Smashbox Fall 2007 Vanity Brush Collection

Fall is obviously here! Tons of new bits are popping up here and there!

Smashbox’s contribution to Fall’s Line Up, The Vanity Brush Collection!

God, I think I am drooling! I so need this set! The only thing preventing me from purchasing this is the ugly brush bag! What’s with the faux fur? Ew!

  • 9/26/07 3:32 Anonymous:

    They really do make the best and long lasting brushes.


  • 10/9/07 23:16 Anonymous:

    Please,better fake fur than kill an animal. Dont be ccruel please.


  • 10/10/07 5:57 A-Mused:

    oh gosh I love animals :)
    no worry there!

    This isn’t really fur love :)


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