Lancome Lip Lover for Spring 2014

Lancome Lip Lover Lipgloss

Why you so techy looking Lancome Lip Lover ($23)? Lancome Lip Lover Lipgloss has my eye this morning well, at least the packaging does. It looks so slick, so modern, so gorgeous!

This isn’t your grandma’s makeup anymore peeps!


Surprise! It’s a Giveaway!

Congrats Lesley Henry who won the Surprise Makeup Giveaway!

TGIF my dears! It’s been a busy week and just a busy month for me. I’ve been a bit remiss with comments, posting, etc but I hope to be back in fighting form shortly!

Hope you have some great plans for the weekend. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow! What?! On a Saturday!? It’s been so crazy at my office so opening tomorrow is a necessary evil! But…I have some early preview tickets to see The Grand Budapest Hotel tonight and I’ll be trying to get some much needed R&R in for the rest of the weekend!

I have some really great upcoming posts for you with reviews from a few Japanese Spring releases such as the Jill Stuart Spring 2014 Collection and more! Hope you’re as excited about those as I am.

I hope whatever you do this weekend you enjoy yourself! Laugh a lot, keep warm, and be happy.

I’m doing a quickie giveaway today so if you’d like to enter you can use the widget below to do so. It’s actually a surprise giveaway so you won’t technically know what’s in it until you win and get it! But I promise it’ll be awesome. It’s open to worldwide readership. Keep in mind giveaway delivers take a while as I don’t get to the post office as easily as I’d like due to being busy so
be patient if you do win.

Good Luck!

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5 Beauty Products You Should Try

five beauty products to try

Have you ever mad a list of beauty products you should try? I do! Sometimes I have lists of the most basic products that everyone uses but I never, ever tried! And the product remains on my list for literally years without me every buying it.

And mind you it’ll be a product that a certain brand has had in their general catalog for ages. A product that might even be a cult favorite and again, it just sits on my little “to be tried” list but I never get around to trying it.

I took the liberty of creating a little list of 5 Beauty Products You Should Try today. Perhaps they might be on your little list of “I need to try this” one day.

Take a look!


MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipglass Review & Swatches

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipglass4

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipglass did a stupendous job with the MAC Rihanna for Viva Glam Collection this year. Both the lipstick and lipglass are well worth a haul. Hell, maybe you might need a back up of both of these shades.

Here’s a look at the MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipglass!


Physicians Formula Bombshell Powder Palette Multi-Colored Custom Blush Review & Swatches

Physicians Formula Bombshell Custom Blush

Physicians Formula Bombshell Powder Palette Multi-Colored Custom Blush is part of a new collection entitled The Bombshell Collection. This blush is available in two shade selections and promises a custom color for Blondes and Brunettes.

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blush isn’t really a new product and is available in four shades as part of the permanent collection. So these new Bombshell blushes just seem like a retake on those and in shade selections that are already readily available in products like the Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Blush, pH MatchmakerpH Powered Blush, Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush, etc…

Take a look!