DuWop Summer 2013 Collection

DuWop Summer 2013

DuWop is one of my favorite brands but since leaving Sephora it gets so little love. So I’m happy to tell you about DuWop Summer 2013 today! Any excuse to get a little DuWop love going on!

It’s such a damn shame that they’ve become such a low key brand lately especially since they used to do some great offerings.

Take a look at some of their new Summer offerings.

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20% Off Coupon Code for Too Faced

Too Faced Cosmetics Mothers Day

Enjoy 20% Off your total now through May 9th just in time for Mother’s day from Too Faced Cosmetics using coupon code LOVEMOM at www.toofaced.com

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New Bath & Body Works Summer 2013 Candles

New Bath Body Works Summer 2013 Candles

There are a few new Bath & Body Works Summer 2013 Candles available at the moment. Sorry for the delay telling you as I believe they were on sale this weekend but no worries, a new sale will pop up at some point.

Take a look below!


NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple Review & Swatches

NARS Puerto Vallarta the Multiple

NARS The Multiple in Puerto Vallarta is a newly launched, limited edition shade for Summer 2013. I love theory of this shade as it’s a subtle shimmering tangerine but like orange lipstick it’s a trend I can’t really pull off.

Take a look!


Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule Review

Y.E.T Yes Enjoy Time Fix You Ampoule

Y.E.T (Yes! Enjoy Time) is a fairly new Korean brand that I decided to give a try out to recently and it all started with Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule.

Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule comes in a range of three formulations to address a variety of skin concerns. Providing moisture is one of the main benefits of these ampoules. Considering I have drier skin that was definitely a good thing for me.

Take a look!