Fall Collection Photos

A few Fall Collection photos to appease our appetites for new color collections 😉


Urban Decay Matte vs. Shine Collection

Nars Modern Oddessy Collection

Givenchy’s Camaflouge Chic Collection

Bourjois Paris Fall Color Collection

  • 8/27/07 20:42 Anonymous:


    I got a few things from these collections! I got the UD Matte e/s in Illeagal (nice shade!), Givenchy Cache-Cache palette (I LOVE it!- best Fall palette I ever had) I am awaiting the Secret Rose Blush from Sephora (can’t wait!), and I want the Guide to Style there from Bourjois. That looks pretty. I like the outside purple color of the package. I am a sucker for anything purple.



  • 8/27/07 21:12 A-Mused:

    Sarah Hi! i love when you visit me and tell me all about the lovely things you’ve purchased!

    I haven’t gotten any of the mattes yet do tell me what you think of them as I’m sorta kinda holding out for a bit!

    I love the Cache Cache palette as well! I haven’t yet used mind just waiting for a nice cool Fall Day to pop up!

    I am waiting on my Secret Rose Blush too! hehe great minds think alike!

    I haven’t dug into any of the new Bourjois items yet but I agree the purple is very cute :)

    Thanks for visiting! Love hearing from you!


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