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MAC Glitter & Ice Collection Photos, Info, Thoughts

I’ve been busy posting up MAC Glitter and Ice info for you which I hope you’ve enjoyed!

Here’s a break down of the collections:

There’s alot to be digested from MAC this holiday season. Truth of the matter is that MAC Holiday lost some of its magic for me…I’ve become so disenchanted with their Holiday Collections that I can honestly say that I don’t even remember what they did last year….

As a MAC fan girl, that’s saying something about how inexpressive the collections have been for me the last few years.

I think MAC Glitter and Ice definitely brings back some of that old beauty junkie excitement in me. I see alot of things that I’ll personally be picking up. Needless to say the collection seems even bigger and better than any Holiday I’ve celebrated with MAC, don’t you think so?

I think the Dazzlespheres stand out as a revamp for MAC. Lipglasses and piggies are great but it’s nice to see a fresh new take on our favorite Holiday Sets and the Dazzlespheres bring together Dazzleglass, Creamsheens, and Crushed Metal Pigments to keep things new and exciting.

The new eyeshadow palettes are a nice, new design with some very pretty shades although I do see a shade or two that MAC likes to revisit quite often here…Black Tied, I’m talkin’ to you!

The imagery isn’t quite what I expected. With Johnny Weir heading up the collection I expected fabulously glitzy perhaps in a showgirl kinda way…but MAC took it to their level and gave us a spacey, Sci-Fi bling theme…It’s somewhat like Neo Sci Fi in the Winter instead of the Summer eh?

Overall, MAC Glitter and Ice looks like it’ll be an enchanting collection and should renew fans faith in MAC.

I’m calling a likey on this one.

What do you think so far?

Anything you’ll be hauling?

I look forward to your thoughts on MAC Glitter and Ice and of course, most important of all, your excitement!


MAC Holiday 2011 Viva Glam

Here’s a little peek at MAC’s Viva Glam for Holiday 2011.


MAC Glitter & Ice Dazzlespheres Pigment and Lipglass Gift Sets

MAC Glitter and Ice Dazzlespheres are the typical range of piggie and lipglass sets that MAC releases for the holidays!

Take a look!


MAC Glitter & Ice Ice Delights Lip Bags, Brush Sets, Color Sets

MAC Glitter and Ice Ice Delights are a selection of gift sets that include brush sets, lip sets, and more.

Take a peek!


MAC Glitter & Ice Eyeshadow Ice Parade Palettes for Holiday 2011

Here are some of the palettes that will be available with the MAC Glitter and Ice Holiday 2011 Collection!

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