eDiva Beauty Oranizer Review

eDiva Beauty Oranizer

I was recently sent an eDiva Beauty Organizer to review and it couldn’t come at a better time considering I’m starting my Spring makeup clean up. The eDiva Princess Makeup Organizer is one of two massive acrylic drawer units offered by the brand to help get your massive stash of makeup into order.

Granted, my own makeup collection is way larger and I’d probably need another fifty of these units to actually house my entire stash of makeup but for essentials this is ideal. Boasting six drawers one of which is deep enough to hold MANY a polish bottle these units are made from heavy clear acrylic so you not only have easy access to your makeup but also can find what you are looking for easily thanks to the clear casing.

Take a look!


E-Diva Beauty Organizer You Have My Heart


Biore Pore Strip Tin Review

I’m constantly reminded of George Carlin whenever I head into the Container Store or I come across some new box, drawer, or container. It seems the meaning of my life is finding a place to put my stuff or in this case my beauty and makeup goodies.

I buy the beauty product and proceed to try to find a box or some sort of container to put said beauty product into.

That’s why I absolutely got excited over the new, limited edition Biore Strip Tin. It’s a place to put more stuff or in this case a place to put your Pore Strips.


E.L.F. Studio Large Brush Holder

My brush stash is an ickle messy lately. I normally keep them in vintage art nouveau jars but things are getting a little hairy lately and I’m running out of room.

Bloody Holiday Brush Collections be damned, they just add to the mess!


Lori Greiner Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box

Lori Greiner, genius storage creator extraordinaire, will be on QVC this week.

I’m kinda hopeful she’ll introduce some new and exciting organizer. Seriously, the lady is pure genius with jewelry and makeup organization. I own one of her jewelry organizers as well as several of her makeup ones. These are not only very practical, functional pieces but also very elegant.

This is her Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box for $69. I actually have a smaller version of this case that I purchased years ago!

My wish?

A massive makeup organizer. Something that will fit my entire stash! I know, I know…..mission impossible. But a girl can wish can’t she?

See Lori on the Q this Thursday from 2 to 3 PM EST, 9 to 10 PM, and Saturday 5 to 6 PM EST and follow her on Twitter @lorigreiner to see what new and exciting products are upcoming!