March 14, 2008

Boil Boil, Toil and Trouble! Undeye Potions and Lotions!

This year I turned 30. OH MY GOD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Sorry had to get that out of my system!

Moving on……..

When you turn 30 I think maybe you’re faced with your lack of immortality. It’s like suddenly a light bulb switches on the top of your head and you realize you’re not going to be cute forever and wrinkles, a thing of the past, are now part of your present and future life!


So this might be boring for some of you. I find it extremely boring to walk onto a blog that’s discussing anti-aging creams! Keeping that in mind I’m going to keep this as brief as I possibly can!

I’ve been mudding around with at least 20 eye creams lately, seriously. It first started in December sometime when I woke up and noticed that my eyes were puffy. Mmm nothing new there we all have that problem. However, it began to sincerely freak me out when the swelling lasted all day.

I suddenly found myself drinking 30 glasses of water, avoiding more then 10 grams of salt, and looking in the mirror very, very closely!

It was when I was looking in the mirror that the puffy problem was no longer a worry but the fact that I was developing some sincerely fine lines! Where the hell did those come from!? Who put those there!!!!!!!!!!? I demand to know! I wanna talk to the man in charge!

I skipped my way over to the MAC counter and I casually asked about a concealer as my plan of action was to conceal those nasty buggers with industrial strength MAC concealer! Obviously my beloved Benefit Boi-ing wasn’t doing the trick! I needed to get out the big guns!

Of course, my MA wasn’t there at the time and although all the girls know me I ended up getting someone new. Which was fine. But it later became a problem when she was studying my eye area and poking around under there and calmly said…”You’re very dry”!

MY GOD! WHAT?! Puffy, Wrinkles, and DRY!? What the hell else could go wrong!?

She proceeded to tell me about Clinque’s All About Eyes Cream and later told me that it probably wouldn’t work and I’d need something stronger. Gee thanks. Really helpful.

I skipped the concealer needless to say and headed directly across the way to the Clinque counter where I asked after an eye cream. I explained that I was dry, I had fine lines, and I had a bit of a puffy thing going on. I got a snarky reply that went something like this, “SO WHICH is it?!?!?!?”….um all of the above is that a problem? I was desperate otherwise I’d have told her to take the eye cream and stick it up her…..sorry…..

I ended up purchasing the Intense All About Eyes Cream…it’s extra moisturizing or some rubbish like that. She proceeded to throw it in the bag, throw my change at my head, and usher me out so she could help another customer who probably didn’t buy anything ANYWAY!

After using it for a week I decided it was way to thick. This is ridiculous! Did I really need to apply a layer of cream cheese under my eye daily?

I went back and returned it for the normal formula and proceeded to use that a week. It did nothing. I guess I wanted a miracle in 7 days!

Now over the course of my time middling around with eye creams I’ve gotten so many great replies to my questions it’s borderlines on ridiculous. I’m wondering if these people even know anything about what they are selling!

The bad news is I’ve been through to many of these bad boys with absolutely no results!

This is what I’ve tried so far:
Clinique All About Eyes
Clinique All About Eyes Rich
Ole Henricksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel
Murad Renewing Eye Cream
Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge Cream (Testing in progress….)
Patricia Wexler De-Puff Eye Gel (Testing in progress…..)
Serious Skin Care Nanofiller
Dr Denese Restoreyes
Amazing Superfil (Testing in Progress….)
La Mer Eye Concentrate

I’m sure there are more but I can’t remember them all. My main reason for typing this up is I discovered an interesting little tidbit about eye creams.

It appears that eye creams make things worst instead of better! My eyes have gone from having fine lines, dryness, and puffiness to having a sunken in appearance, an exhausted look, saggyiness, milia (sounds like someone’s name), and other problems!

I guess the moral of my story is that you have to seriously be careful how much you use, what you’re using, and be conscious of how you looked before using the cream and how you look after!

We are now in March and I still haven’t found an eye cream that works that great but I have worked out an interesting eye care regime that appears to have helped almost all my problems!

I’ve discovered a miracle product from Dr Denese entitled Hydro-Shield Serum. This contains everything you long for in an eye cream such as soy and retinol. It’s also very gentle compared to other items I’ve tried out. It’s highly moisturizing and although it promises to dry matte I find it doesn’t do that but I use it before bed so I’m not really worried. It’s a clear gel that comes in a pump bottle. One tiny pump should do both eyes because it’s such an amazingly moisturizing gel that you don’t need a ton of it. The formula is a clear gel and I glide it under my eyes. No patting here, at least for me. The formula is so slippery and slides so well you might as well just gently glide it across.

In the time I’ve been using it I’ve noticed a huge improvement with my fine lines and I actually think this has to do with the fact that it moistened my eyes so well. My eyes were so dry prior to using this that fine lines were much more noticeable. Now they are definately looking much better!

If you’re looking to use this in the AM (I only use it in the PM) you’ll have to wait at least 5 minutes because it takes about that long to dry and that could be a deal breaker for some folk! I don’t use it in the morning for this reason! This is a serum so you can happily apply your eye cream of choice over it after dry down! I actually feel so moisturized that I don’t apply my normal eye cream over it.

It deserves to be said that this is great for fine lines and dryness but does nothing for puffy eyes which is why I’m in lust and love with another product to shrink my puffy eyes down to size.

I’m pretty sure you have heard me raving about this product before but it deserves a re-mention. I was experiencing a problem with puffy eyes this Winter in a big way. It could be lack of sleep, eye strain, sinuses, or just general old age but I’ve had a bit of a puff here and there that I found irritating. I tried just about everything in the old maid’s handbook but nothing seemed to work. Cold spoons, teabags, cold compresses…no I didn’t try hemorrhoid cream…there is no way in hell I am putting butt cream under my eyes sorry but I have to draw the line somewhere!

When age old methods failed I turned to a few different gels such as Patricia Wexler De-Puffing Gel and Ole Henricksen Ultimate Eye Lift. The Wexler one just didn’t do anything but the Ole one was successful in sealing my eyes closed for me. I’ve never experienced anything so sticky in my life! Wow.

My mate Rows sent me a package with some Boots Botanicals Ultimate Eye Lift Gel and the first time I used it I didn’t see any results. I’m one of those people that want instant results, right away, NOW DAMMIT NOW! In a “unlike me” way I proceeded to keep using it for a week day and night. I never commit to anything that I don’t notice some results with so this is a rare thing but I was desperate so I decided what the hell. It’s a clear gel that I massage under my eyes every evening and every morning. Within a week’s time I noticed a very big difference and I was no longer sporting serious baggage. Within a month or so of use my eyes had virtually cleared up. I still wake with a tiny amount of puff but it’s pretty much gone after I get out of the shower. I still religiously use this night and day even though most of my puff is gone. It’s very gentle, doesn’t sting, hasn’t caused any milia, and my eyes are looking refreshed and gorgeous!

I guess my promise of not being long and rambling has been broken! Sorry!

The moral of the story is even if you’re 20 years old now is a good time to start treating your eyes to a good eye cream!

Do you use eye creams?

What’s your favorite?

Which have you found effective?

Tell the Muse!


About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • MandyPandy

    You certainly don’t ‘need to apply a layer of cream cheese under’ your eye daily. A thin coating of Brie around your lids wouldn’t hurt, though.

    Ugh! Milia! I have tons of (self-inflicted, unfortunately) milia around my temples, the result of a brow-wax gone horrible wrong. Nota Bene: Never use hard-wax on your face. Ever. You’ll turn into Milia freakin’ Jovovich!

  • Bliss

    Girl nnooooo Woman, i honestly have to tell you i thought you were 20-21 when i first saw yr pics, now you tell me you are nearly 30, hehehh and yes im also in the search for the best eye cream hehhe and i thank you for this great review 🙂

  • Mrs. Lynne,

    Ok first, you look sooo good for being 30 missy! I hope I look as good as you do in a few years. I’m already slowing getting those ugly age lines – agh!!!! HELP ME! I want to talk to the man in charge also! I want my money back *stomps feet* Lol.

    But I’ve had the same experience in using some eye creams. Like part of me thinks they kind of don’t help but only make the eyes look sometimes worse *shrugs* And I’m sure the lack of sleep from having two tykes under 2 doesn’t help any 😛 Hah.

  • the Muse

    hey mandy!

    My god I’d stink with brie lol!

    Are you serious!? From waxing your brows?! LOL what the hell were you doing might I ask!?

  • the Muse

    hey bliss!

    AWW THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I am 30 not nearly teehee!

    Do tell us when you find it! I’m always curious what people are using under their eyes and what they have found that works well!

    Happy Friday!

  • Taryn

    Oh Muse, I wish I could say it gets better, but at 32, I’m fighting the aging constantly! It may be time to consider the big “B”. I had Botox for the first time this past February and what a marvel it is! My forehead doesn’t look wrinkled or frozen like Nicole Kidman’s and no more spending oodles of dollars on creams!

    The fine lines under my eyes are still there, but the crow’s feet aren’t. I’m going to have a little filler injected under my eyes, I think.

    In answer to your other question – the filler in my nose didn’t hurt a bit. Neither did Botox. You just have to find a skilled physician to do it.

    One other piece of advice – Paula Begoun says most moisturizers can double as eye creams, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I take a dab of Prevage Night (meant for the face) and pat it under my eyes. I also switch off with Ziana, which is a px retinoid.

    Anytime you want to talk fighting aging, I’m here! And don’t forget – never leave the house w/o sunscreen. Not even on a cloudy day.

    I swear, Father Time is Satan himself.

  • Lucy

    not sure the last one went through…it went dead. Briefly, is it the eye serum or the face serum? I want it!

    Lucy x

  • Anonymous

    I have a recommendation! Shiseido Benefiance Anti-Aging Eye Cream! My mom has been using this ever since she was 30 and now she’s 45 and she looks like she could be 35! Honestly, people always ask me why my mom looks so young. She also shares similar fashion styles with me and pulls them off exceptionally well! You should try this!

  • Allysia-May

    Hey honey.

    Don’t worry about turning 30. Age is but a number and you’re only as old as you think you are.

    Having said that you can just ignore me as i’m just 21. But trust me, i’m a serious drama queen when it comes to eye creams because i have semi somnia. I’ve tried loads and loads because i’m looking for the holy grail and i’ve found 3 to suit my budget. These have worked for me so far so here it goes.

    Korres eyebright firming eye cream cost me about 28 and it’s mild but does the job if you stick with it for about a month. It helps with wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. At least it helped me anyway.

    A better and slightly more expensive one is Estee Lauder’s advanced concentrate serum for the eyes. Now this is wonderful! It’s slightly more expensive than Korres but it does the job better and i think it actually gets better the longer you use it.

    But for me, the holy grail of all has to be StriVectin-SD Eye Cream. This is like liquid gold for your eye area but it cost me a whopping 59! I think it’s worth it anyway. It takes away puffiness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and also helps with dark circles and the odd spot or irritation around the eyes.

    I usually use the StriVectin during the day and the Estee Lauder serum at night and for me its like a miracle combination. Once in a while i use my Korres if my eyes already look great just to stop my skin getting used to the other two.

    Though they cost a lot, they actually last ages. I used to have panda eyes before i started using them but after 6 months, i certainly look like a human now.

  • ‘ * : . b | u 3 . : * ‘

    I’ve been freaking out about fine lines around my eyes too…they started appearing last year. I blame it on work 🙁 Anyway, I’ve pretty much given up on all eye creams and concealers because nothing hydrates my undereye area enough.
    But, after reading your rave on the Dr. Denese serum and the Boots stuff I want to try them asap! 🙂 Where did you get that serum from? Would you mind posting the retail prices of those items? I’ll probably end up getting them through ebay so it’d be good to have an idea of how much they normally cost. Thanks 🙂

  • Dalenna

    oh wow, i never would have thought you were 30 either, Muse. crap, you look great no matter what 😀

    i have tried quite a few eye cream myself. right now i’m using Avon hydrofirming during the day and Lancome Renergie at night. the Avon one is a good moisturizer (and soothing if you keep it in your fridge!), but that’s it. i used to think it was not moisturizing enough, but it turned out to be my sunscreen that was drying. now i’m back to Avon and i think i’m going to stick with it for a while. at night, any thicker eye cream will do for me. just during the day that i need a fast absorbing cream that won’t melt my waterproof sunscreen. thanks for the reviews though. interesting stuff 😀

    have a nice weekend!

  • YM

    hello muse

    although i’m ten years behind you, i’ve already started to invest some serious $$ in my eye products, as most of the department brands do not have good formulations for my skin.

    the best i have tried is definitely cellcosmet, either the eye contour cream or gel xt, the price starts around $250, but it depends where you buy (essential day is probably the best source) but you can easily get samples at the cellcosmet counter if you are in a NY department store.


  • ilove

    Dear muse,
    you still look young for your age~

    I have problem with some wrinkle and dark circles only… Do you recommend a product?

    I’ve read that eye creams are just another form of getting you to spend more money that a good moisturizer wouldn’t do the same but iono being a student in college made me become insomniac probably if I changed my schedule and sleep early and enough my dark eyes would clear up but I am not sure. 🙁

    And that lady at Clinique was very rude. I would not buy a thing from her or any sales lady like that no matter how desperate I was.

  • Ginger

    Hey, good post! (totally shocked about your age by the way, you do not look 30!) I’m 24 and have tried Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye cream, Philosophy hope in a tube eye and lip cream, and Lancome Primoridal something…and I thought the Lancome was working but now I have a new line! Obviously not working…I’ve heard great stuff about Relastin Eye Cream…I think it’s $69 and I don’t know if I’m willing to pay that much yet, almost though. What do you think? Worth the expensive price? Do you think you could review it and tell us what you think?

  • mayaari

    I’m still testing an eye cream from Skin Effects – most eye creams/lotions take a couple of weeks to start working, so I’m giving this one a full 8 weeks before I start judging it. I tried Benefit’s Eye Con before, but it really didn’t do anything for me, and actually made the skin under my eyes more sensitive!

    I wish we could actually catch up on sleep…I miss being 20 again and the only thing I had to worry about was making it to a 1:00 lecture….

  • Row

    Ahhh u look extremely youthful, dont worry!

    I’m glad the botanics worked for you,its cheap too!

    I hate Clinique counters, at my local one someone from another counter told me the may get rid of bonus time cos its the only time the sell anything and the MA’s dont have to do any work. It is literally like self service on my counter. In fact I wish it was!!

    I don’t have much dicipline with eye cream but I am gonna try!!!

  • (g)ezebel

    girrrl, i won’t tell you how old i am, but i, too, started worrying about what eye cream could i use? NADA. every review i read on Makeupalley said everything pretty much didn’t work as it said it would.

    what i use now? plain old vaseline. and my eyes feel reeeeally nice in the morning. :0)

  • Ping.

    i need eye cream too.. even i’m just in my earliest 20 ahaha.. turning 20 this year. i got bad eyebag and eye circle.. and my friend say there can see fine lines!!! how depressing.

  • Ping.

    oh ya and i must say this! i left out in my frist comment, you look no where like 30!!!!! i was shocked when i find out that you are 30! you look young!!! serious.

  • the Muse

    hey Taryn!

    Ugh don’t say that! I’m scared now 😉

    Lucky enough my forehead isn’t going too nutty but just my under eyes seemed to have freaked out totally!

    That’s fab that you are permanently frozen! I’m seriously scared of botox for that reason. I don’t wanna be a Joan River/Maria Osmond type of botox test subject.

    Does it hurt? Any bruising after? any side effects? Curious!

    No crow feet for me either but I do have expression lines under my eyes when I smile. Also very fine lines that I’d kill to rid myself of!

    Actually funny you mention it as I use my nightcream as an undereye cream to. I find it works great! Go firgure!

    I wanna beef the SPF up in my moisturizer. Any recs for something I can use prior my normal moisturizer?

    Agreed 🙁 Time is not a good thing sigh!

    The thing that bothers me most is teaching myself a new way to handle my skin. I mean 30 years and you’re doing the same day over and over and one day you have to change it. It’s like relearning my skin type!

    Thanks for the tips 😉 and support!

  • the Muse

    hiya lucy!

    Is that you!??!?!

    they make both an eye and a face serum. I use the eye for now but I want to try the face!

  • the Muse

    hi Anonymous!

    I’ve never tried it myself but it’s been on my list to get because I’ve heard so many raves. And now your rave definately makes me want it!

    Your mum sounds awesome 😉 It’s nice to hear a lady of 45 looks and acts so young! That’s what life is about in my opinion! Do what feels great 😉

    I think I will try it!
    Thanks for the rec!

  • the Muse

    hey Allysia-May!

    How are you love!

    I agree. May be 30 but I act 16 😉

    Thanks for the recs. The Korres is on my list to try actually so funny you mentioned it!

    I’m shocked to hear the prices though as everything you mentioned is far cheaper here 🙁 sigh the UK sucks price wise!

    Strivectin has been on my list for ages and ages and ages and I pick it up constantly when I am shopping and put it back. I hear raves and I hear rants and I’m always unsure if it does what it promises!

    I really appreciate your rave because now I want it for sure. Do you find it burns at all? any side effects?

    Thanks for sharing your eye cream regime! I def want to try the Stre for sure!

  • the Muse

    hi ‘ * : . b | u 3 . : * ‘ !

    I have to say blu I suffer the same. I just experienced it this year and I blame it on a combo of things. Stress, work, lack of sleep, etc….And I fairly gave up on eye creams too as most do not do what they promise however I seriously rec the dr denese if you’re experiencing dry eyes. This does a fab job. I have no idea how you old, young I’m guessing, but if you start using this now you might very well be looking fab when you’re 30 and lineless!

    It’s available from QVC or you can grab it on e-bay! Sadly it’s not for day wear in my humble opinion, takes too long to dry, but for nighttime use it’s amazing!

    She has a dual kit for $136 which includes the face and eye serum or you can get the small version which includes face and eye serum for $49.99. She has several kits so take a look at and you’re bound to find a deal.

    I’ve seen the 1oz on ebay sell for about $50 and that’s a pretty ok deal but check qvc first as I found it’s cheaper!

    If you try it let us know if you like it.

  • the Muse

    hey D!

    Aw thanks I know I loved you for a reason!

    I’ve heard some surprisingly good reviews on Avon eye creams! I need something quick absorbing myself in the day too so I use a combo of the boots and my lush eye cream.

    I’m generally curious about avon’s eye creams though!

    Any recs for SPF?

  • the Muse

    hey Yin!

    Good for you! you’re a smart girl!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been using a very gentle eye cream since I was about 19-20 and I think it’s made things better for me in the long run!

    Holy cow I dunno if I could afford $250 eye cream in all honesty. Hehe that’s a bit above my budget sadly! But it sounds amazing!

    Is it gentle? Any pilling when using it? I’m dead curious what it’s like for that price hehe!

  • the Muse

    hi ilove

    aw thanks hun!

    For tiny lines and dark circles I recommend trying out philophy dark circles or bare escentuals rever up. My sister suffers from dark circles and she adores both and swears they did away with her raccoon eyes 🙂

    I highly recommend using some sort of light infused click pen such as the YSL one to conceal and light up the eye area.

    I couldn’t agree more. I think eye creams are definately a marketing trick and probably 90% of them don’t do what they promise!

    Honestly, with proper rest, less stress from school I bet you’d be fine. Dark circles seem to be a college scene 🙂 So don’t worry give it time and they’ll clear up!

    I highly recommend a good concealer to keep you looking fresh 😉

    I must say I was very pissed with the Clinique rep myself. Sigh so it goes with a majority of MA’s sadly! Have to cope with it as I’d say about half the MA’s I run into have the same attitude problem 🙁

    Thanks for your comment!
    Don’t worry about those dark circles! I bet it’s lack of sleep!

  • the Muse

    hiya Ginger!
    Thanks very much 🙂

    I’ve been very curious about the Philosophy cream for a while now. I use When Hope is Not Enough as my nightcream, purirty as my cleanser, and a ton of other philosophy skincare items so I was hopeful their eye cream would be awesome too but I was worried when I heard poor reviews!

    Thanks for sharing some of the products you use.

    I haven’t heard much about Relastin to be honest and $69 is definately high costing. If you purchase it buy it from a place where you know you an return it such as Sephora. Sephora is very good about returns and I’ve purchased a majority of my eye creams from there so if it isn’t working and I’m not loving it I can easily return it!

    I’ll definately consider buying it. I’ll look around at reviews and see if it’s a rave or a rant! if I get it I’ll definately review it 😉

    Honestly at 24 I don’t recommend you pay $69 for an eye cream. Try something cheaper. Something that will prevent lines yes but nothing as crazy as near $70 because you honestly don’t need it at this point in your life. If you were 30 or more I’d recommend splurging but seriously when you’re 24 it’s a no in my book. Try something inexpensive that has gotten a good solid review somewhere.

    You have to remember these product contain high levels of everything and the kitchen sink and it’s not made for a girl your age. It’ll probably do more damage then good in my opinion. I’m 30 and I’ve suffered all sorts of drama while experimenting eye these creams.

    I highly recommend nabbing some Lush eye cream 😉 It’s inexpensive and has done a wonderful job for me up till now!

    Thanks for your rec! I’ll definately be reading up on Relastin Eye Cream!

  • the Muse

    hi mayaari!

    I’m still in the testing phase myself for most of my eye creams.

    I’m really impatient sometimes so I normally give a week. If I don’t see a tiny bit of difference I decide that I need to try something else!

    I was tempted by eye con myself but I kinda sorta skeptical it’ll do anything! I’m relieved to hear you actually didn’t like it as that saves my wallet!

    I miss being 20 myself when going to bed at 4 am and waking up at 8:30AM I was refreshed and ready for the day. If I did that now I’d probably need a coffin lol!

  • the Muse

    hey rows!
    Aw thanks!
    I love it! It’s sincerely an awesome product! Amen for ridding myself of puffys thanks to you!

    Clinique counters here are ’bout the same. I feel like I can never ever get help at one! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee I feel like GWP is bullocks with Clinique. They always give crap. The cosmetics are rubbish and the skincare is ok but not that fab.

    It’s easy enough to just fit eye cream into your daily skincare regime 😉

  • the Muse

    hey gez!

    I agree 100%! Almost all reviews I read were about how nothing worked as promised!

    LOL don’t laugh but vaseline was totally working for me before I tried boots. I would slather up at night and wake up beautifully moisturized!

    I still use it during the weekends actually 😉

    Cheap, works, moisturizes! YAY!

  • the Muse

    hey ping!

    Aw I doubt it Ping! I bet you’re gorgeous. I think at 19-20 we all have the party life style so your fine lines, circles and bags are probably just lack of sleep 😉

    but it’s never too early to treat your eyes right 😉

    Awww thanks! I love you too 😉 *hugs*

    Thanks! I feel like I look good for 30 and I hope I do but it’s always nice to hear it!!!!!


  • Dalenna

    Hey you!

    Yeah, Avon makes surprisingly good eye creams. Another one that’s really popular is the Anew Clinical Eye Lift although I haven’t tried it myself.

    SPF? Do you mean sunscreen or an eye cream with SPF? For daily use sunscreen I LOVE Sofina Perfect UV SPF 50+ PA+++ in Lucent. In fact, I posted a review of it back in late January. The PPD is only 8-10, but as long as you’re not going for a hike or hanging out at the beach it should be okay. The finish is lovely, and it makes a wonderful makeup base while being no where as drying as the Shiseido SPF 55 PA+++! You should give it a try!

  • Dalenna

    oh woops, i forgot to mention that the Sofina sunscreen requires an oil cleanser for complete removal (as with many Japanese sunscreens, including Shiseido SPF 55).

  • YM

    hi muse

    back to the cellcosmet, the textures of both gel and cream are very well formulated. it is made of live cells (about 11%) which i find to be incredibly hydrating, and one of the first reviews of it on a forum i used to haunt, the girl commented that after 6 weeks of her chicken skin (small milia like bumps which is just natural skin texture) simply disappeared. the gel xt is meant to be good for dark circles (and i find that so), and the cream is better for colder climates. i think i have had a little bit of “piling” with the gel as i did not blend well and it left a film, but it is not a huge issue for me anymore and i can even use UDPP base plus shadows on top without any issues.

    i have never paid full price for cellcosmet products but even if i did have to shell out the $200, it is for a 30ml pump jar and would last about a year for me as it is very concentrated.

    i think you can buy a sample pack of all their face care products for about $40 though.

    i think this brand and valmont would be my preferred anti aging products once i hit late twenties!


  • Allysia-May

    Hey honey,

    I’m fine thanks and i’m glad to be of help. I haven’t gotten any side effects so far, not that i noticed anyway.

  • the Muse

    Hey D!

    I was looking at that Anew Eye Lift and had read rave reviews!

    Eye cream with SPF :)I have to go peek at your review of the Sofina as I adore their line!

    I sincerely avoid the beach and the sun like the plague. Although I adore swimming in a pool the beach is just not my thing. Sand, Seaweed, and such give me the heebeegeebees!

    Oh the removal is no prob plenty of oil cleansers around 😉

    I wish my current moisturizer had SPF in it but sadly not the case! Would make things easier! One less thing to slather on!

    Thanks for the recs!

  • the Muse

    hiya yin!

    I’m currently sporting some of my own milia under my eyes due to testing so many eye creams out 🙁

    Now I seriously want to try this if it heals up milia!!!!!

    I seriously hate when a cream pills and I found that problem with Clinique’s eye creams. Piling was awful on most of the eye creams and I ended having caked concealer due to the pilling! Grr!

    The hydrating sounds amazing b/c at this point I can use the extra moisture during the cold weather!

    What’s the cheapest you’ve seen it for if I might ask? I must admit that 30ml seems like it won’t last but I’ve gone over a year on some 30ml products so the size doesn’t bother me!

    a sample pack for $40 sounds very reasonable plus I can try before I buy which works well for me as I am wasteful when I purchase and forget to return b/c I hate something!

    Thanks for the awesome review and recs Yin!

    Appreciate it. Will review if I get some of these items.


  • Dalenna

    Hello again 😀

    Actually, I think the opposite is true – it’s more effective to use a NON-SPF sunscreen and then put on a waterproof mattefying sunscreen on top. with a moisturizer with SPF, the volume and percentage of the active SPF ingredient is in much lower concentration, so in order to get the labeled SPF you will have to slather on a whole of moisturizer, which most people don’t do. in fact, in order to get the labeled SPF in ANY sunscreen, you will need to use 1/4 teaspoon for your face and another 1/4 teaspoon for your neck! come on, you know the whole deal!

    so yeah, same thing with eye cream. it’s best to use a very moisturizing eye cream and then wear a sunscreen around the eye area.

    blah…i talk too much…okay. zip.



  • the Muse

    hiya D 😉

    ha? Really?

    I just wish I could find a moisturizer that works WITH some sort of sunscreen in it. Easy kinda thing ya know!

    No you don’t! I’m fascinated as I sincerely don’t know much about SPF’s at all!!!!!!!! I normally just purchase a lighter moisturizer with SPF in the Summer but I’m seriously considering incorporating more SPF into my skincare!

    thanks for the lesson honey!

  • YM

    hi again!

    actually it was a kind friend who sent me her full size cellcosmet cream that got me hooked onto it (i’ve never paid full price for anything from cellcosmet before!) and i snatched one up for about $40 on ebay once, then i got the xt-gel for about $100usd from an authorised reseller who i’ve lost touch with now.

    you can ask for free samples at, i think they charge $7 for shipping but they are very generous with samples, they also sell the trial packs too.

    or you can keep an eye out on ebay, but the bidding war is huge on there!

    i can’t remember clearly, but there is a high department store in NYC called renholt,renfrew or something, it would probably be best to head down and . if you google ‘cellcosmet eye cream’ you will be able to find quite a few US stockists that have cheap shipping – i never bought from them because they had very high int’l shipping rates.

    HTH! do let me know if you try anything out, and don’t blame me if you get hooked on the stuff!!


  • YM

    i don’t know if you want to merge this comment with my previous one, but Saks 5th Ave also stock it.. i believe the brand is known for its generous sampling.


  • the Muse

    hiya yin!

    Sorry about the delay in between my replies!

    That’s very sweet and generous of her!

    $40 is a great deal! I heart ebay! You can find such killer deals!

    Oh that’s fab 😉 I’m heading over there now. I honestly don’t mind paying so long as it works if that makes sense. Although at the price I have to look around for a better deal 🙂

    Ebay here I come!

    I can also try some sort of crawler to see what deals come up on the internet.

    LOL I’ll do my best not to blame you if I end up loving 😉

    Oh cool! I can go to saks 😉 That’d be easier! Plus the girls will be generous since I buy from Saks all the time!


    Thanks for all the helpful hints yin!

    If I try it I’ll review it 😉

    *big hugs*