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Sephora Holographic Bag Collection

Sephora Holographic Bag Collection

Meet Sephora’s new Holographic Bag Collection for stashing, storing, and toting around your makeup swag. I dunno about you but when I travel I like packing my entire makeup collection with me. Practical? Hell no. Fun? Hell yes!


Sonia Kashuk Yarn Print Soft Cosmetic Case Review

Sonia Kashuk Yarn Print Soft Cosmetic Case

In need of a new makeup bag? Me too! Spring is here so gotta switch up and the Sonia Kashuk Yarn Print Soft Cosmetic Case is the perfect budget makeup bag to stash my many, many, many…MANY lip balms.

Take a look!


Pixi Quilted Makeup Bag Review

Pixi Quilted Makeup Bag

Have you met the three new Pixi Quilted Makeup Bags that launched for Spring 2013? These darling quilted bags are large enough to stash away plenty of makeup yet small amount to fit happily in your purse.

Take a peek!


Sephora The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror Review

Sephora The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror Sephora Jasmine Collection

The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror released with the Sephora Jasmine Collection could possibly be the pièce de résistance of the entire collection if Evil-bayer prices are anything to go on the Cinderella Mirror. Ouch! At $20, I highly suggest snagging this gorgeous compact mirror for yourself before it sells out and someone tries to sell it to you for one million dollars on Evil-bay at some point.

I can’t help you if it does sell out and you’re crying about not picking it up later down the road because I’m already in that boat after skipping out on Cinderella’s Mirror.

Here have a tissue if you missed out on it too.

And jump ahead to take a look at the Palace Jewel Compact Mirror.


Kawaii Beauty: Bath & Body Works Compact Mirrors

Bath & Body Works Compact Mirrors

Like I need another compact mirror? But the kawaii Bath & Body Works Compact Mirrors get cuter and cuter with each season. Seriously, don’t you find yourself stock piling compact mirrors and accessorizing them with your makeup bag?

Unless I’m the only one around tat does that. *shifty eyes*

I can splurge a fiver on these cute little mirrors right? I mean ALL the Hello Kitty ones I have need company otherwise they might get lonely. Either that or I need a few new faces to look at with all these mirrors I’m collecting.

Head freaking desk!