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Soho Beauty Disney Villains Makeup Bags for Halloween 2013

Soho Beauty Disney Villains Makeup Bags

Get your evil on with this new selection of fierce Soho Beauty Disney Villains Makeup Bags that launched at Walgreens recently for the Halloween 2013 season!

Each water print design bag comes in a variety of styles and features Cruella De Vil, The Evil Queen, Maleficent, or Ursula.

Take a look!


Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Valet A Muse Have!

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Valet 1

Please do yourself a favor grab the Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Valet ($29.99) your next trip to Target. If you’re anything like me and you travel a lot I’d highly suggest snagging thee very awesome Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Valet!

This is an absolute must have travel makeup bag!


MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror Review

MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror

The MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror is a new accessory launching in the MAC Antonio Lopez Collection which is a collaborated collection with fashion visionary, Antonio Lopez who is know for his illustrations. Antonio’s designs quite remind me of artist Patrick Nagel’s legendary cover design for Duran Duran’s Rio album.

Let’s take a look at the MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror!

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Paperchase Wonderland Target Collection

Welcome to Paperchase Wonderland for Fall 2013 kids. Back to school is upcoming and Target introduces the Paperchase Wonderland Target Collection just in time for class to start.

Paperchase Wonderland Target Collection

Or if you’re a chronic, obsessive collector of cute stationery (I’m not, honest, I’m not, no really, I don’t collect stationery) you’ll adore the Paperchase Wonderland Collection!


20% at LoungeFly and PS I Love Pissed Off Hello Kitty

Use promo code FIREWORKS13 to get 20% off your total at (until July 21st) kids! They have a HUGE selection of funky Hello Kitty totes, bags, etc…as well as many other favorites like The Muppets, My Little Pony, the Beatles, etc…

I’m not admiting how many totes and purses I actually own from Lounge Fly less you commit me for obsessive shopping habits and collecting.

I will say that pissed off Hello Kitty amuses me and I want her just because, well because she’s freaking pissed off! She has that “I will cut a bitch” face on.

pissed off hello kitty tote

Enjoy the extra savings!