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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Reintroduces Discontinued Lip Colors via Exclusive Facebook Campaign

I remember my first blush, it was a mosaic peach shade, purchased at the drugstore for the very high price of $9.99 (that was high way back when). I think it was by Black Opal? I was about 16 at the time and adored it. It was thee perfect shade of gorgeous. Being a teenager and not knowing a ton about makeup I continued to use said blush well into my senior year of high school but one day I proceeded to drop it on the floor. I was devastated to say the least but hey, no worries, head to the drug store, pick up another one, and call it a day. Sadly, after searching and searching I couldn’t find it. So I did a little sleuthing, called the company, and proceeded to learn that it was discontinued. That was my first real discontinued woe. I graduated from high school that year and proceeded to spend the next several of my college years trying to replicate the finish and color of that blush with many, many, many blush purchases.

Sadly, I never did find a shade like it.

Dontcha hate that feeling? I was gutted to say the least and I wonder if someone handed it to be right now if I’d feel it was as wonderful or was it just my youthful makeup dreams?

The good news?

Bobbi’s bring back your old favorites! So you won’t have suffer a similar fate as me!

“It’s important to me that I’m always listening to my fans,” says Bobbi on launching Bobbi Brings Back: Lip Color. “This is an opportunity for me to show my Facebook followers that I appreciate all of their support over the years and thank them. We’re bringing back classic Bobbi Brown Lip Colors solely based on what the fans want.”

Bobbi Brown fans have spent many a year writing, tweeting, begging, and pleading for Bobbi to reintroduce their favorite shades of lip color that no longer existed. You spoke and Bobbi listened because as of Feburary 1st Bobbi Brown will be launching her Bobbi Brings Back Lip Color campaign on February 1st

Bobbi will be giving her fans the chance to bring back their old favs via Facebook. You can log onto and vote for 10 of the most requested shade globally.

The campaign crosses boundaries and allows not only women from the US to vote but also ones located in the UK, Korea, Japan, Germany, and Australia.

The voting application is available in multiply languages for international use and optimized for mobile and tablet devices so Bobbi Brown fans can access the application on-the-go. The lip colors with the most votes will become available for purchase for a limited time exclusively for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Facebook fans via an fCommerce tab, which will be introduced in Fall 2012.

Voting closes on February 29th, 2012 so hurry over to Facebook and start voting for your favs!

The best news?

This campaign will continue to reintroduce disconnected products in the future including blush, eyeshadows, and more!


Physicians Formula Universal Looks Collection at Ulta

Many of the new Physicians Formula Spring 2012 products are available at at the moment plus they are Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off. If you’ve had a hard time tracking down the new Universal Looks Collection it just now popped up online as well!

Use promo code PSWK52 to get an extra 20% Off your purchase and spend $50 to enjoy Free Shipping!

Happy Shoppin’!


Tarte Beauty & The Box Eyeshadow Quad

Dunno about you but I get mighty excited when Tarte releases something new.

Add the new Tarte Beauty & The Box Eyeshadow Quad to the old lemming list.


Beth Ditto for MAC Collection

Beth Ditto is collaborating with MAC to create a new color collection that will launch in June.

Knowing Beth’s style I imagine it’ll include some bright, vibrant shades of color as well as plenty of black eyeliner.

What do you think?

news/images via WWD


Avon Shine Attract Lipstick Available Soon

Sign up at to be the first to know when the new Avon Shine Attract Lipstick launches (it’ll be available at the intro price too of $4.99).

I blogged these a week
or so ago and I’m absolutely fascinated and a little obsessed with them. The core is color but the surrounding base is a clear so it supposedly gives a smooth glide as you apply with a shiny finish.

It’ll be available in 15 shades on the launch.

I’ll get a review and swatches up as soon as I can purchase them!