Liplicious Fresh Picked Hardworking Lip Balm

Liplicious Fresh Picked Hardworking Lip Balm

Bath & Body Works just launched their new Liplicious Fresh Picked Hardworking Lip Balm for Spring 2013. I love the gloss line from Liplicious but find it a novelty when they launch the rare balm in between those glosses so I will be picking these up!

Yeah, like I need another lip balm! *insert rolling eyes here*


Pixi Eye Glow Cube Palette for Spring 2013

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Eyeshadow Palette

I’m obsessed with the new Pixie Eye Glow Cube Palette.

God, do want! Even though I have hundreds and hundreds of palettes to get through I just need to have this cute little cube.

Yes, please, get into my stash now!


Must Have: Tarte Amazon Butter Lipstick Trio

Tarte Amazon Butter Lipstick Trio

My reader told me that Tarte has an Amazon Butter Lipstick Trio available at and let me tell you on jumped on that hardcore.

I only have one shade that launched with the Tarte Journey to Natural Beauty Collection and had yearned for more colors and obviously my wish was granted.

Grab this trio!


CK One Color Street Limited Edition Real Nail Polish Strips

CK One Color Street Limited Edition Real Nail Polish Strips

CK One proves they aren’t a one offer with their new limited edition Color Street Collection for Spring 2013.

Along with that collection they’ve launched these cute Color Street Real Nail Polish Strips for $12 with a whimsical Spring design. If I were a nail girl I’d be on them! They look rather sweet.

Along with the nails there’s a few other LE pieces of the collection including new Pure Shine Lipsticks that are available for a limited time.

Sadly, CK One’s Color Collection didn’t quite do it for me so unsure if I’ll be exploring these limited edition pieces. Plus Ulta is a pilgrimage to get to (nearly an hour drive) so it’ll be utterly random if I do run across these pieces.

What did you think of the CK One makeup line?

Loved it?

Any favs?

Not really bothered with it?

P.S. How was your weekend? Hope it was great! I got a little reading in yesterday before heading to brunch with friends and have found out I’m currently obsessed with alpha caveman motorcycle men (seriously, if Kristen’s Ashley’s heroes talked like that in real I’d prob backhand them across the face or the head but in a book there’s something terribly wicked about it!). I blame my reader Jackie for recommending me all these crazy romance titles lately like On Dublin Street (most frustrating heroine evers). My other friend recommended me Gail Carriger and totally loving her work. Sadly, didn’t have time to complete more than a single chapter on either book though as I was running crazy yesterday.

What’s your reads? Anything good I should add to my “to be read” title?


Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder for Spring 2013

Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder

Positive I have something similiar in my stash already when NP used to be at Sephora but currently lemming Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder.

Seriously, I’m not the only one that remembers when Napoleon Perdis was at Sephora right? And when it went on clearance how I went on a little spree and I’m pretty sure some of you did too.

At that time I prob hauled the Mosaic Powder at some point as I remember it came with a puff for application but now the lemmings are back as it’s been newly repackaged and looks like there are new shades available.

Dammit why I am so weak!?