March 29, 2021

Etude House Mini Jewelry Play Color Eyes Review & Swatches

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1 stars out of 5

Etude House Mini Jewelry Play Color Eyes is a new quad eyeshadow palette that released in two shade selections a few weeks ago in Korea. The palette is supposed to give eyes a sparkly, shiny look like jewelry. It’s one of the smaller Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes that Etude House has put out. I tend to like the larger ones personally but I have a weakness for any and all eyeshadow palettes that Etude House launches which made me pick this one up! Also, the colors were just so me! I liked the light peach and dune in this palette. I’m always look for pretty sandy dune eyeshadow shades and feel like I can never find any and this palette had a few nice ones.

I have to admit though the price is off putting! This is a near $20 eyeshadow quad and for Etude House I feel that’s very expensive but their prices have gone up considerably since I started collecting the brand ten or more years ago. It’s weird that their single eyeshadows are still so affordable but as soon as they launch a palette it’s prices at $20 or more. None the less, I am of the mentality if the quality is good sometimes it’s worth just getting it.

Let’s see how the quality is on this Etude House Mini Jewelry Play Color Eyes.

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Etude House Mini Jewelry Play Color Eyes is a smaller but heavy plastic compact that doesn’t come with applicators. I was surprised at the lack of applicators as Korean brands rarely sell you a palette without them. The palette contains a light peachy matte with fine gold sparkle and a matte dune color. I am in love with both of these shades. They are soft, silky, and easy to apply and blend. These two shades are the main reason I purchased this quad. I love the natural dune shade! It’s the perfect natural color for my eyes that adds warmth without overpowering anything. And the light peach is great as an all over color wash or as a base color.

The main shade or the liner shade is a dark chocolate with a slight fine gold shimmer in the mix and the final shade is a champagne beige top coat to add sparkle and shine to eyes. The palette was create to create a gradient look but I tend to do my own thing with these palettes and use them in a more traditional way compared to how a Korean girl or guy would apply. I use the lighter shade as a base, the medium, dune shade as my crease shade, the chocolate all over my lid blended up, and pat on the topcoat for a bit of sparkle! The overall look is something you can easily create with shades you might already own but I really won’t rant about that because again, the dune and light peach are two shades I can see myself reaching for quite often.

As I mentioned above the mattes were my favorite to work with as they applied flawlessly and had a soft, silky consistency with absolutely no fall out issues. As with most top coats this sparkly one is lightly packed and causes some fall out so it is best applied with fingers versus a brush. I think the chocolate brown was the most disappointing of the four. It has a soft, velvety texture and looks quite pigmented but I struggled applying it. It seemed to go rather patchy on me and I couldn’t get it layers well on my eye! It might be best suited as a liner shade.

Etude House Mini Jewelry Play Color Eyes isn’t worth your $20 unless you’re really into the two shades that I keep raving. Aside from those though, this palette was a bit of a bust and not Etude House’s best in show. I’ve seen much better quality from the brand and at this price point I expected way more!

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Etude House Mini Jewelry Play Color Eyes is a new quad that launched earlier this Spring in two shade selections. This is a typical Korean eyeshadow palette that includes a base shade, lighter contrasting shade, liner, and a topcoat. I wasn’t terribly impressed with it overall, but did really love the light peach and dune shade that was included! Those also happened to be the two best shades with silky, light formulas that applied easily. The shade that gave me the most trouble was the liner or main shade which is a deep chocolate brown. It applied rather patchy and was difficult to get onto my eye for some reason no matter what brush or eyeshadow sponge applicator I used! The topcoat was lovely but did call a bit of sparkly fall out.


  • Pretty selection of shades that pair well together.
  • Nice packaging.


  • Pricey.
  • Main shade applied patchy and seemed dry.
  • Some fall out from the topcoat.


Etude House Mini Jewelry Play Color Eyes gets a strong recommendation if you like sandy dunes shades and you’re willing to put up with a mediocre formula at a high cost.