Laura Mercier Summer Nudes Collection

Laura Mercier Summer Nudes Collection

Laura Mercier introduces us a second Summer 2013 Collection in the form of Summer Nudes. The Laura Mercier Summer Nudes Collection is a selection of limited edition Nail Lacquers and Lip Glace in a range of nude, natural shades to compliment glowing skin.

Take a peek!

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The Face Chart by Dustin Hunter

When my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up at the age of five I said, “An artist”….when they asked me again when I was eight the reply was the same….and this continued for most of my youth.

Unfortunately, outside of stick figures, I cannot draw, paint, etc…I have virtually no artistic talents. Nada…nothing…it’s kinda hard being an artist when you can’t get past those blasted stick figures.

But a rare few of us have that special talent, one of those people happens to be Dustin Hunter. I share a love of makeup and beauty (as well as 80’s soapy mini series) with Dustin but NONE of his talent.

He created the Face Chart to brush up your artistic talents for not only pros but for everyone.

The Face Chart are simply blank face sheets which you can use to apply makeup to aiding you in creating new looks or even for practicing on.

Pros can use these as guides in a runway show, stage, or film productions or to practice their techniques. Everyone else, like me, can use them as to polish up their skills or create a new look on paper prior to trying it out on your own face! It’s a great way to get in some practice for makeup application and make just make you into the artist you aren’t!

They are available in a 25 or 100 pack at

And hey, I probably need them if it improves my makeup skills to the point I’m as good as application as Dustin is.


Lancome In Love Gloss for Summer 2013

Lancome In Love Gloss Summer 2013

Lancome In Love Gloss gets added to Lancome’s “In Love” Collection this Summer in an array of twelve delicious shades. As you know Lancome has already introduced an In Love Blush and In Love Balm for Spring 2013.

Needless to say I mentioned in my reviews of both those products how shocked I was at how expensive they were….

Well I do have a lemming for Lancome In Love Gloss but again, wow, I’m shocked at the price.

Have a peek!


Etsy Discovery: Dior Eyeshadow Makeup iPhone 5 Case

Dior Eyeshadow Makeup iPhone 5

I swear sometimes I feel like I could have purchased a brand new phone for the amount of $$$ I’ve spent on cases. Why oh why am I so obsessed with how my phone looks?!

I can afford ten more bucks right? For this adorable Dior Eyeshadow Makeup Palette iPhone 5 Case….!

Cute right?

This establishes me as a true makeup junkie right?

Loves it.

Available at

P.S. Can I tell you how incredibly behind I am on Game of Thrones? Four episodes are warming up my Tivo at the moment. Must get to them! Got in super late last night and had plans to catch up a little but Batman circa 1966 caught our attention and well, we got memorized by it. Seriously, I KNOW all the lines. As far as I’m concerned it is the best out of all the Batman movies. I happened to have a huge crush on Burt Ward when I was like seven years old and old episodes played on channel 11 or channel 9, something like that. He was such a pretty boy!

Holy cheese-fest Batman! 90 minutes well spent.

Happy Hump Day!


Dr. Jart CC Essence Balm for Summer 2013

Dr. Jart CC Essence Balm

Dr. Jart introduces a CC Essence Balm this Summer that’s available at already. You might recognize this format as Etude House Collagen Moistfull Balm is quite similar a range of other Asian brands do similiar swirled foundation products.

Let’s take a look!