EOS Lip Balm Summer Pack Giveaway


Happy Friday peeps!

Let’s start if off right with an EOS Refreshing Lip Balm Set that features limited edition flavas in Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet!


Since blogging about the new EOS Lip Balm Summer Pack everyone went bonkers trying to get their hands on the set, hey, can’t blame you they are brilliant!

You NEED these!

This limited edition set includes two new limited edition flavors in Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet. The soft-to-the touch spheres, are petrolatum, paraben and gluten-free, and contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E to keep your lips soft, smooth all Summer long! The set is a budget friendly price of $5.99 and is available at Walmart, Walgreens, Target.com, and will soon be available at EvolutionofSmooth.com

I have two sets to give away today!

This contest starts today and will end on Monday, June 27th.

To enter simply leave a comment (fill in the comment form correctly with your e-mail address in the necessary spot). Do not leave more than one comment if you don’t see your first comment appear as comments are moderated and will not appear right away.

For a second chance to win simply retweet the following statement on Twitter RT @MusingsofaMuse Win a EOS Summer Pack at http://tinyurl.com/3bhrw4x

That’s it!

A random winner will be selected and alerted via e-mail.

Good Luck!

  • 6/10/11 11:11 Jenny:

    I love eos lip balms

    • 6/10/11 14:52 Melinda:

      I would love to try those lipbalms I never heard about them before!!

    • 6/10/11 15:49 Kristie Oskolkoff grayhek:

      Can’t wait to try these :-)

    • 6/10/11 18:54 renee renzi:

      the best lip balm EVER!!!!!!

    • 6/10/11 20:46 Rachel:

      I love Eos lipbalms. They are amazing and when i buy one, all of my friends steal it! I really love them a lot and would be honored to win these new flavors.

    • 6/11/11 2:42 tina:

      love eos lip balm

    • 6/11/11 10:27 Tasha:

      I LOVE the summer fruit lip balm from EOS!!!

    • 6/11/11 23:06 vicki thomas:

      i lwould love to try these. I have tried the hand lotion and liked it

  • 6/10/11 11:14 loveholic:

    I have two other eos lipbalms and LOVE them! They have one of the best scented balms on the market!

  • 6/10/11 11:20 216amyc:

    EOS makes great products! I especially love their shaving creams!

  • 6/10/11 11:23 sirkah-haroulita:

    OMG and before a little i tweet about i wanna buy eos lip balm ๐Ÿ˜€
    thank youuuuuuuu

  • 6/10/11 11:25 Holly:

    I have the melon one, yum!

  • 6/10/11 11:25 Lissa:

    I have the mint EOS lip balm and it’s wonderful! Even my son likes to use it.

  • 6/10/11 11:29 Dacia:

    Always want to try another balm!

  • 6/10/11 11:32 zx:

    Never tried EOS lip balms before. But they look interesting! :)

  • 6/10/11 11:32 DalaLuz:

    I’d love to try these! Warp my lips around them…

  • 6/10/11 11:32 noniek:

    I love eos lipbalms :)
    I tweeted about your giveaway : http://twitter.com/noniek99/statuses/79208732499779585

  • 6/10/11 11:32 Dhini:

    Enter me
    I would love to have it

  • 6/10/11 11:33 CupK8:

    Squee! Awesome giveaway choice, Muse. :) I’ve been keeping my eyes out for these babies and haven’t seen them yet.

  • 6/10/11 11:33 Aneela A:

    I love EOS Lip balms :)
    Thankss alot

  • 6/10/11 11:35 Stephanie:

    I never tried EOS lip balms because i have way too many but these flavors make me want to ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • 6/10/11 11:39 Maria:

    I’ve been hearing so many great things about these lipbalms and I’d LOVE to try them out!

  • 6/10/11 11:39 Vanessa:

    I wish these were available in Canada!

  • 6/10/11 11:39 Taylor:

    I always see these but have never tried them, even though they look ery interesting!

  • 6/10/11 11:40 electronicfly:

    Had always been (and still is actually) interested in trying EOS balms, but don’t have the heart to fork out so much for lipbalm (shipping and all) since I don’t use lipbalms often..

  • 6/10/11 11:41 Kari:

    Ahmaygahd I wanna try these!

  • 6/10/11 11:41 Becky:

    oOo Fun! Love!

  • 6/10/11 11:42 Prinses Prikbordje:

    Ooh! Do want! XD
    I’ve yet to try an eos balm but these flavours sound yummy!

  • 6/10/11 11:42 Fayeth:

    These sound delicious! I have the lemon and it’s great!

  • 6/10/11 11:42 Victoria:

    Love these! I have a stash, but I do not have the new scents so would love to win!

  • 6/10/11 11:43 Nhung:

    They look so cute!

  • 6/10/11 11:43 Tina:

    I’ve never been able to find them at my Walgreens or Target and I’ve been looking for awhile now. They look so cool. :)

  • 6/10/11 11:43 Gina:

    I haven’t tried EOS yet but I need to!

  • 6/10/11 11:45 Mar:

    I kinda have a lipbalm addiction right now but….they look really good

  • 6/10/11 11:46 jajaa:

    i had 3 flavor of eos right now,i want all of them !!

  • 6/10/11 11:47 Maggie:

    Mmm, Strawberry Sorbet. Sounds delicious :)

  • 6/10/11 11:47 Erin:

    Adorable :).

  • 6/10/11 11:48 Lori:

    Do I NEED any more lip balm? HAHAHAHAHA NO. But I want it all the same. :)

  • 6/10/11 11:48 Tiffany:

    I resisted buying these at Walgreens. Now I’m kind of regretting it ):

  • 6/10/11 11:49 Kris:

    Why have I not tried these yet?

  • 6/10/11 11:49 Mindy:

    Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet sound so yummy!

  • 6/10/11 11:50 sara:

    This is a great giveaway! Thanks, Muse :) These EOS balms are great!

  • 6/10/11 11:51 Christine:

    These look so fun! I love the unique shape :D.

  • 6/10/11 11:52 Shereen:

    Love these! Awesome.

  • 6/10/11 11:53 Crissy K:

    I’d love to win one. EOS gets a lot of love on blogs!

  • 6/10/11 11:54 ann:

    never tried these before!

  • 6/10/11 11:55 Jennifer:

    I’d love to try these new flavours <3!

  • 6/10/11 11:56 terry:

    i looooooooooooove the passionfruit flavour!! though one eos lipbalm costs around US$7 here in HK. what a bummer…

  • 6/10/11 11:56 Erika:

    oOoh I want! I had 3 diff flavors and lost all 3 =[

  • 6/10/11 11:56 Step:

    Sounds delicious!

  • 6/10/11 11:59 Shelley:

    I wish I could get these <3 couldn't get it in Australia!! :(

  • 6/10/11 12:02 Linnette:

    I would love to own these! Passionfruit sounds super yummy XD

  • 6/10/11 12:07 Gala:

    Never Tried EOS! would love to try some now! thanks

  • 6/10/11 12:07 Vanessa:

    Wants! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 12:10 Tamara F:

    I love EOS lip balms! I wish they’d start selling them here in Canada so I wouldn’t have to buy them off of Evil-Bay!

  • 6/10/11 12:11 tina:

    I need more lipbalms! lol

  • 6/10/11 12:12 Rosemary:

    oooh me want! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  • 6/10/11 12:13 Sara:

    I love these lip balms!

  • 6/10/11 12:16 Anne:

    eos lipbalms are the best!

  • 6/10/11 12:17 sugar sugar:

    these look so tempting! x)

  • 6/10/11 12:22 Melissa:

    I love my EOS balm in summer fruit and I’d love to try some other flavors!

  • 6/10/11 12:23 Sasha:

    What a great set! I love EOS balms!

  • 6/10/11 12:26 Regina:

    i would love to win the set! so cute!

  • 6/10/11 12:28 Farah D:

    Omg, I’ve never tried these before!! Thanks!

  • 6/10/11 12:29 evo:

    i would like to try these since i havent’ seen them in canada yet.

  • 6/10/11 12:29 Katherine:

    I’d love to try these!

  • 6/10/11 12:33 Freya:

    I love these! I have the red one, which smells (and tastes!) lovely, and my friend has the lemon one. :)

  • 6/10/11 12:39 Sarah S.:

    Hi Muse! I really DO need these! I love how you don’t have to twist them up and they stay closed in a handbag. And they are moisturizing but light so I don’t get goopy lips. I rarely enter giveaways but I can’t find these. X-ing my fingers!

  • 6/10/11 12:41 Barbara:

    Would love to try these!

  • 6/10/11 12:42 Mina:

    Been lusting after these new flavors… online sellers here are jacking up the price like crazy!!!

  • 6/10/11 12:43 Jane:

    thanks for the giveaway! I love EOS lipbalms!

  • 6/10/11 12:44 Courtney:


  • 6/10/11 12:51 Yoyo:

    These lip balms are awesome! I have all the flavors that I could find at RiteAid :)

  • 6/10/11 13:02 chiapet:

    which eos lipbalm flavor do you like the most?

  • 6/10/11 13:05 Felis:

    Woo, strawberry lip balm!

  • 6/10/11 13:09 Natรกlia.:

    OMG this is amazing. I’ve been dying to try and the only way I can get these are on ebay and it’s too darn expensive.

  • 6/10/11 13:13 Nora:

    oh i really want these!

  • 6/10/11 13:13 Nicky Bromow:

    Im addicted to lip balms! Must.try.this.one
    I have RT @gfparfaite

  • 6/10/11 13:17 tiny:

    Totally want to try these! I keep forgetting to get one every time I go shopping! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • 6/10/11 13:23 Mia:

    I have some EOS lip balms and the shaving cream – which you can use wet or dry! I love all the “flavors” of the lip balm, minus the mint (which I’m allergic to) but I gifted to a friend who is a mint lover ^o^

  • 6/10/11 13:27 Justine:

    My boyfriend loves these so I would definitely be giving them to him!

  • 6/10/11 13:27 greentea:

    I love eos!!!! =]

  • 6/10/11 13:30 Jen:

    I luv the EOS lipbalm! I have the one in honeysuckle honeydew! hehehe I’d like to try these, they sound yummy~!

  • 6/10/11 13:34 Ludwig:

    I’d love to get a pack of these! We can’t buy the limited edition set in Canada :'(

  • 6/10/11 13:34 XPPINKX:

    i need these to complete my collection :) how are you doll!!!

    • 6/10/11 13:37 the Muse:

      PAM?! WHERE YOU been!?

    • 6/10/11 13:38 the Muse:

      I just emailed you dude ;D!

  • 6/10/11 13:35 devon:

    Eek!! I’ve always wanted to try these I have just never bothered to pick them up!!! I love love love love the shaving cream though

  • 6/10/11 13:36 Kylie:

    I love these lip balms and these two sound delightful! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  • 6/10/11 13:38 Lucy:

    Hi Muse, thanks for the giveaway! I would love one of these, thanks =D

  • 6/10/11 13:47 Kathy:

    I’d love these! They don’t sell them anywhere by me, but I picked up the lemon one when I was out of town a while ago, and I’m in loves!

  • 6/10/11 13:47 Christie:

    I have heard this brand is very nice.

  • 6/10/11 13:49 tlcsanford:

    Would love to try these!

  • 6/10/11 13:50 Weina:

    i gotta have these 8D

  • 6/10/11 13:53 Helen:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  • 6/10/11 13:56 Ambassador:

    I’ve heard great things about eos, would love to test them out.

  • 6/10/11 13:57 Jessica:

    I’ve always wanted to try those eos lip balms, but the better side of me has been saying no since I already have quite a few lip balms.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • 6/10/11 14:00 Mar:

    Is it open for internationals? If so, I’m in!

    • 6/10/11 14:25 the Muse:

      yes mar ;D

  • 6/10/11 14:06 tousledkitten:

    Ooh, wish they sold those here!

  • 6/10/11 14:08 Ria:

    Count me in!I hope these will make up for their name, because the Honeysuckle one didn’t.x

  • 6/10/11 14:08 Risu:

    Always wanted to try these balms! Not available in Canada…

  • 6/10/11 14:08 Vijaya:

    Thanks for the giveaway. <3

  • 6/10/11 14:15 dangster:

    I’ve been dying to try out these balms, but I can never find them! :)

  • 6/10/11 14:17 Andrea:

    I’ve heard so much about these and would love to give them a try!

  • 6/10/11 14:18 Kimk:

    OMG – I have several EOS balms stashed all over and I LOVE ’em! Lemon rocks the most, I think… :) Want them all!

  • 6/10/11 14:18 Harachtee:

    Hi :)
    Is it alright to enter for international participants as well? I live in Berlin, Germany. THX anyway, and if so, please concider this as an entering post. ^^

    • 6/10/11 14:24 the Muse:

      sure harach of course you can enter hun!

  • 6/10/11 14:24 anon:

    Would love to smell them lol thanks!

  • 6/10/11 14:24 Katie:

    Love EOS lip balms! Hope to win!!!!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:28 Jill:

    Love the EOS lip balm!

  • 6/10/11 14:28 Shalon:

    I hadn’t heard of those ones. I will have to go look for them!

  • 6/10/11 14:29 Doris:

    EOS lip balms are the best! <3

  • 6/10/11 14:29 Heather:

    Would love to win!

  • 6/10/11 14:29 Serena K:

    hope i win!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:29 Linda:

    I would love to win this product, they look awesome and sound wonderful.

  • 6/10/11 14:29 sara:

    I continued to see this everywhere but never knew where it was sold! this is awesome!

  • 6/10/11 14:29 Cheryl:

    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  • 6/10/11 14:29 Jennifer Parrish:

    I’d love to try these lipbalms!

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Joe:

    I love my lemon EOS lip balm, but it’s almost gone! I definitely need these :-)

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Barbara:

    lemon is my favorite, but always happy to try to flavors!!

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Kara:

    Would love to try these :)

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Lacey:

    IU Girls LOVE EOS!

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Sam:

    Love EOS lip balm! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Crystal Barraza:

    I want to try all of them!!! Enter me:]

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Amber:

    nice giveaway – me like!

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Leeana:

    I love EOS!!

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Becky:

    I have never used this lipbalm but sure would LOVE to try it !! Thanks for the chance to win some…..

  • 6/10/11 14:30 Bethany:

    EOS lip balm rocks!!

  • 6/10/11 14:31 Sharon:

    Who wouldn’t want to win EOS Refreshing Lip Balm Set !! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 6/10/11 14:31 Jamie:

    I LOVE EOS!!! balms and lotions rock

  • 6/10/11 14:31 dale schmucker:

    EOS makes great products! I

  • 6/10/11 14:31 C J:

    I am absolutely 100% obsessed with EOS. I can’t even begin to tell you how much. I hope to win!

  • 6/10/11 14:31 Cindy:

    Sounds yummy!

  • 6/10/11 14:31 Kaylene:

    I have never tried these before, but I would love too! What fun and interesting packaging! :)

  • 6/10/11 14:31 Jodie:

    Love, Love, Love you line of lip balm! I think it’s very fun to use and different!!

  • 6/10/11 14:31 Chelsey:

    I LOVE EOS products soo much!

  • 6/10/11 14:31 Annie brown:

    ahhhh i have been trying to find these everywhere, but not having any luck! :( I WOULD LOOOOVE THESE!
    thanks a lot! :)

  • 6/10/11 14:32 Didi:

    I love EOS. They smell great and are so great for your lips!

  • 6/10/11 14:32 Keri O:

    I would love to try these!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:32 Heather:

    eos lip spheres are THE best lip balms available! Great scents, paraben-free, and just plain awesome! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • 6/10/11 14:32 Teena Miller:

    eos is an awesome product

  • 6/10/11 14:32 Sharalee Hoard:

    I would love these!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:32 Jodie:

    Love, Love, Love your line of lip balm! I think it’s very fun to use and different!!

  • 6/10/11 14:32 Jen B.:

    Greatest lip balms ever!!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:33 April:

    Love LOVE LOVE ESO lib balm! I’m trying the melon one right now and it so far the best one on my list. :)

  • 6/10/11 14:33 Chris:

    I have been meaning to try these.

  • 6/10/11 14:33 Amanda:

    My daughter would LOVE this! She’s all about makeup.

  • 6/10/11 14:33 Christina:

    I would love to try EOS lip balms

  • 6/10/11 14:33 Patti:

    Love this!

  • 6/10/11 14:33 Courtney Paige:

    EOS lip balm is the best!!! :) <3

  • 6/10/11 14:33 Stephanie A. Fernandez:

    Have been looking for them everywhere!!! I want all of them! These are really great! Thank you Muse!

  • 6/10/11 14:33 stephanie labar:

    i love this lip balm xoxoxo

  • 6/10/11 14:34 Kaitlin Bruno:

    i love eos lip balm but i haven’t been able to purchase some because of the economy :( its kinda pricey i would love to try this!

  • 6/10/11 14:34 Katrina:

    I LOVE EOS! Their lip balm is amazing! Can’t wait to try these!

  • 6/10/11 14:34 tom:

    I can’t believe how good this is. LOVE EOS lip balms!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:34 teresa:

    loooooooooove to try these!!!!!!!!<3

  • 6/10/11 14:34 Stefanie Thompson:

    I would love to win one of the two packs. I love EOS Lip Balms. Thank you for the giveaway!! :)

  • 6/10/11 14:34 heidi:

    i would love to try these!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:34 Cindy:

    Love EOS products and am hoping to win so I can try the lip balms :) TIA!

  • 6/10/11 14:34 The Coupon Kid:

    I want to win! :)

  • 6/10/11 14:34 Mary Kuntzelman:

    YUM! I always want to eat my EOS products….

  • 6/10/11 14:35 Stephanie:

    Would love to try these!

  • 6/10/11 14:35 Amber:

    I love this line of lip balm.. I have one in my purse, backpack, and one sitting on my desk..I can’t get enough of them.. Can’t wait to see what other flavors make it.!!

  • 6/10/11 14:35 Korryn:

    My teenage daughter and I love EOS lip balms. (and the lotion too!)

  • 6/10/11 14:36 Rosemary Stanley:

    i love eos lip balm. thanks for the chance to win some new flavors. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 14:36 Mia:

    I love these. Would be great to try these scents!!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:36 Andrea:

    I love eos! I love how it is mostly organic and doesnt have any petroleum in it! It is the only lip balm I buy now!

  • 6/10/11 14:36 victoria:

    i loveeee eos chapstick and shaving cream <3

  • 6/10/11 14:36 Ginger Estes:

    Hope I win… My daughter would love it! We’ve been searching for them but have yet to find them.

  • 6/10/11 14:36 Sharyn:

    EOS lip balm makes my lips feel so soft!

  • 6/10/11 14:36 Katie:

    I just recently discoverd eos lip balm and I LOVE them!

  • 6/10/11 14:36 amanda:

    I love eos products. I’ve tried the lemon drop,sweet mint, and summer fruits smooth spheres. Its the only lip balm i’ve purchased and used down to bare empty!

  • 6/10/11 14:36 Sarah G:

    My sister got one of these and I made the mistake of not getting one too! I love hers and take it out of her bag every chance I get to smooth this lovely balm on my lips, I would really like one of my own!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:37 Kristen:

    Would love to win these!! I also retweeted your tweet @kMaRiE687

  • 6/10/11 14:37 Pat:

    I would love to try these!

  • 6/10/11 14:37 Alexis:

    I have tried every flavor of EOS lip balm spheres. I love them all so equally. I love using tangerine & mint in the winter, honey dew and summer fruit in the spring & lemon in the summer, why not add some more flavors to my summer?

  • 6/10/11 14:37 Lisa:

    I’ve heard so much about these lip balms. I would love to try them!

  • 6/10/11 14:38 Missy:

    I got my daughter one of these (different flavor) and she loves it! I’d love a chance to try them out myself. :)

  • 6/10/11 14:38 Lisa:

    I have been looking for this set everywhere!!

  • 6/10/11 14:38 Judith Griffy:

    Eos is the “balm” lol

  • 6/10/11 14:38 Lorelee Campbell:

    EOS Lipbalms are so smooth and creamy and yummy tasting! I have every flavor know before this summer, and the Lemon and the Mint are my faves!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:38 Becky:

    Would LOVE these!

  • 6/10/11 14:38 Olivia Parsons:

    I LOVE EOS!!! It’s soo hard to find it here in Canada though, so this is great! :)

  • 6/10/11 14:38 gwen:

    i’m collecting all the flavors and these two would complete it!

  • 6/10/11 14:39 valerie:

    would love to try these!

  • 6/10/11 14:39 Shannon:

    I haven’t tried the lip balm, but I have tried the lotion and I love it. I am positive I will love the lip balm as well.

  • 6/10/11 14:39 Lisa S.:

    Newcomer to your blog and a newcomer to the EOS balms. I always wanted to try them, but couldn’t find them till just recently. Now I find I loves me some EOS! Would love to have this set so I can split it up between myself, my DD and my bestie.

  • 6/10/11 14:39 Mindy:

    I LOVE EOS lipbalms!!!! They work great!!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:39 Justine:

    Please! I’m addicted :)

  • 6/10/11 14:40 Tammy:

    These are sooo cute!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 14:40 Sue:

    I love EOS products, looking forward to trying the Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet. It was very kind of you to be doing a giveaway, thank you.

  • 6/10/11 14:40 Jody Mahan:

    I love EOS lotion but have yet to try the lip balm. If it’s as good a product as the lotion, I’d definitely give it a try!

  • 6/10/11 14:40 Cindy:

    I love EOS. It’s the only Lip Balm that I will use!!!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:40 Elizabeth:

    Would love to try a new lip balm :)

  • 6/10/11 14:40 Cary:

    I need these! What a cute set!

  • 6/10/11 14:41 amber b.:

    hello my name is amber and im an eos addict…..

  • 6/10/11 14:43 Leah:

    I loved the lemon one, hated summer fruit, so I hope to get to try these out!

  • 6/10/11 14:43 Samantha:

    i LOVE eos! i got lotion, and lip balm! i lovee themm!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:43 fishball:

    enter me! I want to try these out too!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:43 Rhonda:

    I only just recently found these & got addicted to the Honeysuckle/ Honeydew. I’m open to try these other 2 flavors, Strawberry Sorbet & Passion Fruit. They sound wonderful. :-) ty you for this wonderful lip balm. I’m looking to try other EOS products in the very near future. If they’re at least 1/2 as good as the lip balms. I’m totally sold. :-)

  • 6/10/11 14:43 Lisa:

    I LOVE EOS!!! i have a feeling im going to be winning!! watch out!

  • 6/10/11 14:44 Jessica:

    Love love love all EOS products.

  • 6/10/11 14:44 Felisha Avery:

    I really love eos lip balm,the most fun is putting it on in front of people who dont know about eos and having them ask me about it then I get to play role like Im always in the know of all things hot lol.

  • 6/10/11 14:44 Ruth Nielsen:

    Have never tried them but would love to. Look great.

  • 6/10/11 14:44 Lisa:


  • 6/10/11 14:44 M.J.:

    That makes for a yummy summer!

  • 6/10/11 14:45 Kelly:

    LOVE the EOS products!! :)

  • 6/10/11 14:45 Kandice:

    The best lip balm ever!!! Seriously. I like it even better than burt’s bees! You guys ROCK!!!! And i’m lovin’ the new colors!!!!!!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:46 Ashurii VanDenburgh:

    I absolutely ADORE EOS products. <3 Their Lip Balms make my lipss SUPER soft! ;D

  • 6/10/11 14:46 Kristi:

    LOVE their products! The lotion smells absolutely wonderful! Why don’t more stores carry their products, though?

  • 6/10/11 14:46 Becky C:

    Big fan of Eos lip balms. Am usually very picky on which ones I like. These are my number 1 favorite!!

  • 6/10/11 14:47 Angela bordeleau:

    I. LOVE. Your balms! <3

  • 6/10/11 14:47 Joann Robinson:

    My dry lips would love to try these lip balms.

  • 6/10/11 14:47 Heather M:

    I’ve always wanted to try the lip balms. I love their lotion as well!!

  • 6/10/11 14:47 Kayleigh:

    I love this brand..I have tried their lotion and lip balm but strawberry shorbet sounds pretty delish. Hope I win

  • 6/10/11 14:48 Denise Purvis:

    I’d love this set!

  • 6/10/11 14:48 Carey Brown:

    I really, really want to try these! GLTA :)

  • 6/10/11 14:48 Pam:

    I love EOS !!!! I have tried the lip balm and hand lotion. ENter me please !!!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:48 Aarika:

    Love eos! My little girls are pretty fond of the lip balms too. I cant find this set for purchase Anywhere in my area though :-(

  • 6/10/11 14:48 Sharon:

    Would enjoy winning these to try this product. Product seems to show up in many ads lately I have seen. thanks.

  • 6/10/11 14:48 Kris Kozlak:

    ooooh! i love these!!

  • 6/10/11 14:48 Sara Bott:

    EOS is awesome. I can’t help but tell all of my friends about the product and any time I use the products everyone always asks what it is because of the unique shape, which I love. =)

  • 6/10/11 14:49 Juanita LaGreca:

    I would love to own these sets! Passion fruit sounds super yummy

  • 6/10/11 14:49 Sandra:

    I love EOS lip balm. My daughter is only aloud to use 2 lipbalms and yours is one of them. She prefers the EOS.

  • 6/10/11 14:49 Cally:

    I LOVE EOS! Absolutely the best and cutest lip balm out there!

  • 6/10/11 14:49 Rose:

    My daughter iis a lip balmaholic! I thinbk she would love these..as would I !

  • 6/10/11 14:49 karen:

    eos lipbalm is so cute. i remember when i got a free sample before it started becoming popular.

  • 6/10/11 14:49 Diane:

    I would love to try EOS Lip Balm. I use products on my lips several times a day and I’m always looking for something new to try.

  • 6/10/11 14:49 Diane Byrd:

    Kissing my hubby of 28 years with your product, just might put a spark in our lives ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 6/10/11 14:49 Debbie:

    Really could use these.

  • 6/10/11 14:49 margaret:

    I would love to try these new flavors!

  • 6/10/11 14:50 Kelly Cartner:

    have been using these for about 2 years now. Love the different flavors but can’t get the honeydew one anymore; my dog always eats it – he loves it more. I would love to win the giveaway with the new flavors. for those that can’t find them – ask the cashier sometimes the are by the register or in another impulse by sectino of the store!

  • 6/10/11 14:50 sheina:

    Eos is amazing! :-). I will never go back to my old lip balm again.

  • 6/10/11 14:50 lauren:

    I would love love loveee to try these new flavors and add them to my collection!!! These flavors are sounding yummyyyyy :)

  • 6/10/11 14:50 katelyn bohn:

    my cousin won this, i tried it, and i loved it!!

  • 6/10/11 14:51 carla king:

    I am excited to try eos lipbalm! If anything like the quality of eos lotions, imba customer for life. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 14:51 Casi:

    I would love to win this! My current EOS lip balm is almost gone!

  • 6/10/11 14:51 Tarryn W.:

    I unfortunately didn’t win the lotion giveaway a while back but I bought one and it’s wonderful. I am absolutely addicted to the lemon drop & sweet mint spheres. I would love to try these limited edition scents. I wonder if they will make a limited edition lotion? Hmm..(hint hint) ; )

  • 6/10/11 14:51 Karen:

    i’ve been wanting to try these out for a long time!

  • 6/10/11 14:51 mel:

    Would love to win these for my two daughters, who love your
    products. Thanks for a great product.

  • 6/10/11 14:51 Debora:

    Pick ME :]]

  • 6/10/11 14:51 Catherine:

    I haven’t tried EOS products but would love to!

  • 6/10/11 14:51 Karen Pease:

    Would love to try these new ones. Haven’t been able to find them in any of our stores located in my area. I do have the summer fruit one. I have also tried the EOS hand lotion. Love it too. Thanks.

  • 6/10/11 14:52 Jenny:

    I would LOVE to try them. Have heard so many good things about EOS!

  • 6/10/11 14:52 Cherie:

    I definitely need lip balm when working out in the shop on metal roses. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  • 6/10/11 14:52 Silke:

    Just love them bought the Honeysuckle/honeydew love love love them

  • 6/10/11 14:53 Corie Mook:

    I collect all of these lip balms!!! I would love to add to the collection! ๐Ÿ˜‰ <3

  • 6/10/11 14:53 Melissa Irwin:

    I’ve been wanting to try these, and just haven’t picked one up yet. Strawberry Sorbet sounds great!

  • 6/10/11 14:53 Jessica Cutler:

    I have never tried EOS products, I know they aren’t expensive and have been told great things about them, however, being a mom of four year old twins I have a hard time buying new stuff for myself. I hope whoever wins them enjoys their samples!

  • 6/10/11 14:53 lauren:

    love love love eos products. i have a lip balm, lotion and hand moisturizer. they’re awesome!

  • 6/10/11 14:53 Robin Barton:

    Love the EOS lip balms. Want to try the hand cream but haven’t been able to find it in any local stores. But would be thrilled for some new flavors of the lip balm in any event!

  • 6/10/11 14:53 Biba:

    One set for me, please! :)

  • 6/10/11 14:54 Kathy:

    I finally found 2!!! It took me a while as they were always sold out! Determination!! As I went from checkout to checkout Only to find empty boxes, I found a box behind the empty one was not opened so I pulled it out to find a full box!!! Woop Woop

  • 6/10/11 14:54 Maru:

    EOS products are the best!

  • 6/10/11 14:54 Sarah V:

    I love these lip balms! I’ve been looking for this two-pack, but can’t find it!

  • 6/10/11 14:55 Tina bourgeoise:

    These look so moisturizing I need them!!!

  • 6/10/11 14:55 Angie Wu:

    Would love to try EOS products. :)

  • 6/10/11 14:55 Carlie:

    I love EOS products!

  • 6/10/11 14:55 Jessica:

    I love the lotion so sure I would love the lip balm too!!

  • 6/10/11 14:56 Penelope Neil:

    I recently discovered EOS products and WOW im so happy i did! They are all the best! LOVE my soft lips and so does my husband! Thanks!

  • 6/10/11 14:56 Bella:

    I have looking for these everywhere in my area and have not been successful in finding them! I would LOVE to win a set of these. I love eos lip balms and really to give these beauties a try!

  • 6/10/11 14:57 Mishka B:

    i would LOVE to win this!

  • 6/10/11 14:57 Michelle:

    never tried these before, but they look adorable!

  • 6/10/11 14:58 robyn safier:

    just bought my first eos products and love love love them!

  • 6/10/11 14:58 Carlie B:

    Yay! This is wonderful! xo

  • 6/10/11 14:58 Whitney:

    Ooh, strawberry! I love my lemon EOS lip balm with SPF 15!

  • 6/10/11 14:58 Kim:

    My daughter & I love the EOS lip balms!

  • 6/10/11 14:58 Penelope Neil:

    LOVE my kissable liips! An so does everyone else!

  • 6/10/11 14:59 Donna Lee:

    I can’t wait to try these!!

  • 6/10/11 14:59 Erika:

    I would love the opportunity to try this lip balm!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:00 Penelope Neil:

    I recently dicovered these an WOW an i glad i did! Thanks for my soft lips! My husband LOVES them!

  • 6/10/11 15:00 Zoila Zaldivar:

    EOS is amazing! I love everything they make from lipbalms to shave cream.

  • 6/10/11 15:02 Amy Davidson:

    EOS products are amazing!

  • 6/10/11 15:02 Rebecca Haupt:

    Very cool looking! Would absolutely love to try these. (Looks like it would make a great fill-in gift, or just a pick ’em up gift for the girl friends!) Thanks!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:02 rachel:

    i love eos!

  • 6/10/11 15:02 Celia:

    I have the sweet mint flavor & love it!

    • 6/10/11 15:07 Tiffany Renoll:

      where did you find sweet mint???

  • 6/10/11 15:02 Kelli A.:

    I’d love to try these for the summer (and into the Winter) ! I have really dry skin and these look amazing.

  • 6/10/11 15:03 Katy Ireland:

    Wahoo! these are awesome, i especially love the lemon lip ablm. It’s my fave!

  • 6/10/11 15:03 Jenny F:

    I would love to try these. I have never tried them. I have seen them but really don’t know much about them. I hope I win!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:03 Irene:

    I have never tried these, but would love too!!

  • 6/10/11 15:03 Carmen:

    I have never tried these lip balms…and tomorrow is my b-day so it would be a nice surprise:))

  • 6/10/11 15:04 Kelly:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them wish they were mine atleast for a little while till my daughter steels them

  • 6/10/11 15:04 Judy:

    EOS – my “friend” walked off with my last one.

  • 6/10/11 15:04 Roxanne:

    EOS is a godsend for the lip balm obsessed such s myself.

  • 6/10/11 15:05 katiej:

    I love EOS! I have never had these flavors, so I’m excited!!

  • 6/10/11 15:05 Rebekah:

    Love EOS i have tried all the products and cant find anything better.

  • 6/10/11 15:06 suroor:

    they r not available in canada I so wanna try these i hv been hearing bout them since i was like a baby

  • 6/10/11 15:06 Tiffany Renoll:

    I absolutely <3 EOS!!!!!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:06 Linda White:

    Yum, love to win these yummy sounding flavas! No, I do not need more lip balms either but I WANT them! lol

  • 6/10/11 15:07 Aj:

    Ooo…I hope I win! I also just retweeted for a second chance!!

  • 6/10/11 15:07 jeannie:

    My mom bought my 7 year old the green one and I love it! It’s a great shape to have in my purse b/c it’s different. PS don’t tell my daughter that I stole it from her. But, if I won my own I could give hers back!!

  • 6/10/11 15:07 jenafer:

    I want to try these, my sister has one and <3 LOVES <3 it!

  • 6/10/11 15:07 Anah Harvey:

    I recently tried this lip balm and it immediately became my favorite! It’s so smooth, silky and smells great. I love it.

  • 6/10/11 15:08 Kara:

    I love these!

  • 6/10/11 15:09 Lors:

    I’d love to win these!

  • 6/10/11 15:09 Melinda:

    I love EOS products. My daughter keeps stealing these from my purse.

  • 6/10/11 15:09 Krista:

    These are amazing! Makes my lips feel soooo nice!

  • 6/10/11 15:09 jenn s.:

    My lips really love the EOS lip balms, even though I’m not really crazy about the Summer Fruits flavor. I know I’d be crazy about the Strawberry and I’m going crazy trying to hunt down the Lemon! This is a neat product!

  • 6/10/11 15:10 Diane Estlow:

    I absolutely LOVE the eos brand. The lip balms are the best

  • 6/10/11 15:10 Geralyn:

    Would love these! I hope I win!

  • 6/10/11 15:10 chrystie:

    I’ve actually never heard of this before…they look really cool. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at the store.

  • 6/10/11 15:11 Nicole Mether:

    Havent had a chance to try your proDucts yet, but would love to!

  • 6/10/11 15:11 Jennifer Whanger:

    I love this lip balm, the container is much more handy than the old cylinder tube. Just fyi, the summer fruit is the best so far!

  • 6/10/11 15:11 Judy:

    I would absolutely love to win these. I have been watching for them at WalMart and they still don’t have them. Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:12 Vick:

    I can never find these and I want one bad! The flavors sound so delicious!

  • 6/10/11 15:12 Michelle:

    Love EOS and so does my 3 yr old niece! She got the lip balm “eggs” in her Easter basket! This product is great!

  • 6/10/11 15:12 Cheska Weisinger:

    I love the EOS lip balms! I have all the flavors/scents but can’t find this pack anywhere! Would love to win this.

  • 6/10/11 15:13 Denise:

    I LOVE EOS!!!! =)

  • 6/10/11 15:14 Noelle V:

    I would love to try EOS lip balm!

  • 6/10/11 15:14 Gretchen Barendse:

    Would Love to try these!!! Hope I win

  • 6/10/11 15:15 Doreen Weaton:

    This is a new product for me, but I’m always looking for something to make my lips look and feel better. Yes, I admit it, I’m a “licker.”

  • 6/10/11 15:15 Diana Herrera:

    EOS Lip Balm is amazing (:
    I have been try to grab the limited editions, but they’re impossible to find! +_+

  • 6/10/11 15:16 Tina:

    I love these for my kids! Love to try the new flavs!

  • 6/10/11 15:16 Lauren @ Sweet and Twisted:

    I love Eos lip balm! These flavors sound awesome!

  • 6/10/11 15:17 Cheryl Hamano:

    I love the shape of the EOS Lip Balm and so does my 10 year old son. The shape is “cool” so he’s more apt to use it to moisturize his lips.

  • 6/10/11 15:17 Monique Bilbo:

    I bought one of these lip balms the other day, standing at checkout. was so cool, the grandkids love the shape. Would love to try more!!

  • 6/10/11 15:19 Krista:

    Please let me win for once! Yay EOS!

  • 6/10/11 15:19 Hannah:

    I am in love with my lemon one, and have been wanting these forever! So now, maybe I’ll win them!

  • 6/10/11 15:19 Danielle:

    I have been trying to find these, but I haven’t been to successful.

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/FrenchGirl20/status/79266242086699008

  • 6/10/11 15:20 Kelly:

    I love EOS lipbalms, especially their spheres ๐Ÿ˜€ Been wanting to try that Pomegrante one so badly lol Where I live they don’t have those :(

  • 6/10/11 15:20 Andrea:

    Love EOS lip balm!!

  • 6/10/11 15:20 laura r:

    i have gone through 2 and given away several of these balms! LOVE them! and they’re great conversation starters.

  • 6/10/11 15:20 molly:

    fingers crossed! Really want to try these…

  • 6/10/11 15:21 kala tidyman:

    would love to try!! Never have before

  • 6/10/11 15:21 Debbie Ryan:

    I would be in heaven if I could win these. THey look as though they are a wonderful product. I love great lip balm. My fiance’ would love them too I am sure of it.
    So, if you pick me to win you will be making a newly Graduated College Student, and engaged woman very happy!!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:21 Mari:

    Omg, I would loveee to have this! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Please pick me!!!! <3

  • 6/10/11 15:21 Nicole:

    These look sound so good and i would love to get them. i would show them to all my friends so they can buy them too!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:21 Scerria Ford:

    i wanna win! i love these chap sticks more than any other kind.

  • 6/10/11 15:21 Mary:

    I LOVE EOS!!! Haven’t tried the lip balm, looking forward to it!

  • 6/10/11 15:22 Michelle Campo:

    I love EOS products! I never really used lip balm until I tried theirs and now i’m hooked!

  • 6/10/11 15:22 Carrie:

    Ooh, I’d love to try these! Thanks for doing the giveaway =)

  • 6/10/11 15:23 D’Andria:

    I just love these balms…<3

  • 6/10/11 15:23 Michelle Campo:

    I love love love EOS Products!!!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:23 toni:

    I love EOS! I have them every where and am a huge promoter of them! Standing on line at a store, I had one on the belt. The cashier asked what it was and told her. Took an open one from my purse and showed her what it looked like. Then, a man on line was listening, and said that I sold it so well, he just KNEW his lips would get moist if he bought one. I recommened the melon for him (since it is green) and he used it while on line. The cashier also had him hand her one and went right away to the cashier next to her to buy it. My son, who is 18 months, also uses it :)

  • 6/10/11 15:23 Natalie:

    I would love to try these!<3

  • 6/10/11 15:24 Chrissy:

    I absolutely <3 EOS products! Especially the lip balms!! I have just about every flavor that has been released and also have the hand lotions! love them!

  • 6/10/11 15:24 Aimee Pan:

    I’d love to try! Thanks for doing these, Muse!

  • 6/10/11 15:24 Ida:

    I would love to have this. They Are amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰ i follow you on twitter!

  • 6/10/11 15:25 Lauren:

    I want one

  • 6/10/11 15:25 natasha nelson:

    hope i win

  • 6/10/11 15:26 Debbie:

    Wow, these sound fantastic. Would love a chance to try them.

  • 6/10/11 15:28 toby:

    i love these lip balms! i really want to win!!

  • 6/10/11 15:28 Liz K:

    These are the best lip balms ever!

  • 6/10/11 15:29 Talisa:

    I would love to try these to see what all the hype is about! I am obsessed with lipbalms although I have never tried EOS because I haven’t seen them around where I live. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 6/10/11 15:30 Juleen:

    Are these flavored? If not, they should be! Would love to try! :)

  • 6/10/11 15:32 Jennifer Y.:

    I would love to win this prize. I am always trying new products and I haven’t tried these lip balms yet.

  • 6/10/11 15:33 styleezta:

    I love these!

  • 6/10/11 15:33 Karla V:

    I have never seen these flavors before today! I am currently using EOS’ Summerfruit flavor – and I love it!! I also like the unique packaging.

  • 6/10/11 15:33 styleezta:
  • 6/10/11 15:34 Tiffiney:

    I Luv Ecos lip balm! Musings of a muse U ROCK!!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:35 Alanna:

    Those are so cute!

  • 6/10/11 15:36 Jennifer Travis:

    I LOVE EOS lip balms!! I’ve got all the ladies at work hooked on them too!!

  • 6/10/11 15:36 Ellie:

    I would LOVE to win this!! :)

  • 6/10/11 15:36 TinaX:

    Never tried these lip balms so I would be glad to win this! Thanks!

  • 6/10/11 15:36 Jeana:

    Ooo, pick me, pick me!!!

    I have the light green (some mint flavor, forgot the name) on my desk, lemon on my nightstand and summer fruit in my bathroom. LOVE!!! I have to have these two. Thanks for the give-away.

  • 6/10/11 15:37 Season Hampton:

    I LOVE these lip balms my absolute favorite!

  • 6/10/11 15:37 Joyce B:

    I have never tried these, but want to! Might have to see if they have them in stock at the store right by me!!

  • 6/10/11 15:39 liz baker:

    i’ve been dying to try one of these, they look so cool!

  • 6/10/11 15:39 aubrey:

    i love eos and would love to win this

  • 6/10/11 15:41 Michelle:

    I love EOS lip Balm, and I would love to win this!

  • 6/10/11 15:42 Brittany:

    My friend started using these and loves them. Would love to get on the wagon!

  • 6/10/11 15:43 Serena Fields:

    Love this product, and would like to win this.

  • 6/10/11 15:44 Eddy:

    So excited for these Love EOS! Pick ME!

  • 6/10/11 15:44 Dimple Vikamsey:

    I really would like to try these. they look so cutte, I would love to win one of them.

  • 6/10/11 15:46 Heather:

    My kids love EOS!

  • 6/10/11 15:46 Debbie Smith:

    I would love to win one of these lip balm sets. Thanks for the chance and have a WONDERFUL weekend. Hope to talk to you on the 27th. (My oldest grandson Klye birthday) !

  • 6/10/11 15:47 Abby:

    I love EOS! I can’t wait to try the two new ones!!! :)

  • 6/10/11 15:47 Lori Beck:

    love me some lip balm

  • 6/10/11 15:47 Sasha:

    These are wonderful. My first EoS product was a mint lip balm, then I moved on to the shaving creams!

  • 6/10/11 15:49 Allie:

    I LOVE EOS! Would love to get these!

  • 6/10/11 15:50 Leah Wentzell:

    Summerlicious. Unemployed and could use. thx

  • 6/10/11 15:50 Rachel:

    EOS is my favorite product on earth!!!! So sad that they dont seem to sell these limited edition lip spheres in my area!!

  • 6/10/11 15:50 Terri Ha:

    I really like your eos lotions, especially the hand lotion without scents. They make my hands a lot softer. I wonder how the lip balm will work for me. Thanks for this giveaway.

  • 6/10/11 15:51 Liana:

    I would LOVE to win these..my lips can use a little TLC (or better said, EOS)

  • 6/10/11 15:52 mandy:

    these flavors sound delightful! i have one, but i’m not sure what it’s called (starfruit, maybe?)- i can’t wait to try the new set!

  • 6/10/11 15:52 Michelle Corbaley:

    I’d love to have this set. I bought EOS lipbalms for my two daughters and put them in their stockings last Christmas, but didn’t get myself one.

    EOS hand lotion rocks as well!! They sent me a full purse size hand lotion in cucumber as a sample! EOS ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  • 6/10/11 15:53 Lisa Gyolai:

    I love EOS! All of the stores around me have been sold out of the summer packs! WAAA!

  • 6/10/11 15:53 Poy:

    I really like this thing. Its taste good.

  • 6/10/11 15:55 Jenell Mote:

    I love lip balm. I would love to give this band a try. It may become my new addiction!!

    • 6/10/11 15:55 Jenell Mote:


  • 6/10/11 15:55 Melissa Eek:

    Great chance to try out a new product! :)

  • 6/10/11 15:55 Christy C.:

    yay my favorite fruits in lip balm flavor!

  • 6/10/11 15:57 Quinn:

    I love EOS products. Excited to see the new set!

  • 6/10/11 15:58 Victoria:

    I love these! I borrowed a friend’s and I’ve been trying to steal it ever since.

  • 6/10/11 15:59 lo:

    really want to try these! specially the passion fruit one sounds amazing and they’re just so cute :]

  • 6/10/11 15:59 Fiona Chow:

    love to try these :)

  • 6/10/11 16:01 Anna:

    Ooh, I love eos…Would love to win!

  • 6/10/11 16:02 Pamela Mora:

    I LOVE EOS PRODUCTS!……even my 2 yr old daughter uses the lip balms =]

  • 6/10/11 16:02 monica:

    Eos is the best! I wish to get this pack! is the best product out there that has come out so far! =D Everyone in my family fights for it!

  • 6/10/11 16:04 Hanna:

    I love Eos balms, my two are currently nearly gone, this would be an awesome win. ^_^

  • 6/10/11 16:04 Amanda:

    The EOS packaging is so cute and functional! Love their products!

  • 6/10/11 16:06 Shelley:

    Im a lip balm junkie…I would love to try these!!

  • 6/10/11 16:06 Elizabeth:

    I would absolutely love to win. Thanks!!

  • 6/10/11 16:07 Kim B.:

    This is the best lip balm ever. I have owner of several of lemon flavored ones!!!

  • 6/10/11 16:07 Elizabth Payne:

    My coworker and I LOVE LOVE LOVE eos lip balm and when I showed her your review she flipped out. She wants to leave work early to go buy it…me too!

  • 6/10/11 16:08 Janice Centers:

    Would love to try them!!

  • 6/10/11 16:09 Jessica:

    My 14 year old now has myself and my 5 year old addicted to the lemon lip balm. I especially love that it has an spf in it. Can’t wait to try the new flavors! It would be wonderful to win this twin pack! One for each of my beautiful girls!

  • 6/10/11 16:09 Kam:

    I’ve never tried EOS but I really want to. Can’t find it anywhere :/

  • 6/10/11 16:12 Jen:

    There has been so much talk about EOS lip balms. I am dying to try them out!! :)

  • 6/10/11 16:13 kari:

    love eos–would like to try more flavors!!

  • 6/10/11 16:14 Heather S:

    I love EOS!

  • 6/10/11 16:15 Joanne:

    I love eos! I hope I win these new flavors.

  • 6/10/11 16:15 melanie mcclanahan:

    I would love to try this> It always seems to be sold out in my local stores

  • 6/10/11 16:19 Eileen:

    I love the hand cream would love to try the lip balm….

  • 6/10/11 16:19 Codi Kiker:

    I absolutly love Eos products! I have the Lemon one right now and must say I am addicted to it! I would love to try these new flovors. I also have the Eos hand lotion and I highly recomend it to everyone!!!

  • 6/10/11 16:20 Nichele Bolender:

    Would love to try this product!!!! LOVE your lotions !!!!!!!

  • 6/10/11 16:20 Gina G:

    I would love to try them! My husband has celiac so I am always on the lookout for gluten free lip balms.

  • 6/10/11 16:22 Dawn:

    I have the mint and love it! I would love to try Passion Fruit.

  • 6/10/11 16:23 connie smith:

    i would love to have those

  • 6/10/11 16:25 Sophie:

    i love eos!

  • 6/10/11 16:26 Amiee:

    LOVE Eos balms! Would love to try the new ones!

  • 6/10/11 16:26 PauFM:

    oooh lipbalms! can’t wait to try these ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 16:27 KELLY LIGHT:


  • 6/10/11 16:27 Dodo:

    i would love to try these as i can’t find them in Canada.

  • 6/10/11 16:29 Barb:

    Bought my first one yesterday and I love it.

  • 6/10/11 16:30 Leah Cox:

    i loveeee eos! lipbalm and shave cream are the best!

  • 6/10/11 16:32 Tracey Furtado:

    I could really use some EOS Lip Balm during this time of year when the weather is warm and I’m outdoors alot.

  • 6/10/11 16:32 Jene:

    I want! I want! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 16:33 diana balcazar:

    I used to have one and I the looks I got when I took it out to use it where hilarious! I would love to have these again.

  • 6/10/11 16:37 Kat:

    I’ve been seeing these and wanting to try!

  • 6/10/11 16:38 samantha manning:

    Iโ€™ve been looking for awhile now. They look so cool.

  • 6/10/11 16:39 Galina Yu:

    Love the EOS balms!!! Can’t wait to try the new ones!

  • 6/10/11 16:40 Robin Besotes:

    Love EOS lip balms!!!. Have one EOS lip balm that’s running low. I’m so in need of more…. Can’t wait to try the Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet flavors. They sound yummy!!!

  • 6/10/11 16:41 Jenny:

    I try a different lip balm every time I go to a drugstore..I’ve always been curious about eos because the container is so cute hehe

  • 6/10/11 16:42 Julie Owen:

    I would love to win these! =)

  • 6/10/11 16:43 Rachel:

    I would love to try these Eos products because I haven’t seen them in stores yet.

  • 6/10/11 16:45 Dorianne:

    I LOVE EOS lipbalms! THANX!

  • 6/10/11 16:46 Steph:

    Oooo, I’ve been wanting some new lip balm for the summer. This looks perfect!

  • 6/10/11 16:47 Vanessa Fisher:

    Fun!! I wanna try them!

  • 6/10/11 16:47 Reem T:

    I would love to try these ๐Ÿ˜€ Definitely helped my lips especially since I have sensitive lips .

  • 6/10/11 16:48 Grace:

    i have been looking for this at 4 different targets :( they are no where booo!

  • 6/10/11 16:52 Kitty:

    THESE LOOK SO ADORABLE! I hope I can win. :)

  • 6/10/11 16:53 Jiniya:

    I’ve always been curious of EOS lip balms, but now that they’ve gotten these fruity, tropical flavors I REALLY want to try them! ๐Ÿ˜€ Sounds delicious!

  • 6/10/11 16:54 Candice Cunha:

    EOS Addict =]

  • 6/10/11 16:54 Pennie:

    I’ve just tried eos hand cream and body lotion-really great smelling and, works really well!! I would love to try the lip balms-even if I do not win I will try them!!

  • 6/10/11 16:56 angie:

    Love the sound of the new flavors!!! Can’t wait to try them!

  • 6/10/11 16:57 c hey:

    I LOVE and use EOS products! Lotions are the BEST! I’d love to have these flavors!

  • 6/10/11 16:58 Lisa M:

    I have the tangerine one and I loooooove it!

  • 6/10/11 16:58 sharon H.:

    I would loveeeeeeeeee to try the new summer flavors.They look yummy.

  • 6/10/11 16:59 bhumika:

    dis sounds awesome..please enter me..no EOS in my country :(
    sooo wanna try them..

  • 6/10/11 17:00 Kim Collins:

    Love love love Eos products! Love your site too!

  • 6/10/11 17:06 Jojo:

    I love eos lipbalms

  • 6/10/11 17:09 Cynthia:

    I’ve been wanting to try these for a long time!

  • 6/10/11 17:10 Jen:

    I would love to try these!

  • 6/10/11 17:20 Leah:

    Luv, luv, luv my melon EOS! I am constantly trying to keep my fourteen and six year old girls from stealing them! If I have three, then maybe I will be able to keep hold of at least ONE! Plus, I love the way people look at me when I whip out this funky shaped lip balm! hehe
    Hope I win!!!!!! Thanks for the chance.

  • 6/10/11 17:20 shirley:

    I would love to try these!

  • 6/10/11 17:20 Christine Phillips:

    I love EOS hand lotion and would love to try their lip balm :-)

  • 6/10/11 17:22 Angela:

    I would love to win a set!! I have that I use all the time and love it!!!

  • 6/10/11 17:25 Danielle M:

    I love their shave cream… It’s AMAZING!

  • 6/10/11 17:26 Emily:

    I love this stuff. It’s the only lip balm I use.

  • 6/10/11 17:26 pam t:

    would love this,havent tried these yet

  • 6/10/11 17:33 Sheila:

    I have the lemon one and I LOVE it!!

  • 6/10/11 17:36 Sherry Dillman:

    I would LOVE to try them! Hope luck is on my side! :) I’m meeting the man of my dreams in July and i’m sure he would love this!

  • 6/10/11 17:37 Stephanie:

    Love this stuff, especially the melon! It’s also easier for my toddler to use than conventional lip balms.

  • 6/10/11 17:40 Roberta Stewart:

    a neat idea to have it the shape of an egg. The hand lotion is good.

  • 6/10/11 17:42 Kali Harris:

    I just purchased the sweet mint and am in love!

  • 6/10/11 17:45 Lesley M.:

    I cannot find these anywhere where I live. I only see the lemon ones. I would really love to win these!

  • 6/10/11 17:45 Monica:

    I am a lip balm / chapstick aholic…but this is a first I’ve heard of these now I am so curious about them and would love to win this give away.

  • 6/10/11 17:47 heather s:

    I have just heard of these n would love to try it!

  • 6/10/11 17:48 Erica:

    LOVE EOS! Especially since they don’t test on animals! :)

  • 6/10/11 17:49 Erika:

    I kept looking on Walmart.com but they never had these limited edition one! and my two Target around the house do not carry EOS stuff. Ireally really want! Hope I can win it here =D Thank you for the giveaway!

  • 6/10/11 17:50 Stacie:

    I need these

  • 6/10/11 17:51 Tracey:

    Lip balm is the one product I cannot live without and these sound yummy :)

  • 6/10/11 17:52 Shanna A:

    I would love to try these!

  • 6/10/11 17:53 Savannah:

    I LOVE the Summer Fruit flavor! Plus the packaging is just too cute!

  • 6/10/11 17:53 Anna Crystal:

    I tweeted as ‘theannamontana’ and would like to participate ^^

  • 6/10/11 17:55 LK:

    I would love to try those lip balms. I’ve never seen them in Canada, only EOS’ shaving creams lol.

  • 6/10/11 17:55 Tiffany Bowman:

    I recently tried the lotion and I love it!!! I would love to try the lip balm!! I am excited to see these new products and have been telling my friend about them!

  • 6/10/11 17:55 Cheryl:

    These are so CUTE! I’d LOVE to win a set!

  • 6/10/11 17:56 Kate:

    They look cute!

  • 6/10/11 17:56 Shanna:

    Would love to try!

  • 6/10/11 17:57 Linh:

    These look so adorable! I am a total lip products junkie. I would love to try these balms!

  • 6/10/11 18:02 Jessica:

    I love eos lip balm!! Best stuff

  • 6/10/11 18:06 adelina:

    i’m a rosebud lover but i’ve been tempted to try these :)

  • 6/10/11 18:07 Sydney:

    I’m excited about these new flavors!

  • 6/10/11 18:08 Veronica M.:

    I would love to get a gift pack, the strawberry sorbet sounds amazing!! <3

  • 6/10/11 18:09 Ally:
  • 6/10/11 18:09 Paula:

    i just love the lotion, would die to try the lip balm. nice and simple no fuss.

  • 6/10/11 18:10 Laura O:

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on the strawberry sorbet!

  • 6/10/11 18:10 Maralea:

    Love, love, love EOS!! What a great giveaway :)

  • 6/10/11 18:11 Kait Baughman:

    I absolutely love eos lip balms! I bet these flavors are fantastic!! :)

  • 6/10/11 18:15 angie:

    I would love to win!

  • 6/10/11 18:20 natasha mehta:

    Love EOS lipbalms and so does my hubby and 10 year old. They only use eos on their lips. Would love to try these new flavors.

  • 6/10/11 18:21 Donna:

    I would love to try these

  • 6/10/11 18:24 celine:

    lovely giveaway, i’d love to try those!x

  • 6/10/11 18:29 Haley Miller:

    i have 2 eos and i love them! but i always have room for more!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 18:38 laurie:

    I love EOS,they have the best balms!

  • 6/10/11 18:47 Britney:

    I love the lotion….would like to try the lip balm!! :)

  • 6/10/11 18:51 Naalie:

    I would love to try EOS Lip Balms! I can’t find these in my area. They are always sold out!!

  • 6/10/11 18:52 Brooke:

    o-m-g!! You are so lovely to be giving away such an awesome product! I love everything eos! Pick me!!!

  • 6/10/11 18:57 Hannah:

    yes please!

  • 6/10/11 18:58 Diane Stratton:

    I love your lotion & would love to try the lipbalms!!!

  • 6/10/11 19:02 emi s.:

    I’d love to try these, I’ve never been able to find them at drugstores near me.

  • 6/10/11 19:14 karol luna:

    Please pick me!

  • 6/10/11 19:15 sunny:

    i love eos! i’ve been trying to find this ltd ed for awhile, but stores in my area don’t carry it…

  • 6/10/11 19:15 Erin:

    Love me some lipbalms. It all began with Lip Smackers (many many years ago!!).

  • 6/10/11 19:17 H:

    I heart these, i would be so grateful to win. Keep up with the good work ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 19:23 Candy:

    they don’t do these in the UK :( wanted one for ages now! xoxo

  • 6/10/11 19:26 Darlene Hughes:

    would love to try these lip balms.

  • 6/10/11 19:29 Rita:

    I love EOS lipbalms! they’re so moisturing and so easy to find in your purse!

    • 6/10/11 19:29 Rita:


  • 6/10/11 19:31 rhonda m:

    Gosh there are alot of folks wanting them. I might get lost in the crowd!!
    PICK ME!!!

  • 6/10/11 19:33 Pam Harris:

    I love your EOS lotion. I would really love to try the lip balms.

  • 6/10/11 19:36 Nora:


  • 6/10/11 19:41 Colleen:

    I never tired EOS products, and I would love to try these lip balms! :)

  • 6/10/11 19:48 Jess:

    I wish I had these

  • 6/10/11 19:51 Laurie:

    I love these!

  • 6/10/11 19:52 Laurie:

    Love it

  • 6/10/11 19:55 Clara N:

    Never used it before, so I would love to win it ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 20:09 Jennifer:

    I would love to try them I always see them in Walgreens and wanted to try them so please pick me.

  • 6/10/11 20:10 Janice:

    thanks for the giveaway

  • 6/10/11 20:11 Kara Beckgerd:

    Love EOS products!

  • 6/10/11 20:16 catherine r:

    I love this lip balm. They are my Favorite !!!!!

  • 6/10/11 20:23 Ryou:

    I’ve always wanted to try EOS lip balms. I’m nuts about passion fruit so it’s perfect. Sadly it’s not available in both countries I live in, boo! >:

  • 6/10/11 20:24 cynthia weaver:

    Only $5.99 means there are many reasons to be happy with this cool lip balm.

  • 6/10/11 20:26 Britty:

    These are too cute & fun :)

  • 6/10/11 20:29 anita j crespin:

    I love, love, love EOS.

  • 6/10/11 20:36 Stephanie:

    Yay, thanks Muse! I have the Lemon one and I love it.

  • 6/10/11 20:39 Christina B.:

    I have been wanting to try these…my BFF and i have seen them at walmart…would really like to win:0)

  • 6/10/11 20:46 JasMin:

    I LOVE these lip balms, and i only have one,but i ALWAYS look at Rite-Aid For more. :( But i HOPE (hope hope hope hope hope hope) I win this because the flavors are SO tasty, yes tasty, LOL, And smell SO good. :) My sister uses mine and it is running out. :( I tell her not to use so much because i need it. :) But anyways, i hope i win these aweesome lip balms that i came across by and ACCIDENT. lol.
    Btw i am 11,YES, ELEVEN FTW WOOT WOOT! L O L. Well ty and im HOPING :)

  • 6/10/11 20:49 Wendy:

    I love EOS lipbalms! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 20:49 Jessica:

    I’m obsessed with eos

  • 6/10/11 20:49 courtney:

    count me in! i want it!

  • 6/10/11 20:50 Lulu T.:

    I’ve been looking for those! Thanks for having a great giveaway! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 20:50 Haley R.:

    <3 EOS

  • 6/10/11 20:50 Ana:

    I always see these at the checkout at places and am intrigued. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 6/10/11 21:00 Emily:

    I keep wanting to try these but for some reason haven’t bought them yet.

  • 6/10/11 21:00 Sheena:

    I would love to try them! =D

  • 6/10/11 21:01 Jill:

    these look awesome- would love to try them!

  • 6/10/11 21:06 Becky:

    Love Eos lip balms!!!

  • 6/10/11 21:12 Kat:

    Strange….I’ve actually NEVER tried EOS before…..this would be a fun win!

  • 6/10/11 21:13 Soo:

    Gahh! Totally have been meaning to pick these up!

  • 6/10/11 21:23 Sandy:

    I can’t find these anywhere!

  • 6/10/11 21:29 Christen:

    GAH! All my friends have one, and I’m the sad little outsider of all things cool.

  • 6/10/11 21:29 reddart:

    I have the lemon eos lipbalm and would really like to win this new duo.

  • 6/10/11 21:31 Lauren:

    I freaking love these things (: It’s straight up happiness in a cute container

  • 6/10/11 21:40 Sarah Jane:

    You don’t even understand how much I’ve been looking for these lol! Ever since I saw them featured on your blog a couple months ago, I’ve been checking Target’s website ever since. Crossing my fingers!

  • 6/10/11 21:44 Sara:


    *lol* I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talking about these but I’ve never actually seen one in the store. The displays are always sold out. Guess there’s a reason for it.

  • 6/10/11 21:44 Jessica W:

    I have to say the honeydew lipbalm is my favorite, but I think I would adore strawberry sorbet!! I need to find it ASAP!

  • 6/10/11 21:49 Candy Johnson:

    I am using the EOS hand cream and I like it very much. Based on the quality of the hand cream, I believe I would like to try the lip balm and that it would provide the protection my perpetually dry lips need.

  • 6/10/11 21:53 Michelle:

    thankyou so much for this giveaway! i hope i will win so i can try them out because we don’t have eos here in australia. well at least not where i live!

  • 6/10/11 22:05 Cyra:

    i love these :) I have three flavors…but my summer fruit one is almost gone!

  • 6/10/11 22:15 nancy b:

    I cannot believe there is a beauty product out there that I missed! I would love to try these,please!!!!

  • 6/10/11 22:24 Brenda Hoffman:

    Love your products. Have used the melon, would love to try the new passion fruit. I also was sent a sample of your lotions and I am hooked on them, love them!

  • 6/10/11 22:48 Brooke Poole:

    I love the sweet mint for winter & lemon for summer!! :)

  • 6/10/11 22:54 JessicaH Cheo:

    I love EOS lip balms! veryyy yummy ๐Ÿ˜€ I never have enough of lip balms for my dry lips. Now that summer is here kissable lips are super important!

  • 6/10/11 22:56 Becky:

    These are so cute! I’ve been hunting for them to complete my set, but I’ve been foiled so far. :/

  • 6/10/11 23:00 Stephanie:

    Happy weekend!

  • 6/10/11 23:02 Michele Guerrero:

    Love EOS!

  • 6/10/11 23:05 Soo:

    thanks for the chance to win these! I can never actually physically find them anywhere I go

  • 6/10/11 23:08 Lydia:

    I’d love to try these new ones!

  • 6/10/11 23:08 Emily Hand:

    Hope i’ll be the lucky winner of this great giveaway. Would love to try this product out.

  • 6/10/11 23:09 Lin:

    Oh my! It’s the cutest thing ever! Me likey!!

  • 6/10/11 23:13 m:

    Would like to win.

  • 6/10/11 23:20 Anna:

    I really want to try these – they’re impossible to find in Australia!!

  • 6/10/11 23:24 Alanna:

    I hope to win. I have heard wonderous things about EOS but I don’t have the funds neccessary to purchase it. This would simply make my year! :)

  • 6/10/11 23:26 Chichi:

    Oooh I wanna try eos.

  • 6/10/11 23:30 Juliana:

    EOS lip balm is the bomb dot com and I would love to try these two new flavors. I’m also a little too giddy about the pink and purple packaging. Thanks so much for hosting this and I’m going to tweet it right now too (@ChicnPink)

  • 6/10/11 23:31 Erica:

    These look DELICIOUS!!!

  • 6/10/11 23:33 Emily:

    *drool* I LOVE eos lip balms! They’re perfect for lazy people like me who like to moisturize both lips at the same time. Plus, they’re oh-so-cute! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/10/11 23:41 marla:

    I would love to have these to share with my granddaughter

  • 6/10/11 23:54 Nastasia Allred:

    I love EOS ! I’d really love to win this ! (:

  • 6/11/11 0:22 Stephanie:

    I’ve been looking for these everywhere! I would love to win a pack :)

  • 6/11/11 0:27 RK:


  • 6/11/11 0:39 Ada:

    I’d love to try! Hope your vacation is going well, Muse!

  • 6/11/11 0:39 Jennifet:

    These are so cute! Almost cute enough to eat!

  • 6/11/11 0:48 Katie:

    I need this!!

  • 6/11/11 1:08 KateLynn White:

    i am in love with eos

  • 6/11/11 1:13 Grace:

    oh my goodness I didn’t realize EOS came out with new flavours, and ones that sound like my cup of tea!! I haven’t seen this in Canada so far….must keep a lookout for them!

  • 6/11/11 1:27 Connie Rasmussen:

    EOS is the best!! I have tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING for my chapped lips and guess what?!! EOS is the only one that has worked!! I love the spheres and the yummy flavors!! EOS is a blessing for me and my lips!! Thanx EOS!! I’ll forever be faithful to you!

  • 6/11/11 1:31 Jess:

    Oh I know I dont have a chance at winning lol I wanna try one, I can never find them here!

  • 6/11/11 1:40 Mavis:

    Yay! I’m in! :) thanks muse!

  • 6/11/11 1:43 Carolyn Qualls:

    Would love to win something nice like this.

  • 6/11/11 1:57 lace:

    I’ve seen these and want to try the lemon but I first have to use up my supply of Burt’s Bees (that I wish would end already!)

  • 6/11/11 2:42 Sydney:

    These look so cute! The flavors sound amazing too!

  • 6/11/11 2:42 Cindy:

    I’ve always wanted to try these lip balms. I can never find it whenever I remember that I want to get it.

  • 6/11/11 3:14 Lou Anne Alejandria:

    Yummy strawberry lip balm! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 6/11/11 3:27 lydia:

    I hope i win!We don’t have eos products in Greece!Thank you for this contest! :))

  • 6/11/11 3:44 Brindy:

    I would love to try these! I can’t find them anywhere around me! :)

  • 6/11/11 4:16 Axtar:

    Oh man, oh man, would love to try these out! Wish EOS would sell their balms in my country. :p

  • 6/11/11 4:16 Shirin:


  • 6/11/11 4:19 Stephanie:

    I am addicted to eos lip balms.

  • 6/11/11 4:30 Becky:

    I’ve always wondered about these. Do you have to stick your fingers in it to get it out once the top part is gone?

  • 6/11/11 4:58 Diana:

    i have the summer fruit and lemon drop ones! prefer the lemon drop scent/flavour and i ALWAYS apply some before my lipstick./gloss of the day! :)

  • 6/11/11 5:06 Lei:

    I have all of the flavored balms & I definitely want this to complete the set! Love it to bits!

  • 6/11/11 5:41 Annie:

    it’s a shame they don’t sell these in australia.

  • 6/11/11 7:23 Kay:

    EOS products are awesome. I’d love to win.

  • 6/11/11 7:29 Charlotte Bxl:

    The don’t sell the in Belgium, so this would be an excellent opportunity to try them :-)

  • 6/11/11 7:49 Liene:

    Ah, they look so lovely, especially in pastel colours.

  • 6/11/11 7:51 Michelle:

    I would love to see what these smell and feel like!! I love anything organic and cutesy like these lip balms :)

  • 6/11/11 8:07 Reme:

    Ooh these look interesting and I’ve never used an EOS product before. Thanks for the comp Muse and count me in please :-)

  • 6/11/11 8:13 Teressa:

    thanks for the contest! I love EOS lipbalms!! :)

  • 6/11/11 8:48 LipstickChick:

    LOVE the Sweet Mint, and would love to try something new, thanks!

  • 6/11/11 9:17 Tijana:

    Love EOS!

  • 6/11/11 9:24 Lucia Marina:

    Oh, can I join? Is this an international giveaway? *.*

  • 6/11/11 9:27 charise:

    always intrigued, never tried.

  • 6/11/11 9:37 Felicity Lingle:

    I love these!

  • 6/11/11 9:37 Maria:

    Yoo hoo for Yummy lipbalms! Thanks Muse!!

  • 6/11/11 11:16 Stefanie:

    My family and I love EOS products! Even my 3 year old twins ask for “lip stuff” every day! I have been looking for these new flavors and haven’t found them anywhere – Can’t wait to try them!

  • 6/11/11 11:24 Wendy:

    I love EOS lip balms my fave is the summer fruit one!!!

  • 6/11/11 11:25 Ange1@:

    Super cute! It looks so summery and sounds yummy :)

  • 6/11/11 11:29 AAJ83:

    Would love to try the new EOS balms :)

  • 6/11/11 11:48 Cindy Hoy:

    Am a newbie to the world of EOS. Just bought Lemon Drop last week and love it! Would love an oppoturnity to try a new flavor.

  • 6/11/11 12:02 ILUVThursdays:

    i want them really badly
    i wanted to buy one but can’t find any since 2010 O_O
    but i would love to get one and thnx

  • 6/11/11 12:09 Lauren:

    i love EOS lip balms! They taste so yummy!!!

  • 6/11/11 12:15 Staci:

    Looks yummy!

  • 6/11/11 12:28 Aliz:

    These sound fabulous!

  • 6/11/11 12:32 Musebeliever:

    I want these ! *o*
    I love lip balms and these look like a good alternive to my Jelly pong pong lip cushion that tends to get a bit too sticky in the heat.

    But I can’t get them in France.
    This is a curse. T.T

  • 6/11/11 12:36 Tasha:

    I’ve been wanting to try the EOS lip balm for quite some time :)

  • 6/11/11 12:37 Bess Collins:

    Loved the lotion i got, now would love to try the balm!

  • 6/11/11 12:53 Yan:

    The set looks gorgeous!

  • 6/11/11 13:01 Tina:

    i’d love to try these!

  • 6/11/11 13:24 cynthia*:

    i’ve been wanting to try EOS!

  • 6/11/11 13:38 Barbara:

    I’ve always wanted to try these lip balms, but I’ve never been able to see them around me!

  • 6/11/11 13:40 Jieman:

    I would love to win this set, i live in the UK and can never get my hands on these little babies! thanks :)

  • 6/11/11 13:57 Jowita:

    I have never had it :( we dont have it here in Poland

  • 6/11/11 14:04 Jennifer:

    Love your blog and these balms :)

  • 6/11/11 14:10 Donna:

    I LOVE EOS LIPBALMS =D and the flavours look delicious

  • 6/11/11 14:27 Tiffany Weber:

    Can’t wait to try these!

  • 6/11/11 14:40 Nadia:

    yay for lipbalm!

  • 6/11/11 14:46 Fernanda R Andrade:

    Yeap! Send them to me!

  • 6/11/11 14:57 Tiffany:

    Thank you for this opportunity!! :]

  • 6/11/11 14:59 Karen Ang:
  • 6/11/11 15:09 Janet:

    Nom nom nom nom! They look yummy and lovely. Hope you have a wonderful vacation, Muse.

  • 6/11/11 15:15 LINDARRAGNAR:

    oh Never tried but the colours are really cute!!

  • 6/11/11 16:04 Yatee:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE ARE MORE OF THESE. I remember last summer when I found them for 99 cents at RiteAid (on sale) and bought four LOL. And I’m still using them! They last a while.

    I want to collect them all.

  • 6/11/11 16:42 Cindy:

    I only tried the Summer Fruit versions although these two new flavours may be my new favourites!

  • 6/11/11 16:43 Sandra:

    I’ve used the summerfruit EOS lip balms for over a year now and these new flavours seem interesting. I’d love to try them.

  • 6/11/11 17:18 Kelly:

    More More More
    Please Please Please!!!

  • 6/11/11 17:23 Maria:

    i need these in my lifee~

  • 6/11/11 17:45 Caitlyn B:

    I love these little balls of lip balm I can’t wait to try strawberry. I always seem to drop these and chase them around lol.

  • 6/11/11 17:55 Stephanie:

    These flavors/scents sound DELISH. I’d love to try these EOS lip balms. :) Thank you for having this giveaway!

  • 6/11/11 18:39 Samantha:

    I am addicted to lip balm, especially organic and natural ones. I would love to try EOS out!

  • 6/11/11 18:47 Tricia:

    I would love to win this since its not available here in the Philippines =3

  • 6/11/11 19:29 Nancy:

    I have never tried them but I LOVE the Everyday Hand Lotion so these should be just a great!

  • 6/11/11 19:40 nikki:

    I would <3 to actually try these rather than just stare at them on the computer screen

  • 6/11/11 19:53 Tiffany:

    I adore EOS lipbalms !~

  • 6/11/11 20:12 Jhoanne Luna:

    I love lipbalms and would love to try these :)

  • 6/11/11 21:32 Lesley:

    Ahh i love these! Lemon smells amazing!

  • 6/11/11 21:57 linda:

    I saw some EOS lipbalms at walmart but I guess they don’t carry them anymore.

  • 6/11/11 22:05 Jenni:


  • 6/11/11 22:37 Mariel:

    Whoa, Muse!

    I’ve been following your blog for a little under a year now, (Just never really got around to commenting! ๐Ÿ˜€ You know, your blog has been informing me, entertaining me, and making me laugh and smile for a while now. It’s the best beauty blog on the Internet!) and I’ve never seen you do two giveaways in such a short time frame! :O

    Oh, and count me in on this. I’m a certified EOS addict, and am always up for hunting them down here in Canada. I needz these! :)

  • 6/11/11 23:06 Rochelle:

    EOS lip balms are so adorable ^.^

  • 6/11/11 23:56 Alisha:

    I’ve heard of the company before but not this particular product…But I love anything Strawberry (and Raspberry) so THIS would be PERFECT!

  • 6/12/11 0:12 Holly S.:

    I love their mint one, have it sitting on my nightstand next to me right now. I’m sure these new ones are excellent!

  • 6/12/11 0:32 Melissa:

    I’ve never used these lip balms but I saw a lady at my work using one a while ago and I was like “WHOA what’s that? I need one!!”

  • 6/12/11 0:58 Maggie:

    I want to get these so bad! D: i live in canada so i cant get it :(

  • 6/12/11 1:03 chick:

    I’ve always wanted to try these, but the only times I saw them at stores were when I only went in to buy this one thing and couldn’t add anything else to my cart. :(

  • 6/12/11 2:33 Joyce:

    ! i want so badly!

  • 6/12/11 2:47 Alisha:

    i haven’t tried them yet.. i’d love to! a lot of people rave about these!

  • 6/12/11 3:43 Jocelyn:

    I’ve never used lipbalms, or tried EOS.
    Sounds really awesome from what I hear though. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/12/11 3:59 Adrienne:

    I’d love to try this brand – not something I can find locally!

  • 6/12/11 4:36 Emma:

    Would love to try these!

  • 6/12/11 5:37 Avis:

    Love to try these scents! Thanks Muse for the giveaway!

  • 6/12/11 6:08 estee:

    cant get them in singapore. sob!

  • 6/12/11 6:25 Ela:

    i would like to try this :)

  • 6/12/11 7:31 Mandy:

    never tried this but they look so cute! enter me please :)

  • 6/12/11 8:26 Jess:

    I’ve heard so many good things about them and can’t get them in my country :(

  • 6/12/11 9:04 B5:

    never tried it before…. anyway love your blog, you help me to discover ; )

  • 6/12/11 10:03 Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover:

    How cute! Thank you for the giveaway Muse ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  • 6/12/11 11:10 Penny:

    Would love to try these!

  • 6/12/11 12:39 Anita:

    EOS lip balms are luscious!

  • 6/12/11 12:50 Maria G:


  • 6/12/11 13:08 Kaley B:

    These flavors sound delicious.

  • 6/12/11 13:23 Sunny:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 6/12/11 14:30 Claudenka:

    i love these :) i especially enjoy everyone’s faces and questions whenever I pull it out of my bag

  • 6/12/11 14:43 Wendy:

    I want to try EOS lipbalms, but they’re so hard to find in Canada :(

  • 6/12/11 15:18 Alexis:

    I have to admit I am a sucker for their packaging and the yummy flavors. I love how it looks like an egg when its brand new!

  • 6/12/11 16:01 Cassie:

    I love EOS lipbalms and hand lotions, soo fun and different! would love to try the summer limited edition flavors :)

  • 6/12/11 16:14 Janet:

    Yes, I’ve tried finding these and can’t find them. I really do like the lip balm and they feel amazing. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/12/11 16:17 Autumn Rush:

    I love eos lipbalm! so cute & adorable! hope i can get my hands on these! =)

  • 6/12/11 17:12 Kelly:

    I would love to win this set! I’ve been hearing good things about these lipbalms but since I’m in the uk I can’t buy it :(

  • 6/12/11 17:30 izzy:


  • 6/12/11 17:35 Cristi:

    I’ve never even seen these before you posted about them, but would totally love to win ’em! Could definitely use new some new balm in my life hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  • 6/12/11 18:00 Anna:

    So cute and it’s my favorite colors =)

  • 6/12/11 18:21 Kasey:

    Yay! I’m excited for the two new flavors, this is such a great giveaway!

  • 6/12/11 18:27 Natalie:

    Hope i win i love EOS lip balm. Also i live in Canada and i can’t find the limited addition anywhere, they won’t ship online either :( If i end up not winning i will pay if anyone who would like to ship to me. Thanks!!

  • 6/12/11 19:00 Cybelle Oliveira:

    i WANT TRY!

  • 6/12/11 19:12 Emily:

    enter mee :)
    aww they look so cute

  • 6/12/11 19:22 Liane:

    YUM!! Those flavors look fabulous.

  • 6/12/11 19:31 Libby:

    I’ve already got two and cannot fathom finishing them but boy, lip balms are my weaknesses ๐Ÿ˜ก I have quite the collection of lip products, more than I could ever use in a lifetime and yet I still cannot keep from buying!

  • 6/12/11 19:35 Amanda:

    I really want to try these flavors!!

  • 6/12/11 19:43 Kimberly:

    Ohhh fantastic Muse, I haven’t seen these flavors around yet!

  • 6/12/11 20:36 Eve:


  • 6/12/11 21:17 Tierra:

    I love EOS balms and these flavors sound super yummy!

  • 6/12/11 21:17 babysaffron:

    Want to try EOS Lipbalm…..Thanks.

  • 6/12/11 21:37 Emmy:

    I would LOVE to try these I cannot find them ANYWHERE and I think I have looked EVERYWHERE THANK YOU:D!!!

  • 6/12/11 22:02 Kirstie:

    Would love to try these new scents! I love their vanilla mint!

  • 6/12/11 22:30 Lena Garmo:

    I would love to try these flavors. I am a big fan of EOS!

  • 6/12/11 22:47 tlee19:

    I have 4 different EOS flavor balms and hope to collect additional 2.

  • 6/12/11 22:51 Liz:

    These look amazing!

  • 6/12/11 23:06 Karyn:

    These are the best balms for me when I’m sleepy, right before bed — I can do them with one hand and one swipe! Hope I win! (Also, if you guys haven’t tried their hand lotion, the cucumber one is awesome and really cool for summer!)

  • 6/12/11 23:18 Erika:

    i love these! i’ve heard about them from a friend and i just can’t let go of them. i always buy another one when im about to run out. but they are a bit pricey. then again..good things doesn’t come cheap.

  • 6/13/11 1:04 Colleen:

    I love EOS lipbalm and I’m dying to try these!

  • 6/13/11 1:46 Catherine:

    I love how easy these are to find in my purse because of its distinct shape :) I love the fruity flavours!

  • 6/13/11 7:45 Kate:

    I’ve never tried EOS lip balms before. These sound delicious!

  • 6/13/11 8:17 anjali:

    love these! awesome :)

  • 6/13/11 8:41 Halifax:

    It’s still hard to find these lip balms in Canada :(

  • 6/13/11 9:49 KIM:

    I would love to try these.. the shape is kinda cute.. and I have heard + raves about eos!!! K.x

  • 6/13/11 10:47 Alex:

    Super excited! I’ve wanted to try these FOREVER!

  • 6/13/11 10:52 MMM:


  • 6/13/11 10:56 Ivy:

    I have never entered a contest before lol… but who WOULDN’T enter for eos smooth spheres, I mean they’re so cute! I Love Them and they work so good… my lips are really dry and they fix them right up! haha ๐Ÿ˜€

    kbye :)

    • 6/13/11 10:58 Ivy:

      meant to say giveaway… sorry ( you know what happens when your talking to someone then start typing/writing lol)

  • 6/13/11 13:32 sarah:

    I keep my little peach colored sphere right next to my bed…but its turning into a marble!! I need a refill!!! :)

  • 6/13/11 14:26 Laura:

    Give-away O’Rama! THANKS

  • 6/13/11 14:57 Joanne-Marie:

    I really hope I can win this, we don’t have these in Canada, well in Montreal , to the best of my knowledge. So winning this would be great they look awesome!!! <3

  • 6/13/11 15:15 Alice:

    These look adorable!

  • 6/13/11 15:47 Afef:

    i’ve never tried EOS lipbalms :O! i’ve heard so many good things about these i’d love to get my hands on them :3 (btw a fan of your blog here!)

  • 6/13/11 15:52 Selena:

    Would loooove to try them, they look so good…

  • 6/13/11 15:56 Alexus:

    I’m really excited they came out with this set. I’ve been eyeballing it for a while, but I’d like to see a keychain clip or something so I can take it with me without having to dig for it!

  • 6/13/11 20:00 Sofia:

    Omg, I love passion fruit! These sound so yummy!

  • 6/13/11 20:04 Thao To:

    EOS are the best at moisturizing!

  • 6/13/11 22:25 Dana:

    Eos is like crack for your lips, soooooooooo good.

  • 6/13/11 22:40 Cassidy:

    I have been wanting to try the Eos lipbalms for a long time. :)

  • 6/14/11 0:54 Zoe:

    i loveeee eos

  • 6/14/11 2:56 spiff:

    would love to try these!

  • 6/14/11 7:42 Marie:

    I’ve never tried those (unavaialble in my coutry), but they seem lovely, and I just *love* passionfruit. Thanks for this giveaway! :)

  • 6/14/11 8:55 michaela:

    i can’t find these anywhere… and i really want to try them and the lotion EOS makes too!

  • 6/14/11 9:36 Jacqueline:

    Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet! Sounds super yummy!

  • 6/14/11 9:40 Heather:

    I am so in love with my lemon EOS. I would love to win more. So perfect for summer.

  • 6/14/11 9:40 Kelly:

    I would love to win these!

  • 6/14/11 9:41 Carissa:

    Wants to try these! My daughter has one of each & I have yet to get one for myself :)

  • 6/14/11 9:42 Juliana:

    Want this! <3

  • 6/14/11 13:58 Andrea:

    I loove EOS lipbalms! On my trip to the states last week, I looked everywhere for this pack & couldn’t find it! Super sad. Thanks for holding this giveaway! <3

  • 6/14/11 14:21 Joy:

    I LOVE EOS!! It would be awesome to win these new flavors.

  • 6/14/11 14:52 Mansi:

    EOS lipbalms are the bomb! the sweetmint has been my go-to for a long time. the boyfriend also appreciates it :)

  • 6/14/11 15:19 Elle:

    I’ve been wanting to try these forever!

  • 6/14/11 15:20 Saara:

    I’ve been wanting to get an EOS lipbalm for ages….but i’ve been stuck with revision :(…. do you have any favourite flavours?

  • 6/14/11 15:44 Katarina:
  • 6/14/11 15:48 Devon:

    I’d love to win one of these, because they don’t sell them here in the UK :)

  • 6/14/11 15:58 Gabriella:

    I WANT THESE!! Eos lip balms are amazing, I love lemon drop

  • 6/14/11 17:28 Daniella:

    Always happy for lip balm! :)

  • 6/14/11 18:12 sher:

    Love these! They look so cute!

  • 6/14/11 20:25 Krystine:

    The colors are sooo cute!!

  • 6/14/11 22:38 Angela:

    EOS lip balms are amazing! I love how they’re organic and paraben free, and they’re so smooth and hydrating. Plus, these colors/flavors are perfect for summer.

  • 6/15/11 5:02 Nico:

    I’ve been wanting to try these lipbalms but they are not available in my country!

  • 6/15/11 7:45 Caja:

    I’ve never tried EOS lipbalm before but I’ve heard a lot of rave about it :)

    btwn, thank you for the fab giveaway! :)

  • 6/15/11 9:51 Jessie:

    I really wanna try this. Do you include international readers too?

  • 6/15/11 14:07 Lilly:

    I LOVE the Eos lip balm!

  • 6/15/11 19:36 Michelle:

    I love EOS lip balms they’re so moisturizing and they all taste so good! And I love the shape it’s so unique and original!

  • 6/16/11 1:05 Lauren Morgan:

    I NEED these! they are so cute!

  • 6/16/11 1:39 Elaine:

    I bought one over in Hong Kong at christmastime, but it’s long been used up and you just can’t find them anywhere in australia! I miss my summerfruit eos so!

  • 6/16/11 2:10 Danielle Ellis:

    EOS is the best!! I gave one to my sister, and she loves it. Even my husband really likes them!!

  • 6/16/11 4:28 Cedes:

    I need these in my life!!

  • 6/16/11 5:05 Jess Ng:

    i hv twitted it @MusingsofaMuse Win a EOS Summer Pack at http://tinyurl.com/3bhrw4x

  • 6/16/11 13:29 Majick:

    Hi Muse, good thing I just stepped into the 21st century and got an iPhone so I can enter for the giveaway. DH is in the hospital and we’re out of town. Great prognosis and he should get out of here tomorrow.
    BTW- it takes forever to scroll through all the comments on such a tiny screen! LOL
    Hope u r having a great holiday.

  • 6/16/11 14:16 Sally:

    i want them!

  • 6/17/11 11:19 Chiara:

    Since EOS is not available over here, i would love to win these!

  • 6/17/11 16:59 Rachel C.:

    This looks so good! I have never tried these before. The flavors sound fabulous!!

  • 6/17/11 17:41 Dawn Abel:

    I look forward to receiving your blog. I love EOS and really want to try these cute packable/travel lip balms.

  • 6/17/11 17:53 Stephanie:

    yummy flavors!!!

  • 6/17/11 18:35 Mariko:

    Ooh always wanted to try these too! They sound so delicious and all.

  • 6/18/11 8:36 Isabel:

    ah!! Still ahve not gotten my paws on EOS lip balms =_= THey’re available in my country through sprees though

  • 6/18/11 21:21 Susan L.:

    I would love to try these lip balms. Read your post and saw them in the store. I can’t wait to try them!

  • 6/19/11 2:15 Crystle:

    I have always wanted to try these!! And these flavours look amazing.

  • 6/19/11 5:37 Kat:

    ah i’ve never tried, but have heard wonderful things HAHA (:
    thanks so much for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/19/11 6:50 knownever:

    I have the summer fruit variety, but no drugstores near me seem to carry other flavors.

  • 6/19/11 10:44 Alison:

    I recently started using EOS lipbalms and they are fabulous. They are so long lasting on the lips for me and is worth every penny!! The limited edition ones sounds great! Strawberry sorbet!!!!!

  • 6/19/11 12:12 Pollyanna:

    I’ve heard a lot of good comments about EOS balms and would love to try them – I so wish they were available in the UK!

  • 6/19/11 16:35 Claire:

    They look cute!

  • 6/20/11 0:33 Kristina:

    I’ve tried the pink one before…loved it! I won it in a “grown-up” Easter egg hunt :)

  • 6/20/11 3:14 annie:

    I love the shape of them!

  • 6/20/11 5:01 Aesthetic LA:

    Sweet jesus. There are over 600 comments on this post!

  • 6/20/11 6:36 Yvonne:

    Never tried EOS cause can’t find them in Aus but oh man apparently they’re so good! The pack looks really pretty ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 6/20/11 7:37 Farah:

    I’ve never tried EOS lip balms before, but I’m curious to see what the hype is about.

  • 6/20/11 16:17 Shaevy:

    I want this pack for me and my better half since the first time EOS declared its existenceโ™ฅ! WANT WANT WANT!!!!!!! xD~

  • 6/22/11 0:51 Amy:

    I love EOS lip balms!

  • 6/22/11 0:58 Jessica Stanard:


  • 6/22/11 1:20 Ladytink_534:

    I’ve never tried this before but I love lip balm!

  • 6/22/11 15:13 Jammies:

    I still haven’t tried eos lip balms, but strawberry and pomegranate? NOM!

  • 6/22/11 19:48 Nancy:

    My lil sis and I can never find these special gift sets..and that is why I would do anything for them…even attempt to eat 6 saltines under 60 seconds…lol

  • 6/23/11 15:52 Sally:

    i love EOS lip spheres!!! i also retweeted!!! thanks =)

  • 6/23/11 17:31 Michelle:

    I love your reviews!! I love how you tell us about an upcoming collections! I hope you can do more EOS reviews and Lush reviews!!

  • 6/23/11 18:17 jane:

    the flavors sound so good :)

  • 6/24/11 0:26 msworld:

    I love EOS Lip Balm, I recently tried it and I am hooked. I have the Lemon so far with spf for summer!

  • 6/24/11 4:04 elizabeth:

    these look so cute!

  • 6/24/11 8:11 Trevor Ki:

    Oh! Ive never tried EOS Balms i heard many reviews on it. and its my chance now to have these lipbalms please pick me :DDDDDD

    Also i follow you n twitter: Boannee and also i tweeted it

  • 6/24/11 16:01 Valerie:

    Oooh, those flavours are delicious. Hope I win them!

  • 6/25/11 22:00 AmysBeautyWorld:

    Love for your site :)

    enter me for the eos contest ^^
    i really wanted to try them out a long time ago, but you can’t buy them in the netherlands :(
    so thanks for holding this contest

    and if you have time ,than check out my blog http://amysbeautyworld.blogspot.com


    bye! have a lovely day


  • 6/25/11 23:28 Kiani:

    Awww these things are so cute!!

  • 6/26/11 0:10 Renee d.:

    I love eos’s products!!! my favorite lip balm is the sweet mint, but these two sound so yummy. i would love to win them :)

  • 6/26/11 1:38 Huan:

    I’ve been wanting to try EOS lip balm for the longest time!

  • 6/26/11 10:40 Kelly:

    EOS lipbalms are my favorite. They’re the ice cream sandwiches of summer days :)

  • 6/26/11 12:54 Shaniece:

    I’ve seen this before and would love to get my hands on these. ๐Ÿ˜€ They look like colored eggs lol.

  • 6/26/11 17:00 Ali:

    I love the eos products! Love the lip stuff. Perfect pocket or purse size. (and the lotion actually makes my sandpaper like elbows smooth!)

  • 6/26/11 19:28 Karen P:

    I just love the shape of EOS

  • 6/27/11 6:18 Hazel Barrios:

    I love EOS lipbalms and I love your site!

  • 6/27/11 21:03 PS:

    Would love to try this product! I love their other products too!

  • 6/27/11 22:37 KS:

    I’ve never tried EOS before and would love to try them!

  • 6/29/11 0:15 Carolyn Qualls:

    love to try it.