Do You Share Your Makeup?

Do You Share Your Makeup

What were we thinking in 5th grade when we all thought it was a most excellent idea to have a community Bonnie Bell Lip Balm? Or later in high school when our best friend applied her gloss and slipped it to us to do the same….

Ugh no.

Sharing makeup so not a good idea.

Honestly, I’m a little different when it comes to makeup sharing I guess because it was never a thing for me.


Are Your Favorite Makeup Formulas Changing?

Are Your Favorite Makeup Formulas Changing

It’s a weird thing with makeup as sometimes you get SO excited about the launch of a new palette from your favorite brands you fail to remind yourself how much you loved something they introduced in the past and how much you enjoyed the formula.

Lately, I’ve been questioning whether some of my favorite makeup formulas are possibly changing!

If I take a moment to actually breath through my excitement at the aspect of something new I can open my eyes a bit better and see that maybe, just maybe, formulas have changed over the years and aren’t quite what I know or expect from my favorite brands.

So are your favorite makeup formulas changing?


Little London Cosmetic Tower at Urban Outfitters

Little London Cosmetic Tower

Take a little peek at this Little London Cosmetic Tower available at Urban Outfitters.

I actually own two eDiva Beauty Organizer and I swear I treat them like I would my child if I had one! The day I win the lottery is the day that I purchase an e-Diva for my entire makeup collection!

None the less I thought it was interesting that Urban Outfitters are now stocking these Little London Cosmetic acrylic cases!



the Balm Balm Voyage Vol. 2 Review & Swatches

the Balm Balm Voyage Vol. 2 palette

Today’s order of business involves a review and swatches of the new the Balm Balm Voyage Vol. 2 Face Palette ($39.50). Excited? Me too! I always get super hyped when the Balm released a new eyeshadow and cheek palette and I really loved the original Balm Voyage so a new addition, I’m up for it.

Let’s take a look!


Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower Go Fresh Revitalize Body Wash for Spring 2015

Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower

Looking for a new beauty budget pick? Head to the drugstore and grab the new Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower Go Fresh Revitalize Body Wash ($6.99) because lord knows us shower gel junkies need another body was in our lives right?

This one brings a festive orange-y blend to the table!