How to Reduce Puffy Eyes Because the Struggle is Real

puffy eyes

How to reduce puffy eyes? Well, I’m here to disappoint you! There is no quick, easy way to get rid of puffy eyes no matter what Cosmo is telling you! Today my eye puff is extra bad due to lack of sleep. And no, I swear I wasn’t up all night WOWing and slamming back Mountain Dew Code Red (I’d be in the hospital if that was the case). Actually I was eating bags of Cheetos and playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 3.

Damn I wish it went down like that! But actually I laid in bed starting at my bedroom ceiling until like 4:15 AM and proceeded to finally fall asleep only to be woken up at 5 by my alarm.


Needless to say I looked in the mirror and realized I’d scare small children and animals if I left the house without doing some damage control.

So here’s the tricks of the trade to rid yourself of puffy eyes or at the very least become presentable to the world!


Revlon Desert Spice Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review & Swatches

Revlon Desert Spice Super Lustrous Lipgloss1

Revlon Desert Spice Super Lustrous Lipgloss is one of a few new Super Lustrous shades that launched with the Revlon Sahara Escape Spring 2015 Collection. I could be wrong for many of the shades from this collection might just be permanent at some point as none are labeled as limited edition.

I honestly though Desert Spice and the other three shades introduced with this collection weren’t terribly unique or special enough to warrant a purchase but some may feel that isn’t the case.

Take a look below perhaps you might find Revlon Desert Spice Super Lustrous Lipgloss appealing!


Hard Candy Fierce Effects Daring Lipgloss Review & Swatches

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Daring Lipgloss

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Daring Lipgloss ($5) is a new argan oil infused lipgloss that Hard Candy introduced with their Spring/Summer 2015 offerings in 12 shade selections. Yeah, I know, more argan oil infused makeup products but let me tell you I love this formula! It has quirks and it’s far from perfect but I really love how it feels on my dry, tired lips.

Check it out!


NYC New York Color City Proof 24 HR Eye Primer Review & Swatches

NYC City Proof 24 HR Eye Primer

NYC New York Color City Proof 24 HR Eye Primer ($3.49) is a new budget friendly eyeshadow primer that’s being introduced for Spring 2015 with a selection of new NYC New York Color City Proof 24 HR Waterproof Eyeshadows.

Let’s take a look!


Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara Review

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara4

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara ($4.99) is an affordable, budget friendly mascara that recently launched with the Essence Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Collection. Dontcha just love cheap mascara? It’s a product we often have to throw out before fully using it so paying dirt cheap for it is always the way to go but problem…

I always find I’m never truly satisfied with drugstore mascara.

If you do a a splurge and save post one of the first topics that people will say they don’t splurge on is in fact mascara. However, I’m always of the mentality I want to spend a little more for my formulas because I do find a $20 buck mascara tends to work better for me than one I’d purchased at the drugstore for less. Which leads me on a merry rant about how very, very expensive mascara has gotten at the drugstore. Seriously, if I’m going to pay L’Oreal $11.99 for the latest Voluminous formula I might as well just give my money to some mid-range brand that performs way better!

None the less, sometimes the makeup gods smile down upon our heads and gift us with under $5 buck mascara like Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara!