MAC Divine Night Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection

MAC Divine Night Holiday 2013

Ready for the MAC Divine Night Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection? It’s here! MAC Holiday 2013 is about to blast off so expect more coverage shortly but here’s a glance at the new MAC Divine Night Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection to start!


Soho Beauty Maleficent Makeup Bag Review

Soho Beauty Maleficent Makeup Bag 1

Maleficent isn’t evil enough for a full size bag. No seriously, the Soho Beauty Maleficent Makeup Bag is the smallest one in the Soho Beauty Disney Villains Makeup Bag Collection that launched exclusively at Walgreens for Halloween 2013.

HEY! Maleficent is as evil a diva as Cruella, the Evil Queen, and Ursula why the skimping on her bag?

But that’s ok because…


Smashbox Wondervision Brush Set for Holiday 2013

Smashbox Wondervision Brush Set
If you’re shopping Holiday Brush Sets looks like the Smashbox Wondervision Brush Set ($60) is quite a lovely one.

All decked out in chrome and housed in a zipper brush clutch this set includes five full size Smashbox Brushes.

You get:

  • Powder Brush
  • Blending Brush
  • Crease Brush
  • Shadow Liner Brush
  • Dual-Ended Liner Brush

It’s available now with the entire Smashbox Holiday 2013 Collection at

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Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2013 Collection

Victoria's Secret Holiday 2013 Collection

The Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2013 Collection includes a new palette, a brand new fragrance, glosses, shimmery shadows, and more….!

I really look forward to seeing what Victoria’s Secret comes up with for the Holidays!

Take a look!


Take a Sephora Beauty Fall Spin & Get 10% Off (Maybe)

sephora beauty fall

Did you take a spin on the Sephora Beauty Fall yet? I did and snagged 10% off my first try! Yay me!

Just enter your e-mail, click tumble, and wherever you land you’ll get 10% off, Free Shipping, or deluxe samples!

They had something similar last year prior to the Sephora Friends and Family event…I’m hearing that the sale is happening mid-October/end of October but I don’t have any confirmed information yet so I’ll update you when that happens for now enjoy the game and I hope you snag a percentage off your next order!

Try it at

Good Luck!

P.S. Who watched Master’s of Sex? I have this week’s episode to watch as I JUST got around to seeing a bit of last week’s episode (I’m 40 minutes in). At first it was boring as hell but it started getting rather awesome quickly! Dr. William Masters reminds me of a geeky version of Mr Darcy…! This show is like Mad Men on crack!


I already loaded up episode two onto my iPad so I can watch it on my way to California tomorrow! Hopefully it isn’t too racy to watch on the plane hehe!