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Something you might not know about me? I’m a freak for the Who. Why has no wireless company tapped them for a phone commercial!?

Something else you might not know? Musings of a Muse went mobile this week and I hate it. Haha…! I’m not a huge fan of mobile designs. I’m of the mentality what you see on your desktop is what you should see on your phone and tablet. But designing a site so that happens can prove difficult.

There is a new, responsive site upcoming later this Spring but for now I’m using a plugin that downsizes the size of my site and makes it a little more user friendly for mobile users. I hope you’ve noticed and taken advantage of the feature!

If you have any issues with loading on mobile (or desktop or anywhere) please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks for your patience with the crummy mobile design I’m now serving and know that later this Spring it’ll be a lot prettier!

As always thank you for your readership and thank you for your friendship!


Edward Bess Matte Artiste Eye Shadow Palette for Spring 2015

edward bess

Confession, I buy Edward Bess makeup because I crush on that boy so hard! Swoon! He just has such classically beautiful features. And the hair…oh the hair…!

But really, I also buy it because he has some incredible offerings (although I’m still trying hard to get on with his concealer formula) like this new Mass Artiste Eyeshadow Palette.

Somehow, someway I’ve become obsessed with matte eyeshadow. Gulp! Did I just say that? I’m the girl that eats shimmer on her cornflakes in the morning why am I preaching the joys of matte eyeshadow? I dunno…must be the Spring trend bug that bit me but I’ve been hitting my small stash of matte eyeshadows hard lately and have contemplated all matte palettes like it’s my job!

Edward Bess Matte Artiste Eye Shadow Palette

And yeah, I simply had to order the Edward Bess Matte Artiste Eye Shadow Palette for Spring 2015.


Sometimes I Like To Take Pictures of Pretty Makeup Like These New Shades of Clinique Cheek Pop Blush

new shades Clinique Cheek Pop

Hot topic of the week? The new shades of Clinique Cheek Pop Blush which are likely blowing your mind at the moment. Last year Clinique released four gorgeous floral shaped blushes for Spring and quite quickly the formula went viral. I wonder if the brand realized how popular these little blushes would become.

With a smooth surface much like an ice skating rink these pretty little blushes were visually gorgeous and the magpie in all of us just needed to own every single shade. What we didn’t realize that although pretty on the surface these little blushes also provided seamless, natural color on cheeks with a soft formula that had an airbrushed finish.


Great packaging and an awesome formula?

We’ve won the lotto!

Fast forward and this year Clinique gifts us with several new shades of Cheek Pop Blush! On counters shortly you’ll be able to get your hands on a total of 11 shades of Clinique Cheek Pop Blush! Two shades are exclusively available at Sephora like the much coveted shade Cola Pop which resembles Clinique’s cult favorite color of choice, Black Honey!

So, before I review and swatch these babies up for you here’s some gorgeous photos of them to drool over!


Beauty Things to Crave: Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick Gift Kit Set

cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick Gift Kit Set

On today’s beauty things to crave list, this Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick Gift Kit Set ($32) because lord knows sometimes you just want a creamy eyeshadow stick you can swipe on, blend out with your finger, and go on your merry way looking all pretty without spending a ton of time on your look!

Cargo has packaged up four full size Swimmables Shadow Sticks in this new set that’s available at Kohls!

Take a look!

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How to Reduce Puffy Eyes Because the Struggle is Real

puffy eyes

How to reduce puffy eyes? Well, I’m here to disappoint you! There is no quick, easy way to get rid of puffy eyes no matter what Cosmo is telling you! Today my eye puff is extra bad due to lack of sleep. And no, I swear I wasn’t up all night WOWing and slamming back Mountain Dew Code Red (I’d be in the hospital if that was the case). Actually I was eating bags of Cheetos and playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 3.

Damn I wish it went down like that! But actually I laid in bed starting at my bedroom ceiling until like 4:15 AM and proceeded to finally fall asleep only to be woken up at 5 by my alarm.


Needless to say I looked in the mirror and realized I’d scare small children and animals if I left the house without doing some damage control.

So here’s the tricks of the trade to rid yourself of puffy eyes or at the very least become presentable to the world!