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Makeup Artistry Nightmares

Makeup Artistry Nightmares

I remember my best friend Amy getting her hair done for prom and proceeding to head home and rip everything the hairdresser did out and heading to prom with a big tuff of frizzy hair and tears in her eyes.


Because she hated the 60’s up do that the hairdresser had did. Apparently the hairdresser thought that big giant up swept hair hadn’t gone out of style and looking like Frenchie from Grease was all the rage! “How do I look?” “Like a beautiful blond pineapple!”

I’ve never had a problem with my hairdresser thankfully. I’ve always been very, very specific about how I wanted my hair cut and styled however, I’ve had makeup artists go to town on my face with nightmare results!


Yes, Replacing Your Eyelash Curler is a Necessary Evil

Dior Lash Curler

How often should you replace your eyelash curler? Apparently replacing your eyelash curler is a necessary evil! When Lancome Le Curler was launched I thought it absurd they didn’t offer replacements and to this very day I think it is still absurd that my beloved Shu Curler doesn’t sell replacements either.

What the hell?

I mean, ok, so the Eyelash Curler pads can get worn down but the actual curler? It’s in pristine condition in most cases well after the pad is worn down and popping a new pad into place is easy enough yes? And hell, if you need to clean the curler that’s equally easy!

So why are companies recommend you purchase a new eyelash curler and not simply offering replacement pads? Do they just want your money? I mean it’s cheaper buying a new pad but an entire new curler means the brand is cashing in on you right?

Nope, it means that it’s time to start replacing your eyelash curler!


Hairy Under Arms? A Thing Now!


Contrary to popular belief celebs are not hair free! As told by Julie Roberts at a film premiere several year’s ago when girlfriend saved up a whole lotta hair to display to her admiring fans. Now granted, I personally believe she simply forgot to shave, wax, or laser it off before that event because you know she’s Julie Roberts and she must be all kinds of stupid busy. Or maybe she was embracing her boho peace and love alter ego.

The thing is, my life is incredibly busy too sometimes so I have indeed left the house without deodorant on or that one time when I applied eyeshadow on one lid but not the other but shhh we don’t talk about that situation in proper company anymore. I’ve also slipped on pristine white capris and realized when I arrived at my destination I didn’t shave my legs….

Yeah so, the moral of the story is $h1t happens.

But what about hairy pits totally being a thing?


My Favorite Makeup Brush Only Costs $3 Bucks!

elf concealer brush

My favorite makeup brush only costs $3 bucks! Well, correction, my favorite concealer brush only costs $3 bucks. Yeah, that sounds much better. The thing is when it comes to concealers I feel like I have a lot more control applying it with my fingers. That would be the case for foundation as well! I’ve just always found foundation and concealer brushes impractical and pointless for application personally.

That is until I met this brush!