Urban Decay Brow Box for Fall 2013

Urban Decay Brow Box Fall 2013

Fan of the Urban Decay Brow Box? It makes a come back for Fall 2013 with a new design and packaging.

Take a peek!


Victoria’s Secret the Nakeds Eye Palette Returns for Fall 2013

Victorias Secret The Nakeds Eye Kit Swatches 2

As you know Urban Decay has a trademark for their Naked Collection which includes a variety of products including a Naked Blush, Naked Beauty Balm, Naked Finishing Powder, and of course, the popular Naked Eyeshadow Palettes.

Earlier last year Victoria’s Secret launched their own variation of the Urban Decay Naked Palette in the form of something entitled the Naked Eye Palette which Urban Decay didn’t really love.

I didn’t really follow the law suit that was taken out against VS by UD but they must have won the case I assume as this year they launched a brand new variation of the Nakeds Eyes Palette.

Here’s a look!


EOS Basket of Fruit Lip Balm Collection

EOS Basket of Fruit Lip Balm Collection
How cute is this EOS Basket of Fruit Lip Balm Set ($12.99)?

The Limited Edition Basket of Fruit Lip Balm Collection contains four full size EOS Lip Balms in the following flavors:

  • Fresh Watermelon (LE)
  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Summer Fruit

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Another Copy Cat Product from Victoria’s Secret

Victorias Secret Pressed Mineral Bronzing Powder

There was some dispute and even a lawsuit going on with Victoria’s Secret the Nakeds Palettes when it originally launched earlier last year.

Now at the time the palette was a little too similar to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette in name and design.

Victoria’s Secrets again toes the line with their new Pressed Mineral Bronzing Powder.

Does the powder remind YOU of anything?


Bobbi Brown Telluride Glow Collection Nordstrom Anniversary Exclusive

The Bobbi Brown Telluride Glow Collection will be available during the Nordstrom Anniversary Exclusive (starts July 10th). Bobbi was inspired to create this collection by a trip to Telluride and the glowing sunset that reflects on skin in shades of orange and golden peach. The collection includes a wearable shade or bronzer, eyeshadow palette, gloss, brushes, and mascara.

Bobbi Brown Telluride Glow Collection Nordstrom Anniversary Exclusive

Not a ton of info has been posted about the collection as of yet but I’ll be sure to update you when it becomes available later this week from Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com

Are you excited about Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale?