however it did nothing for my waterproof mascara. After rubbing and rubbing and rubbing some more and finally rinsing my mascara was still right where I had put it earlier that morning. Granted, the product doesn’t actually say anything about removing waterproof mascara nor does it promise that so I really shouldn’t rant but regardless, it didn’t do that great a job with my shadow either.

I liked the fact that it was creamy and I liked the mild, fresh scent of it. I didn’t see too much of a difference in my fine lines after two weeks of use so the promise of regenerating my skin didn’t hold too true. It is moisturizing, wish I could say the same of my other eye makeup removers.

All in all between the stinging sensation and the poor performance in removing shadow and mascara I can’t help but be disappointed.

The Muse wasn’t loving this one!

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