Juicy Couture Holiday Dresser Set

This is a cute set if I ever did see one!

Juicy Couture Holiday Dresser Set Available from Nordies and Saks
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An exquisite little dresser that’s filled with a decadent array of Juicy Products!

$150 grabs you the following items:

  • Eau de Parfum with atomizer, 1 oz.
  • Travel ready Royal Body Creme, 3.4 oz.
  • Sumptuous Sugar scrub, 3.5 oz.
  • Precious solid perfume compact, 0.13 oz.

  • Plus a cute Juicy Couture Dresser for storing it all in!

    The Muse wants it but I may have to forsake it and give it as a gift since my mate Jason would absolutely flip over it (sure hope he returns the favor! It’s on my Christmas list!).

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    B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Inhale Perfume

    You may remember my previous post about B perfumes if not you can click here and have a look and a read!

    I just noticed (I must be out of the loop) that B’s site has been updated with their latest scents Inhale and Exhale.

    B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Inhale Body Spray
    inhale body spray lrg

    Exhale is the men’s version of the scent while Inhale is the women’s version. I’m hearing rave reviews about Inhale so I’ve ordered the Body Spray for myself to try it out (I never met a B scent that I didn’t love…well..maybe one or two…).

    I’m pretty excited about this scent as I’ve heard it carries a nice underlay of fresh melon and I adore fruity scents so I’m curious what sort of blend this is!

    Inhale is only available in Body Spray at the moment but I’m sure it’ll extend to Eau de Parfum at a later date but I can assure you, if you’re interested in this, that B’s Body Spray’s are very potent, have excellent throw, and linger a very long time with a spray or two and the best part is the bottles are quite large for the price!

    Inhale is available for 18.00 from B’s website now (They ship worldwide).

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    Special Day


    A very good friend of mind is having a very, very, very special day tomorrow and I want to wish that friend all the good wishes, congratulations, and love in the world!

    Cheers to you mate!
    Well Wishes and Love!


    The Muse’s Christmas List Take 2

    The Muse has quite a large list of goodies on her wish list this Holiday Season! I already did a previous post about my Japanese Christmas Wish List which you can see by clicking here. This list is basically what I’m deciding on at the moment and wondering what I should and shouldn’t get!

    Sooooooooo………here’s a few of the items I’m dying to get my greedy little hands on but I’m still trying to figure out what I need and what I HAVE to have!

    MAC Stylistics Lipstick in Stylistic and The Scene
    M9WX 261

    MAC Stylistics Sheer Mystery Powder
    M9LF 261

    MAC Stylistics Sheerspark Pressed Powders in Pave, Fashionette, Solitaire, and Warm Ice
    M9WY 261

    MAC Stylistics Lipgloss in Witty and Tastemaker
    M9WT 261

    MAC Finery Lip Bag Sets in Pink, Coral, Tan, and Plum Lips
    M8L901 261

    MAC Metal X Glitter Eyeliners in Blitzed, Limedandy, Wonderwhite, Enbronze, and Pewterpink
    MA36 261

    YSL White Gold Eyeshadow Collection

    YSL White Gold Celebration Palette

    YSL White Gold Compact Powder

    Anna Sui Christmas Collection


    Excel’s Holiday Collection

    Aube’s Jewelry Shower Eyes EX02

    I think that covers what I am currently wanting at the moment!

    You can see some of the Christmas Collections I’ve already got by clicking on the links below:

    Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Brown Quartz ShimmerBrick Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    NARS Night Series Palette Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Awake Limited Edition Stardom Palettes Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    bareMinerals bareGold Luxury Color Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Lavshuca Winter Make Palettes Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Stila’s “Asia” Only Exclusive Trios and Palettes Click for My First Impression with Pictures

    MAC Royal Assets Holiday Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    MAC Antiquitease Color Click for my Review, Pictures, and Video

    Guerlain Holiday Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Givenchy’s Diamantismme Holiday Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    See my Christmas Past Collection by clicking here!

    So what’s on your Christmas Wish List?
    What collections have you already gotten?
    Which are you really wanting?
    What are you skipping?
    What are you considering?
    Your Muse’s ears are open! I want to hear all about it!


    The Last Day of Autumn FOTD

    Your Muse just got in from the dinner and a movie and decided to make it a rather early night! New York in the winter is NOT a fun place to be! It’s cold and windy and bloody brutal weather for a Muse to be out in!

    So she’s home now, comfy in her bed, blogging to you gorgeous ladies!

    Today is sadly the last day of Autumn and it’s all down hill from here on out! The snow will be here soon! In celebration of that I did a bit of a Fall-ish look!

    Hope you love it!

    Cheers and Happy Weekend!
    Your defrosting Muse!

    What I Used:

    bareMinerals Glimmer in True Gold
    bareMinerals Glimmer in Cerveza
    MAC Pigment in Copper Sparkle
    MAC Pigment in Rushmetal
    MAC Pigment in Vanilla
    theBalm Overshadow in You Buy, I’ll Fly
    MAC Pigment in Off the Radar
    Bare Escentuals Beautifully Luminous Lashes in Bronze
    MAC Technakohl in Black
    MJ Lash Enamel Glamour
    MJ Lash Bond Primer

    MAC Blush in Fab
    MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Shimpagne

    MAC Liptick in Strapless
    Lancome Juicy Gelee in Fruit Punch

    Picture+220 400x300

    Picture+222 400x300

    Picture+214 400x300

    Picture+215 400x300

    Picture+217 400x300

    Picture+210 400x300

    Picture+212 400x300

    I’ve already reviewed some of the products I used! If you’re interested you can click on them as I’ve embedded some links! Those are the links in orange! Just click and you’ll be magically whisked away to the review of that product!