The Muse’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Milani Nail Lacquer Giveaway

The following contest has been closed and the winner has been alerted via e-mail. Thank you for participating!

12 Days of Christmas

On the 7th day of Christmas I should have seven lords a leaping for you… guys and tights…hey I like it no more frakking birds!

But ado…no hot guys, no tights, no lords a leaping for you!

Something else mayhaps?

On the first day of Christmas my Muse gave to me a Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System.

On the second day of Christmas my Muse gave to me two DKNY Delicious Gift Sets.

On the third day of Christmas my Muse gave to me three Milani Rock and Glow Glitter Creams.

On the fourth day of Christmas my Muse gave to me four Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Perfumes.

On the fifth day of Christmas the Muse gave to me a huge haul of color cosmetics from the Body Shop Holiday Collection!

On the sixth day of Christmas the Muse gave to me a Cover FX Big Cover Up Gift Set!

On the seventh day of Christmas the Muse gave to me………..

7 bottles of Milani Nail Lacquer from the Milani Holiday Collection and a black Milani tote for stowing away makeup and brushes.

Cover FX Milani 3

You get the following shades:

  • Gold Lame
  • Midnight Satin
  • Garnet Gems
  • Ruby Jewels
  • Dreamy Creme
  • Wild Violet
  • Ms Milani

Milani Cosmetics and Nail Lacquers are a great inexpensive treat when you’re trying to keep within your beauty budget. I have some serious favs from the line. Check it out at your local CVS or visit

A random winner will be selected to win at the end of December and alerted via e-mail. To win simply leave a comment! Say hey, tell me if you love Milani, anything! And follow me on Twitter.

That’s it simple, easy as pie!

Good Luck my friends!

The following is open to US residents only because of the nature of the product and shipping rules/regulations. Please see some of my other giveaways for International entries.

  • 12/7/09 21:03 chelsea:

    Ive never used Milani but the colors look gorgeous.

  • 12/7/09 21:26 Dawn H.:

    Another fun prize!! Good luck everyone =)

  • 12/7/09 21:26 Nina:

    I love the colors! I’ve never tried Milani polishes before.

  • 12/7/09 21:27 MissTat:

    these are gorgeous!!!!

  • 12/7/09 21:29 Diana:

    I’ve been having a nail polish kick lately. I would love to give these pretty colors a try. Thanks for this great giveaway Muse! :)

  • 12/7/09 21:31 Jaime:

    Oooh, I love polish. I really hope I win this one!

  • 12/7/09 21:33 Kathie:

    AHH! The gold one is gorgeous! <3
    Hope I get this!!!! Already a twitter follower & daily reader :)

  • 12/7/09 21:38 Shame:

    I want it!

  • 12/7/09 21:52 Jennifer B.:

    Those colors are awesome!

  • 12/7/09 22:09 Kate:

    I actually DO love Milani – but it is very hard to find where I live. Weeeehoooooooooooo!

  • 12/7/09 22:24 Ally:

    Alas! No hot lord in tights? lol
    The red sparkly one looks especially pretty. Put in on your toes and tada! ruby slippers 😀 Then I can close my eyes and click my heels three times, wishing for 7 hot guy lords in tights to appear before me :3

    • 12/8/09 15:34 the Muse:

      lol sorry ally no lords no tights 😀

      good luck doll and keep those eyes closed and maybe the seven lord’s a leaping will stick around longer 😀

  • 12/7/09 22:41 Stef:

    awesome site =)

  • 12/7/09 22:42 Nadine:

    I’m a nail polish n00b so this would be an awesome way to kick off my collection!

  • 12/7/09 23:16 Jessica A:

    I think I own two colors of nail polish. I think I need to win this one!

  • 12/8/09 0:24 auroragyps:

    I don’t have much Milani… the stores always seem to be out of what I’d like. :-( I do have Garnet Gems already (to replace an old Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers polish I loved and lost), but I love it so much, that another one would be very welcome.

  • 12/8/09 0:34 Belinda:

    oooo….pretty!!! I want!!

  • 12/8/09 1:35 Sydni:

    I would love to win! I don’t own too many Milani polishes, but I like the ones I’ve tried.

  • 12/8/09 3:28 Ana:

    Hmm I’ve never tried this brand but would love to!! ^.^

  • 12/8/09 3:39 Mindy:

    I like Milani, but have never tried their polishes. Cool prize!

  • 12/8/09 4:16 mens dress:

    It would be so great if i could win the prize, but also i would like to wish everyone good luck

  • 12/8/09 5:10 Carol L:

    I’ve actually been eyeing their polishes. Their prices seem really reasonable.

  • 12/8/09 7:23 Sandy:

    I love Milani’s “runway” eye shadows and would love to try out the nail polish too!

  • 12/8/09 8:31 Kayvid:

    Hey! I do love Milani!!!

  • 12/8/09 8:43 Nessa:

    I love Milani’s latest Black Magic (I think that’s what it’s called) collection!

  • 12/8/09 9:09 Bonnie:

    Colors look awesome and I seriously need some new nail polish. Thanks, Muse!

  • 12/8/09 9:50 su-pah:

    cute! enter me please! xox

  • 12/8/09 10:12 Paloma:

    ooooooh, looks great 😀 Followed @ truedovemomma on twitter

  • 12/8/09 10:24 brittany b:

    i haven’t used this brand of nail polish before but i would love to try them!

  • 12/8/09 10:33 Ricci:

    Those are very pretty colors! such nice givaways! Thanks!


  • 12/8/09 11:04 Angie:

    So pretty!

  • 12/8/09 11:27 Tina Matuchniak:

    Never tried Milani before, but I’m a bit of a nail polish junkie, so am really looking forward to trying these out.

  • 12/8/09 11:30 Lisa:

    I’ve never tried Milani. But I’ve been buying a lot of nail polish lately and whose to say I couldn’t use a few more? 😛

  • 12/8/09 11:37 Diane Stokes:

    I have never tried Milani but these colors look very pretty!

    (following on twitter: DSinAZ)

  • 12/8/09 12:12 myolie:

    love the eyeshadows would love to give these nail polish a try. they look cute. following you on twitter as miaomy!!!!!

  • 12/8/09 12:32 Deanna G.:

    Those colors look gorgeous! Count me in! :)

    Twitter: calidreamin87

  • 12/8/09 12:38 Jessie:

    OOhhh, I love Milani polishes! Good luck everyone, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for myself =)

  • 12/8/09 12:42 Sarah:

    Oh, how fun!!! They look lovely.

  • 12/8/09 13:23 Erin:

    I have totally been on a nail polish kick lately. I’d love to try these!

  • 12/8/09 13:30 Christina Campbell:

    I am especially excited about the lavender and the blue polish, very pretty!

  • 12/8/09 13:37 Heather:

    Beautiful colors :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  • 12/8/09 14:04 dangster:

    I really like that shade of purple in the Wild Violet polish.

  • 12/8/09 14:32 evelyn:

    they’re lovely :)

  • 12/8/09 15:21 LizKS:

    I’ve never used Milani but the colors look really pretty. Would love to win them and try them out! I already follow you on Twitter. :)

  • 12/8/09 16:33 Kyungheeee:

    ive only tried milani eyeshadows and i love em!
    i hope i would be the lucky one to try to polishes!

    i already follow you on tiwtter 😀

  • 12/8/09 16:35 Mandy:

    They look so sparkly! Me like 😛
    The gold, white/cream, & purple ones look really pretty!

  • 12/8/09 16:52 Heather T.:

    This is great b/c I don’t have milani at any of the drugstores near me, including Cvs :( Thnx Muse!

  • 12/8/09 18:21 Diana:

    wow i would loveee to win those…enter meee

  • 12/8/09 19:15 A. Ozair:

    count me in…

    i follow u on twitter as well (aaj83)

  • 12/8/09 20:22 Grace:

    oh nice!! :]

  • 12/8/09 20:49 Ashley C.:

    I’ve never used the Milani nail polishes before, but those colors look amazing!

  • 12/8/09 23:00 Hana:

    I love Milani. 😀 And my trying them is all thanks to you!

  • 12/8/09 23:08 Mai:

    This looks so awesome, and i’m a follower under maimaimaiii

  • 12/9/09 1:20 Hannah:

    AH Nail polishes. Probably the only beauty stuff I love but not willing to spend money on cuz I’m too busy buying other cosmetics XD

    Enter me enter me lol.

  • 12/9/09 1:47 Daituf:

    I’m not a big nail person…but i could be converted 😀

  • 12/9/09 5:29 rhea:

    hey,pls enter me.never tried milani be4 :(
    here’s my email:

  • 12/9/09 6:00 shaimaa:

    Hi all
    good luck

  • 12/9/09 8:27 Michelle C.:

    Ohhhh this looks awesome!

  • 12/9/09 11:03 Mimsy:

    Milani’s one of my favorite drugstore brands. I love their blushes & eyeshadow (in the old packaging), and their nail polishes are fab. Radiant in Purple from one of their collections a few months back is probably one of my favorite purple polishes. The new colors look great too! I’m into gold at the moment, and Gold Lame is calling my name. ooh, and another purple. Wants! :)

  • 12/9/09 11:59 Lulee:

    i have an addiction to nail polishes. i think this would help 😀

  • 12/9/09 13:53 Lisa Kate:

    !!!!! How are you so awesome???

    • 12/9/09 14:27 the Muse:

      lol thanks Lisa my head is going to swell here :)

  • 12/9/09 21:51 Del:

    Ooh Muse- pretty! I’m keepin it short & sweet as I forgot to unclick the notification box on earlier comments & now my inbox is flooded!! I don’t know how you do it, but you do- you’re great! Please don’t reply to me as I am going to unclick the box and never look back at this…LOL…oh but feel free to reply directly to my email as I will def. read that! ; )

  • 12/9/09 23:28 Cindi:

    Once again, a perfect giveaway prize package! Please count me in…..
    Many thanks, Cindi

  • 12/10/09 10:11 G:


  • 12/10/09 19:25 Stephanie:

    meeeeeeeeee :)

  • 12/11/09 0:22 Jodi:

    I’m new to Milani but would love to try it! Hey I’m YokiB612 on Twitter!

  • 12/11/09 2:17 Deb K:

    Enter me please~Love these!!

  • 12/11/09 4:08 Reggi:

    AH~ love the colors!!!

  • 12/11/09 20:43 Melissa:

    Those colors look really pretty! :]

  • 12/12/09 6:04 Angela:

    hey there
    im following you on twitter
    please enter me

  • 12/12/09 17:00 Kathy Scott:

    My neices would love it.

  • 12/12/09 17:20 Jessica:

    I love these colorsss! :)

  • 12/12/09 21:34 Deb Anderson:

    Pretty colors! Me want!

  • 12/13/09 0:28 Mimi Pham:

    ooh pretty purple one:) Good luck everyone.

  • 12/13/09 13:13 Betty Curran:

    I haven’t tried Milani yet but it looks wonderful. I follow on Twitter as willitara.

  • 12/13/09 13:29 Terri D:

    nice giveaway!

  • 12/13/09 14:29 Tiffany:

    These colors look awesome! I like the dark blue (I think) on the very right. My twitter is birdjunkieee :]

  • 12/13/09 18:21 Gayle J:

    I have never tried Milani but I love the colors. Thanks!

  • 12/13/09 18:31 Lily:

    They’re gorgeous! I’d love to win these O_O
    I haven’t painted my nails in more than a year, dang.

  • 12/13/09 19:17 Laurie A:

    Those colors look really fun to apply.

  • 12/14/09 1:12 Sheila B:

    I havent tried this yet but would love to. Trying new products is one of my fave things to do and I have found so many that I love and will continue to use!

  • 12/14/09 1:20 heatherzilla:

    Great colors! I have never tried Milani polish, but I think I should! I follow you on twitter. @heatherzilla8

  • 12/14/09 1:31 Vicki Andrew:

    haven’t heard of this brand but I like the colors

  • 12/14/09 8:53 cherilette:

    I was never bothered to join twitter until now! Thank you for posting this! I hope I win :)

  • 12/14/09 18:45 martan:

    I love Milani eyeshadows
    twitted Martaale

  • 12/14/09 21:15 sasspot54:

    love Milani!

  • 12/15/09 7:16 Karen Pochodowicz:

    I haven’t ever tried this brand before but now I will. Those reds are to die for.


  • 12/22/09 0:43 Nicole O.:

    I love these colors! Especially Ruby Jewels. That is gorgeous!

    I am following you on Twitter: @saucyfbaby

  • 12/25/09 0:48 Audrey:

    I’ve never tried Milani but I’ve always wanted to… I’m always so wary of drugstore cosmetics! I have no problem shelling out twice or three times the price for high-end products, but when it comes to a $7 mascara, I balk for some reason! xD

    I’m following you on Twitter: @chuchumeister

  • 12/30/09 14:20 Lyudmila:

    Milani Holiday Collection make you better!

  • 12/30/09 16:06 Justine:

    OH wow I could really use some new nail products, my tween daughter steals all of mine!

  • 12/31/09 11:05 Shannon:

    I love the colors, following on twitter (07violet)