Moisturizing Skincare Recommendations for Drier Skin

moisturizing products for drier skin

Lord knows I have drier skin so I though I’d recommend moisturizing products for drier skin types. You know I went to the Chanel counter last year to look at skincare and the rep told me I had combination skin. I seriously felt like I won the lotto when she told me that even if I did feel she completely missed the mark because lord knows anything is better than drier skin.

Drier skin ages faster and I totally think it is one of the more high maintenance skin types. Struggling with shine and oil? Be HAPPY about that because you’ll likely look younger longer.

We dry skin folk end up looking like a dried up raisin by 40!

So here’s a list of some recommended moisturizing products for the drier skin ladies and lads out there.


New Budget Friendly E.L.F. Essential Smudge Pots

E.L.F. Essential Smudge Pots

$2 bucks can snag you one of several new shades of E.L.F. Essential Smudge Pots that just recently launched on the E.L.F. website!


Sephora Introduces Divergent Cosmetics Collection

sephora divergent cosmetics collection

Theo James is set to light up your screens this March in the Divergent movie (yeah that hot dude from Bedlam) and along with the movie release Sephora introduces an exciting Divergent Cosmetics Collection.

The Sephora Divergent Cosmetics Collection will be a limited edition makeup collection inspired by the upcoming book series come major motion picture movie that’s opening March 21st in theaters.

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit

The collection will include a very exciting Sephora Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit as well as a Sephora Divergent 7 Piece Nail Art Kit as well as other products inspired by the characters in the film!

Take a look!


Cute BH Cosmetics Forever Nude and Forever Glam Palettes

BH Cosmetics Forever Makeup Palettes

I came across these cute BH Cosmetics Forever Nude and Forever Glam Makeup Palettes yesterday and thought I’d share. I haven’t yet tried BH Cosmetics but youTube gurus rave the brand across the board.

Perhaps my next purchase will be one of these cute palettes?


Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow Spring 2014

Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow
I probably shouldn’t start out this post saying what bad luck I have with Avon Eyeshadow but sadly I do….however, I must admit I’m intrigued by these new Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow for Spring 2014. The promotional images has the formula looking quite nice?!