Introducing Google Nose

google nose

Finally Google Nose is launching! I’ve always wanted a program like Google Nose for Musings of a Muse as when I review fragrance or a certain product that smells delicious or even candles I wanted to share that scent with you but up until now it’s been impossible to translate fragrance to you outside of the written word!

Google Nose is in beta for search but it actually allows you to search products and offer the option of smelling them right from your computer!

An Android Ambient Odor Detection collects smells via the world’s most sensible mobile operating system and brings them to YOU!

How awesome would it be to visit Musings of a Muse and see me describing a scent but not only would you read my experience with it but smell it for yourself?

Learn more below!


Update on the Balm Sale

Update: the Balm tweeted they are having issues with their server. So far it is loading for me but very slowly. I’m getting images now as well but again, very slowly. See comments below as reader’s are reporting they are getting on and ordering a-ok! The 50% discount is taken off at check out. I have no info about International shipping at the moment.

Just to verify the Balm sale starts today. I got about 300 hundred e-mails telling me how it was an April Fool’s joke, how cruel it was, etc…

the Balm is really having a sale today and it really is 50% Off your total order. A few reader’s reported getting onto the site already and doing an order. Personally the site isn’t yet loading for me.

Just give it time, I imagine they are being SLAMMED at the moment.

I don’t have any other info, I don’t know how much shipping is, if they are shipping worldwide, etc…any updated info I get I promise I’ll report back.

As of now this is the image I get when loading….

the balm website

Just be patient icon smile

And keep refreshing

Good Luck!

Update: the Balm tweeted the server is down. Clear your cache and keep reloading. A few reader’s reported checking out ok but you can imagine they are being rushed with traffic so it is hard keeping the site up when people are trying to get on.


Victoria’s Secret Ciao, Bombshell! for Summer 2013

Victorias Secret Ciao Bombshell Summer 2013

Victoria’s Secret Ciao, Bombshell! for Summer 2013 is the perfect color collection for sun goddesses out there with it’s warm, bronze-y shades.

Take a peek!


Doctor T Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream

Doctor T Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream

Doctor T leaves behind his Supergoop! SPF temporarily for the Summer and launched a Daily Correct CC Cream instead! Doctor T’s Supergoop (something that sounds incredibly awful to me, goop and SPF!? Sounds bad!) is commonly associates with sunscreen but this year they venture into the CC Cream trend with their new Daily Correct CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35 which will be available in two shades.

Take a peek!


NARS Summer 2013 Collection

I can’t believe discussion of the new NARS Summer 2013 is on the table today but indeed NARS Summer 2013 is the order of business on this fine Monday morning.

The NARS Summer 2012 Collection is a modern spin on the sexy, futuristic glam of the 1970’s that brings a cool, nonconformist color palette to the warm weather.

NARS Summer 2013 Color Collection

Take a peek!