Jill Stuart US Debut

A friend of mine had mentioned this to me in an e-mail this weekend and it’s quite the most exciting news I’ve ever had the pleasure of spreading!

They have put it on their blog and I was just reading the details with feverish excitement!

The blog they posted has predicted that if it is released in the US the pricing might be slightly lower than it would be in Japan and truly I couldn’t be more excited to 1. Have local access to Jill Stuart Beauty Items and 2. Have them at a cheaper price!

Happy Days!

I leave you with pretty Jill Stuart Porn from my Collection:

  • 7/17/08 8:49 Mizz x:

    Hmm.. is that Gem amethyst..? I have it, and gotta say, not so crazy about it, (the texture) at least not yet. Those pics are amazing, though. Do you ever use those wet? With a moist brush? Maybe they wouldn’t flake so much..


  • 7/18/08 13:29 the Muse:

    hiya mizz x…mmm this was posted so long ago I’m unsure. Will look at my palettes when I get home and tell ya!

    The texture is a tiny bit weird but I like it 😉

    Nope I think wet would really cause a mess 😛 They aren’t made to be worn wet and it would prob mess up the palette by dipping a moist brush in! Best not do it to your palette imho :)

    Try using a paint pot or a good base underneath that should solve the prob!

    That’s what I do :)


  • 3/29/15 22:09 Teresa:

    Where can I purchase the Jill Stuart line in the U.S.? I’m specifically looking for the adorable compact with the tassel in pictures 2 and 3. Thanks!


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