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Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting Blush Review & Swatches

Too Faced Love Flush Blushes

Too Faced Love Flush Blush or should I say Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush? Is a new six shade permanent selection of blush that Too Faced recently released with their Fall 2015 Collection.

Personally, I feel like blush is a little lacking in the Too Faced world. They have their Full Bloom Powder Blush in a few shades, and also the very popular Sweethearts Blush (which for me is more of a highlighter than a blush), and Full Bloom Cream Blush….ok, so three different types of blush (four if you count the new Too Faced Love Flush Blush) but it just always felt like much of the brand’s emphasis has been placed on eyeshadow palettes and bronzer (they are DAMN proud of their many, many, many, many bronzer formulas, finishes, and textures).

Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16 Hour-Blush

I dunno what it is but I never felt blush was something that Too Faced excelled at or even concentrated on so I am quite happy they launched these new shades of Love Flush Long-Lasting Blush. Not only am I excited about a blush launch but I thought they did up their packaging very cute. Most makeup fan girls and guys are saying the cute heart shaped compacts look like Polly Pocket! And it’s true! They do kinda resemble the toy! They are adorable and it’s one of the appealing aspects of the blush for me as hey, I’m a packaging h0r!

Let’s take a look!


Estee Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape An Obvious Must Have

Estee Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape

When I think of makeup I really need, Estee Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape ($70) comes to mind! Or maybe NOT yet but in the future when I start experiencing some sag I can see this becoming my best friend.

This transforming “liquid tape” is formulated with fast acting polymers which gives your facial skin and complexion a tighter feel and fix. You can use it to tone your skin and give it a more sculpted appearance or even give your eyes a little lift (lord knows my tired eyes could use a lift!).

Simply apply it to clean, dry skin by starting at your brow bone and moving up towards the temples, now hold for a moment and allow it to set! Try using it at the corners of your mouth and sweep it to your cheekbones to give yourself a lifted look. The product dries, sets, and tightens skin giving you a more sculpted look.

Laugh all you want but someday soon we’re all going to need a little tape to keep it altogether.

Know what I mean?

Estee Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape is available now at your favorite Estee Lauder counter or at Nordstrom.com.


Urban Decay Vice LTD $39 at Ulta

Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette

Grab up the Urban Decay Vice LTD for $39 at Ulta.com today. So funny because this palette when it released really had people jumping through hoops. First it popped up at Sephora, sold out fast, and everyone was told it would never, ever be made again. It proceeded to go through some sort of denial phase as well where we had rumors floating around it was even real. Finally it popped up in other stores for sale but still quickly selling out fast.

Now you can get it for $39 bucks.

Go figure!

If you don’t have it, grab it now!


There’s a Makeup Dupe for That!

makeup dupes meme hey girl

Makeup dupes? I haz ’em!

Eyeshadow, lipgloss, makeup dupes, a controversial sometimes touchy topic for some. One thing I’ve learned about us makeup addicts we take dupes very, very seriously. Well some of us do. I don’t. I’m the worst kind of consumer that has 500 of the exact same eyeshadow shade! Wasteful? Maybe! Hoarder? Possibly! It’s just…something about owning a variety of eyeshadows in the same shade but with a different texture? I dunno, I’m making asinine excuses for myself here.

I’ve personally broken down makeup dupes into the following categories.

The “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” Makeup Dupe
This is the dupe that’s a spot on duplication of a favorite shade and even the formula is exactly the same! This is a rare find for the true makeup connoisseur because I always find dupes are an either/or kinda situation. Either you get a spot on dupe for the color but not the formula or the shade is identical to your favorite shade but the formula sucks.

The “Close but no Cigar” Makeup Dupe
This is the dupe that ALMOST looks like your favorite shade but isn’t exactly the same.

The “Are you freaking serious?” Make Dupe
This is the ridiculous dupe that gets recommended to you by a friend or a fellow makeup addict. For example, when you’re recommended the L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection and you’re told it’s a dupe or a lot “like” the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Yeah, sure, right.

What kinda of makeup dupe addict are you?