Musings of the Day

Musings of the Day: This Could Be Your Grandmother’s Makeup

It’s been so long since we muse’d together! I thought I’d do a fun Musings today!


Which brands on the market right now aren’t appealing to your youthful good nature? You know, the ones that aren’t so fun packaging wise, kinda a bit too mature, perhaps..a little granny-ish?



Musings of a Muse: Romantic Makeup

v-day musings

‘ello cheekies!

Whatcha up to today? I was sitting here and realized it’s been SO long since we muse’d together. Wanna Muse V-Day?

The Muse happens to think Valentine’s Day is a little silly. Do we really need one day out of the year to say I Love You? I think not.

However, I’m all for V-Day inspired beauty! Not enough brands embrace the Holiday. Philosophy takes it on a bit and so does Bath and Body Works but in regards to makeup no one really does anything right?

So…let’s muse a little V-Day. What brands would you love to see come out with a Valentine’s Day inspired makeup collection?

Would you love to see one? Not so much?

Have a jump to here my muse!


Musings of the Day: Take It and Make It Better


You ever want to take your VERY favorite beauty product and just make it better? I can’t be the only one that has a fav but still nitpicks about how it could be so much better if……….

Every feel that way? I have a considerable amount of HG (holy grail) products that I absolutely love and are so essential to my everyday beauty regime but sometimes I think to myself geez it would be so great if they did this or that and made it better.

Know what I mean?

Wanna muse it with me?

Find out one product that I could make so much better!



Musings of the Day: Latest Drugstore Score!

Dudes, what’s up? How’s your Monday so far? Mine is swamped as hells! I’ve been juggling clients, a pile of mail, plus I did procrastinate a little by catching a chapter or two of Beautiful Creatures when I was having a quickie pick me up snack. My Kindle is attached to my left hand and I can’t stop myself from reading and savoring each chapter, it just keeps getting better and better. Anyone readin’ it?

This weekend I headed into Harmon’s with my cheeky best friend Jai and we came across some seriously awesome shadows which brought about today’s Musings!


So spill it! What’s your latest, greatest drugstore score? The Muse isn’t much for drugstores as you know but she was quite happy at what she discovered at Harmon’s!



Musings of the Day: Can’t Make Up!


Hey guys!

I found a really fun post on MUA today and it got me thinking a little bit.  Someone started a poll which asked if anyone would want their own personal makeup artist.  That was kinda exciting to think about so I clicked open the post and decided to read.  Turns out there was a catch…..

The question is, would you want your own makeup artist?   Someone to do your makeup daily, make you look gorgeous and flawless each and everyday…but the catch would be you couldn’t do your own makeup EVER again.

Jump to Muse with me!