MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Review & Swatches

MAC Retro Matte returns for the Fall season with a new permanent Retro Matte Lipstick collection available in eight shades starting September 12th. I don’t love matte finish lipstick by any means but I can understand and appreciate why people fall so hard for the Retro Matte formula. It’s a very soft, creamy texture that really wears strong.

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick

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Shiseido Eye Color Bar Palette for Fall 2013

Shiseido Eye Color Bar Palette

Imagine if Shiseido created an eyeshadow palette with more than three shades. Oh wait no need to imagine the Shiseido Eye Color Bar Palette for Fall 2013 has NINE shades of color.


Unheard of!

But yup, you read it right! The new Shiseido Eye Color Bar Palette is a vibrant color palette created by Shiseido’s Artistic Director, Dick Page, and includes nine beautiful shades of color to mix, blend, or use individually to create endless looks!

I think I’m in love.

On September 15th you can grab this color loving palette for $50 at or visit Shiseido Facebook page on 9/9 for an exclusive advance access to purchase one week before it becomes available online!

What do you think of this color selection for Fall looks?


Pixel Makeup Collection Launches at Ulta

Pixel Makeup

Who? What? Pixel Makeup is a new budget friendly makeup collection that recently launched at Ulta. I have no idea who Pixel is, where it came from, or who makes it but I do know it’s heaps cute and inexpensive as day old chips so I might just have to explore it.

Oh and there Baked Single Shadows kinda look the awesome…! I was thinking Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow for a brief flash of a second when I saw them!


Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm Review & Swatches

Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm

Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm is a BB Cream that’s formulated for adolescent skin types. Supposedly it controls excess oil that “teenage” skin creates and also includes plant extracts which are ideal for sensitive or troubled skin users.

I am obviously not the demographic that Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm is marketing to but I purchased it when it originally launched because it was getting raves for its lighter texture.

Let’s take a look!


Bare Minerals Perfect Ten Palette for Holiday 2013

Bare Minerals Perfect Ten Palette

The new Bare Minerals Perfect Ten Palette ($58) combines Ready Eyeshadows along with face and lip essentials to create a full face look in seconds.

You might recall last year’s Light Show Palette which includes similar products however, Perfect Ten definitely gets expanded with a lot more of everything.

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