Sephora Luxe Anti-Bacterial Brush Set Review

Sephora Luxe Anti-Bacterial Brush Set12

The Sephora Luxe Anti-Bacterial Brush Set ($60) comes with seven brushes that have actually been treated with an antibacterial treatment to ensure fibers are resistant to primary bacteria.

Ok, so does this mean I can cut out on my ritual of cleaning my brushes every single Monday night and laying them all around my bathroom floor on towels to dry!? I mean I’m already a little OCD inclined so I never miss a brush cleaning night whether I get in early or if it is a late night I make sure Monday I grab up a buncha of towels, snag myself some Solo cups, pour some Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser in those cups, and go to town simply cleaning my gazillion brushes. I find the ritual very soothing and a little crazy.


Futurederm Custom Moisturizer Available Now

futurederm custom moisturizer

FutureDerm (and its editor, Nicki Zevola) is the smartest space on the Internet when it comes to skincare. Nicki started the site when she was a per-medical student and she brings that medical education to her blog. Her studies in dermatology are obviously priceless because it reflects back in her incredible thoughts, posts, and reviews on her website.

It’s become a resource for me because she breaks down every single aspect of skincare and let’s you know if that $100 dollars you’re about to drop on that eye cream is worth it. I’m not super educated on ingredients and I buy into the hype of products like any other woman or man because let’s face it, sometimes marketing rules our wallets.

This is one reason I’ve grown to love Futurederm. Nicki breaks down things info, ingredients, and how a skincare product is going to work into bite size morsels that don’t confuse the hell out of me. Recently, she created her own skincare collection which includes a retinol, a serum, and most recently eye cream AND a custom moisturizer.


Bath & Body Works Winter Market Fresh Candles Not to Be Missed!

Bath and Body Works Winter Market Fresh Candles

I picked up the Bath & Body Works Winter Market Fresh Candles yesterday and I was delighted! I think sometimes the fragrances can run together and become repetitive if you aren’t careful but all and all Bath & Body Works Candles are a huge hit for me more so than any other candle out there including Yankee.

Fall was WONDERFUL but some of the fragrances were a little to close to what I saw from the brand last year so when some new Bath & Body Works Winter Market Fresh Candles launched I wasn’t sure if I needed them but yes, you need them, they aren’t to be missed!


Philosophy Miracle Worker Concealer for Spring 2014

Philosophy Miracle Worker Concealer

Oh so you know I’m all excited about Philosophy Miracle Worker Concealer ($25) being the concealer junkie I am. Philosophy Miracle Worker Concealer is available in four shades and QUITE looks like the new Almay CC Concealer Brightener doesn’t it?

Take a peek!


Spring 2014 Drugstore Collections at Ulta

Spring 2014 Drugstore Launches

Spring 2014 Drugstore Collections are up at (I don’t know if they are in store yet) so if you’re wanting them here’s a list of what they have up and available at the moment!