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Harry Potter Lipsticks from LA Splash

LA Splash Harry Potter Smitten LipTint Mousse

Muggles, rejoice! Harry Potter Lipsticks from LA Splash have arrived. Well, not really Harry Potter Lipsticks but ones named after the beloved characters in the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter Books!

LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse ($14) is a new waterproof non transfer liquid lipstick with a matte finish. These new vibrant lipsticks are available in 17 shades selections with several of the shades being named after characters from Harry Potty.

Of course, the idea of Harry Potter Lipsticks has broken the Internet with fights breaking out all over the fandom world because some shades don’t really match up well to their characters. For example, Sirius’ shade is a navy blue where as the fandom believes it should be black.

Technically if anyone should have a black gothy lipstick it should be Snape but as much as I love Harry Potter it’s a fandom I won’t fight with, I wouldn’t win and I’d come home bruised, bloodied, or possibly dead if I tried.

Maybe one day MAC will actually get on the geeky makeup bandwagon and gift us with some amazing Harry Potter or Doctor Who Collection.

Until then we can just fight over which shades of Harry Potter Lipstick should correspond to its character.

LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse is available now at


Bath & Body Works Does Halloween 2015 Right!

bath & body works halloween 3 wick candle pedestal

The Bath & Body Works Halloween 2015 Collection is looking PRETTY good so far my friends. As you may know the past few years the Bath & Body Works Halloween Collection has been rather, well, bleak. Sure, they have had a range of Pocketbacs and a few hand soaps but nothing like we’ve seen from years past.

Who remembers Plum Potion, Wicked Spice Pumpkin, Scream-a-Colada, and Black Candy Apple Body Lotion!? Ah those were the days! Or how about all the great Bath & Body Works Liplicious Potent Potions Collection that includes yummy lipglosses like Wicked Kiss, Vampire Vixen, and Forbidden Apple and the Bath & Body Works Treacherous Treats Liplicious Collection which yummie flavors like Strawberry Boo-Nila? I mean I remember that was the year they introduced about 10 different Halloween Lipglosses! Truly it was a treat for Halloween lovers like myself!

I’m a huge fan of Halloween. I’m not really a Christmas-y type of person but autumn, Thanksgiving, and Halloween? I’m ALL in! Give me a fat turkey and tons of candy over the guy in a red suit with a beard any damn day of the week!


Worst Online Retailers for Shipping and Packaging

worst packaging

I’ve discussed What’s Your Worst Beauty Shipping Experience but I don’t think I’ve covered the Worst Online Retailers for Shipping and Packaging yet. I’m talking about online shops that ship things out without even bubble wrapping them which, of course, results in items breaking.


Not cool!

What are some of the worst online retailers you’ve shopped at that have packaged up your purchase poorly?


Sephora Summer Sale

End of Summer Sale 2015

Get in on Sephora’s end of Summer sale with plenty of Tarte action and many other goodies! Happy Shopping!

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Star Trek Uhura’s Makeup Bag A Must for Geeky Girls

Star Trek Uhura Makeup Bag

As a geeky girl I relate well to other geeky girls especially ones in my favorite films, series, and books. Although my life is filled with many geeky woman characters by far the one that stands out for me the most would be Uhura as played by the stunning Nichelle Nichols. I’ve always felt like Doctor Who and Star Trek reruns watched as a child were what shaped my geeky path in life.

Star Trek reruns on channel 9 after school were totally a thing for me. At this point in my I can probably play Uhura’s part in any episode or any of the characters as I’ve watched and rewatched the three seasons several hundred times.

So of course, I find this cute Star Trek Uhura Makeup Bag a total must have!