Fall Collection Photos

A few Fall Collection photos to appease our appetites for new color collections icon wink


Urban Decay Matte vs. Shine Collection

C17160 hero

Nars Modern Oddessy Collection
C17058 hero

Givenchy’s Camaflouge Chic Collection
C17070 hero

Bourjois Paris Fall Color Collection
C17158 hero

  • 8/27/07 20:42 Anonymous:


    I got a few things from these collections! I got the UD Matte e/s in Illeagal (nice shade!), Givenchy Cache-Cache palette (I LOVE it!- best Fall palette I ever had) I am awaiting the Secret Rose Blush from Sephora (can’t wait!), and I want the Guide to Style there from Bourjois. That looks pretty. I like the outside purple color of the package. I am a sucker for anything purple.



  • 8/27/07 21:12 A-Mused:

    Sarah Hi! i love when you visit me and tell me all about the lovely things you’ve purchased!

    I haven’t gotten any of the mattes yet do tell me what you think of them as I’m sorta kinda holding out for a bit!

    I love the Cache Cache palette as well! I haven’t yet used mind just waiting for a nice cool Fall Day to pop up!

    I am waiting on my Secret Rose Blush too! hehe great minds think alike!

    I haven’t dug into any of the new Bourjois items yet but I agree the purple is very cute :)

    Thanks for visiting! Love hearing from you!


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