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Bath & Body Works Spook-tacular Halloween 2014 Boutique

Bath Body Works Spook tacular Halloween 2014 Boutique

The Bath & Body Works Spook-tacular Halloween 2014 Boutique is now open kids! If you’ve been craving Bath & Body Works Halloween 2014 Collection it’s in stores now!

The collection is pretty small compared to years past but I have hopes they MIGHT introduce more goodies? As you can see in the photos they have Halloween Hand Soaps, a new haunted house luminary, Halloween Scentportables, as well as the Trick or Treat Candle and the Fall Three Layer Candle. There are also some new pumpkin ceramic candles , an owl ceramic hand soap holder, and the blinking bat pockbac holder is back as well as a new mummy one!

My friend Mattie picked up the luminary and I have a feeling I’m going to go back for it. I don’t LOVE the mini candles but Matte had a great idea to place little flickering battery operated votives inside of it instead and it looked rather wicked so I have a feeling my 20% off coupon is going towards that. They have a mini version too which you can use with a mini candle or it’s just the right size for a hand soap so it can double up as a hand soap holder instead should you like!

Take a peek at more photos below!


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Etude House Princess Makeup Table Review

Etude House Princess Makeup Table 7

The Etude House Princess Makeup Table I recently purchased is one of those items that leaves me wondering, “Did I really need this?” I’m a child at heart so needless to say when I saw the Etude House Princess Makeup Table I had a little SQUEE moment! They recently released this with the Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection and I instantly had to have it. So, I had a very good friend of mine in Korea pick it up for me.

It’s kinda expensive if you’re grabbing it from friends/family or if you’re going the online route for a purchase from say E-bay. Reason being is the shipping kinda kills ya here. I believe it set me back like $12 or so dollars but with shipping it came out to more like $30.

Absurd? Probably since it is kinda a childish makeup organizer AND it’s plastic AND it’s not very sturdy AND I actually already have a very good 360 degree spinning organizer from Lori Greiner that Pursebuzz gifted to me for Christmas a few years ago!

But the heart wants what the heart wants….!


Beauty Confessions: I’m Staring Too Long In That Mirror

beauty mirror

Beauty confession time! Mirrors…wow. So what is it with mirrors? They have some sort of evil power that draws us in or maybe they are magnetic?

Whatever it is we are somehow drawn to them….

I must confess…


What $10 Bucks (and under) Can Buy You at Sephora!

sephora 10 and under

Yeah, well, typically I don’t expect to get much for $10 bucks at Sephora! So here’s a list of what $10 Bucks (and under) can get at your local Sephora from lip balm to cheek stain and beyond!

Take a look!