MAC Natural Beauty Powder Review & Swatches

MAC Maleficent Beauty Powder

MAC Natural Beauty Powder ($30) is a new, limited edition Beauty Powder that will be popping up with the MAC Maleficent Collection later this Summer.

It comes housed in a black lacquered case with a set of devious wings embracing the Disney Maleficent logo. I’m not really sure how I feel about the packaging as of yet! I know the MAC Maleficent Collection on a whole failed to excite me and I might just feel the same about the packaging as well. It’s a bit uneventful….? It does however, have that movie tie in vibe which could be considered incredible if you’re a massive fan of the movie or it could be too much of a sell out for those who aren’t really into the film and more about cartoon version of Maleficent.

The good news is that the powder is lovely and worth a haul for those who do a good deal of contouring work or those wanting a multitasking highlighter slash facial powder.


Sleek MakeUP Brush Set Review

Sleek MakeUP Brush Set

The new Sleek MakeUP Brush Set ($19.49) is an essential set of 7 travel brushes that come housed in a snap close brush roll. The brushes are a mix of synthetic and natural fibres with fairly soft bristles.

Take a peek!


MAC Legendary Lure Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

MAC Alluring Aquatics Eyeshadow

MAC Legendary Lure Extra Dimension Eyeshadow is one of a few new limited edition eyeshadows that launched with the MAC Alluring Aquatics Summer 2014 Collection.

This is such a divine shade please grab it up as soon as possible.


Crest Mint Chocolate Trek Toothpaste Review

Crest Mint Chocolate Trek Toothpaste

Crest Mint Chocolate Trek Toothpaste is one of three new, possibly limited edition Crest Toothpastes that are launching in drugstores at the moment.

I’ve already tried and reviewed the other two flavors for you which were Vanilla Mint Spark and Lime Spearmint Zest.

I’m not a huge chocolate person and def can’t be qualified as choc-a-holic. I really love British chocolates but if every Cadbury factory in the UK suddenly disappeared I probably wouldn’t be too upset about it. Chocolate is ok but not something I seek out madly. I think in particular bath and body scented product or chocolate flavored items like lip balm really gross me out. I’m not a major fan.

I DO like chocolate chip mint ice cream though! So Crest Mint Chocolate Trek Toothpaste seemed like something that would be fitting along those lines…

So this one could have went either way for. It could potentially win a gag award or it could be a tasty treat for teeth!


Beautiful Bronzers for Summer

Summer Bronzers

Beautiful Bronzers for Summers are starting to pop up from a variety of brands like Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, and more. I’ve always had a super soft spot in my heart for beautiful bronzers as some brands really go all out with packaging and design. So even as a person that doesn’t use bronzer often I’m still always so terribly delighted at how stunning they are and have this need to start collecting them.

If you’re a bronzer girl I’m sure some of these stunning bronzers will make their way into your Summer 2014 Makeup wardrobe.