Pixi Glow Tonic in the US Sold Out But More Soon?

Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic ($29) finally got a US launch late last week but unfortunately it sold out before I could grab a bottle.

Glow tonic is getting raves across the pond since its release! It includes a mix of ginseng & fructose that’s alcohol free and can be used on normal to dry, dull and aging skin.

It acts as an xygenating, exfoliating facial and helps tone, firm and tighten the skin while removing dead skin cells for healthier looking skin.

Hopefully it relaunches shortly!

It was available briefly at pixibeauty.com so let’s hope for a restock so we can snatch it up!

Anyone lucky enough to grab a bottle!?


Sephora Black Friday Deals 2013

Sephora Black Friday 2013

The Sephora Black Friday Deals for 2013 have been posted on Sephora’s Facebook page kids! Sephora Black Friday Deals typically cost $10 each (no change there this year) and include full to deluxe size products.

Take a look below as Sephora as has updated to include many products not included in the photo above!


Wet n Wild Rose Golden Goddess To Reflect Shimmer Palette Review and Swatches

wet n wild rose golden goddess to reflect shimmer

The Wet n Wild Rose Golden Goddess To Reflect Shimmer Palette was one of three highlighting powders launched with the Wet n Wild Fergie Collection that actually ended up making it into the permanent Wet n Wild Collection.

If you’re an old Wet n Wild fan this palette just might bring to mind the Coloricon Collection that was released Summer 2010. Although the names different Wet n Wild Rose Golden Goddess To Reflect Shimmer Palette is a dupe for the bronzer launched in this collection entitled Blaze.

Let’s have a look!


The Best of Musings of the Day

It’s been a while since we did a Musings of the Day but they evoke such great conversation and we’ve had some insane topics that have popped up and even some funny ones.

Here are some of the more popular ones! Feel free to rejoin into the conversation and give no life to an old post thread.

Feel free to join in this old posts! It’s always great to hear what others are thinking and watch you interact with not only me but OTHER readers.

Hope you’re having a fab day!

Mine got a little crazy today!

P.S. Why did Collin go from sophisticated artsy boy wonder to pot head? Ugh so disappointing! Team Done with Awkward!


Smashbox Wondervision Jumbo Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Sephora Wondervision Jumbo Photo Finish Foundation Primer

I can never picture myself needing it but Smashbox Wondervision Jumbo Photo Finish Foundation Primer is 1.7 oz in size ($49). You know for those fearing the possibility of the zombie plague hitting Smashbox production factories first thus causing the downfall of Smashbox and the factory workers who create Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I mean if the plague should hit and if Smashbox is the first to go down there won’t be ANY Photo Finish Foundation Primer evers again!

So yeah, fan girls and guys you should get the jumbo one immediately or maybe two. Hell stock up on three or four!

As for me, doesn’t do much for me, feels like a hundred tiny ants are crawling under my face when I use it.

So I’ll do a Dallas and grab the Twinkies the rest of you worry about the primer deal? Contrary to popular belief they do have an expiration date.

If the apocalypse hits tomorrow what’s in your makeup zombie kit?